“A simple way to prove my Theory”

“A simple way to prove my Theory”

Let’s feed a supercomputer with the following task:


Let’s assume a large sphere with a large radius, and feed a computer using the equation to allows us to calculate the volume of the sphere.

Let’s begin with pi= 3.1 and then allow the computer to draw an initial sphere. As the computer begin to add more and more decimals of pi let it draw one sphere for each new pi decimal on top of the previous one and so on.

After a while we will be able to observe a thin cloud-like edge around the original sphere. My take us that if we were able to mathematically prove that the density of the outer spheres decrease following the inverse square law, my Theory about the origin of gravity and the EM force find the same physical explanations in the incompatibility of space and energy/matter, based on the fractional and infinite nature of space around the sphere.

Energy (as in the case of subatomic particles) fluctuates or oscillates between the “original sphere” and the space-volume within the fuzzy cloud composed by the outer spheres that the computer was able to draw by using hundreds of the decimals after the original 3.1 (it’s important to remember that those spheres make the volume increasingly fractional so as the spheres are inserted, the lines at the edge of those spheres will be less dense than the first ones. If we could build such model, we could also be able to observe and calculate the rate of proximity between the outer spheres with respect to the original one and if the rate coincides with the inverse square law then we got the T.O.E. right there!

Take a look at the simplest form of resonant circuit:

This phenomenon is self-explanatory and what you see happening during the oscillation is exactly what happens to the energy of subatomic particles between the particle-wave duality fluctuation. When the energy is stored in the coil represented in the circuit, it takes the magnetic configuration. This magnetic momentum is when the entire energy of the particle’s charge (particle) is spread into the edge of the sphere (fuzzy cloud). Remember that I stated that the volume of the sphere tends to be fractionally infinite due to the irrationality of the mathematical constant pi. The second cycle of the oscillation occurs when the magnetic momentum (energy spread in the cloud) begins to shrink into a nucleus or point-particle shape at the center of the sphere. When that happens, the entire energy of the subatomic particle (Ex. electron) becomes electric charge and as you could observe in the animation above, the polarity of the charge “spins” upward to downward” directions in the plaques of the condenser. The same oscillating magnetic poles are present in the coil magnetic field. This is the explanation why magnetic mono-poles are another mathematical illusion impossible in our reality. You can have one electric charge but you can’t get half cycle of one electron’s oscillation . A magnetic pole is the result of the complete electric charge of the electron (mass) spread into the fractional volume of the sphere. Put in a simpler way: The magnetic momenta of one electron are separated in time lagging 90 degrees the electric charge (point-particle), those two poles exist in different instants just as the two spins of its charge.  








The following is a quote from Wikipedia depicting the ‘Quantum Electrodynamic Vacuum’:

The quantum theory asserts that a vacuum, even the most perfect vacuum devoid of any matter, is not really empty. Rather the quantum vacuum can be depicted as a sea of continuously appearing and disappearing [pairs of] particles that manifest themselves in the apparent jostling of particles that is quite distinct from their thermal motions. These particles are ‘virtual’, as opposed to real, particles. …At any given instant, the vacuum is full of such virtual pairs, which leave their signature behind, by affecting the energy levels of atoms”. (Joseph Silk “On the Shores of the Unknown”)

Assuming my interpretation of infinite fractional space within the volume of spheres to be correct, what would space look like in the presence of background energy? We know the perfect zero-energy vacuum doesn’t exist, and energy is “appearing and disappearing” (by an act of magic due to the absence of commonsensical scientific explanation up to present times) but why…? What makes energy fluctuate? in other words, oscillate between a duality state of wave and “quasi-particle” in the case of photons? Most generally speaking… what is behind this chaotic and unstable state between space (aka vacuum of space) and subatomic energy [quantized energy packets]? You see… one of our most effective and “exact theories” concerning the exchange of energy particles in the EM realm of forces is QED and physics couldn’t explain in a simple and understandable manner the origin of the “magic act” behind the very theoretical PRINCIPLE making their theory possible!

I quote:

“The quantization of the electromagnetic field, means that an electromagnetic field consists of discrete energy parcels, photons. Photons are massless particles of definite energy, definite momentum, and definite spin.

In order to explain the photoelectric effect, Einstein assumed heuristically in 1905 that an electromagnetic field consists of parcels of energy of amount , where h is Planck’s constant and ν is the wave frequency. In 1927 Paul A. M. Dirac was able to weave the photon concept into the fabric of the new quantum mechanics and to describe the interaction of photons with matter…” (quoting from Wikipedia)

Couldn’’t the magnetic cycle of the ‘electromagnetic field’ depicted above, the phase when the photon’s energy was spreading into the fractional infinite space and into a fuzzy cloud along its propagation? Photons, also accordingly to the first paragraph, are massless ‘particles’ with definite energy, momentum and spin (meaning quantized ones). Have you ever asked yourselves the question to why are those properties of photons defined in that way?

By the way, would you agree with me if I told you that photons (in their particle-wave state during their propagation through space) are also perfect spheres forced into waves by their lack of mass?

We know with certainty that electrons are perfectly spherical in shape but the obvious reason we could observe it is because they have mass while photons don’t.

In simple words, why is there a Planck’s constant that makes the rules of a quantifiable and indivisible nature of energy? I’m not questioning those physical facts, I’m only questioning the reasons behind them. In a more philosophical and poetical way as Einstein put it once: What were God’s thoughts when created the universe?

To answer that question we must first ask ourselves the following question:

Where are photons coming from? They come from energy scattering from atomic orbitals when electrons jump between their orbits. That scattering phenomenon occurs constantly and endlessly across the entire universe. Atoms are the same in every point of the universe which make photons part of our reality and they are all defined by the same principles no matter the place chosen across our known universe.

QED call them “virtual particles” due to their ephemeral  and yet important role of those ‘particles’ in the understanding of the EM force and their mutual interactions with real particles (electrons). That sounds to me more like a process that we can’t observe but actually occurs, in other words, a process that elapses at a FTL speed and one we will never be able to watch in real time but we must accept is real.

What makes gravity possible? The same incompatibility principle! The reasons gravity has no polarity, no charge and no spin is because matter in planets and celestial bodies unlike subatomic particles can’t physically spread into the fractional infinite nature around the edges of the sphere. Gravity as a variable density of “fractionality of space” around planetarium spheres does affect and interact with with everything standing on the surface of the planet and that includes atomic clocks too… that is the theoretical support of the famous space-time fabric proposed by Einstein which in fact is just a result of a limited observational capability facing a more faster process taking place. 





WARNING! Dear physics enthusiasts: Not having equations to prove these ideas doesn’t make them wrong. You could criticize me for not offering a mathematical background to support a theoretical argument of the existence of a fractional infinite within the volume holding a quanta in space and its interaction between particle-wave but you can’t deny my arguments either.

At some point in the future, I’m absolutely sure that my vision will be proven 100 % correct. I may not be around but, I’ll still be the first to understood and having published the implications of the irrational nature of pi and its role in the fundamental incompatibility between energy and space; the same incompatibility that produces the oscillation that originates in EM waves in the vacuum of space. The same phenomenon that will get ride of the need for an invisible ether proposed by Einstein himself to justify his space-time arguments… and also the same incompatibility at the heart of the reason for the speed of light.

That will mean more than anything else to me… Just as Einstein once said: “I want to know His [God] thoughts, the rest will be in the details”. 

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A very long time ago, there was a a huge flaw in the perception of space. Space was always conceived as infinite outwardly toward the stars and beyond but its infinite nature inwardly has been conveniently and intentionally hidden. My articles denounce this fact with simple examples that even a child could understand. 

The key for a deeper  understanding of our reality  lies entirely in the interpretation of the nature of the geometry of space in the presence of energy or matter.

The only reasons that (a) Einstein conceived a false existence of “ether” to justify the propagation of EM waves and (b) physicists are cheating in their equations with constant renormalization tricks to make observations closer to reality is explained in my articles.

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There’s an obvious flaw in today’s physics that’s why you can’t explain this either:


“Pi and the fuzzy cloud of electrons”


(Do you want to see your science teachers or professors having a hard time trying to answer you a simple question? Read my article and ask them a simple question!
***By the way, as the legitimate author of this posting and the theory behind it, I authorize you to download, publish and share this content with others without any concerns about copyright infringement BS, In fact I urge you to.)

The equations listed below are some of the most important equations you could find in physics:

  • Period of a simple pendulum with small amplitude
(you may click on the points above and they will take you to the Wikipedia page where each subject will be treated theoretically)

They all have one thing in common : the irrational pi. The same one you see in the equation of the figure on top. Electrons are almost perfect spheres according to newly performed experiments and we know that with the technological levels available today in science, the volume of the cloud you’ll see below in the second figure can be also calculated helping us to define the limits of the fractional infinite space occupied by the energy of the electron inside its cloud-sphere. 

By the way, the figure below is a “montage” an incredibly pathetic lie about what the photography was meant to capture. That cloud and the darker point at the center are never together in real time! It’s an oscillatory process between particle point (where charge and mass exists) and a following cycle of pure cloud where the energy of the quanta disperse itself into the fractional infinite within the volume of the sphere. In English, the picture is a collection of multiple frames like in a movie but superposing all, one in top of the other, got it now? The picture above is duality in one shot. It’s the wave and the particle states in the same photograph. In simple terms… you’re looking at the wave and the particle at the same time. That picture that looks like a sphere is the same process followed by an electron when orbiting atoms. 

The importance of the understanding of this process will liberate us from the need of the Einstein’s fictitious ether concept and will explain in ways even a 6 year old kid would understand, why duality is not only innate of every quantum particle (Fermions / Bosons) but a process that makes EM waves propagate at c and makes duality particle-wave an understatement instead of a paradoxical nonsense. It’s obvious for you to derive the logical conclusion that the sequence must elapse within the entire wavelength of the EM wave which also means that those “picture frames” mentioned above had to elapse in a F.T.L. speed.

My point is pretty simple. When physicists use those equations I mentioned in blue and it’s time to introduce the value of pi, what value they’ll take?

3.14 or 3.141 or 3.1415 or 3.14159 or 3.141592… how many decimals they insert? 20, 30 or 100 decimals?

Let me help! Click in below!




How many decimals must be included in those equations until is fair to say: “it’s enough with this ones!” See my point now?

Would you dare asking your science teachers about this? How many decimals will be OK and why, Mr. professor?

Allow me to express my opinion about this very important issue of pi. The energy at the core of quantum particles is spread inside the volume of the cloud that you see in the second figure. The energy of a quantum particle is not infinite but quantized (a packet of energy). Infinite inside the volume extends towards a fractional infinite because of the irrationality of pi. The two concepts (1) energy and (2) space are incompatible and this means that there’s no mathematical solution to a stable existence of energy due to the fractional and infinite nature of space that extends in both directions outwardly and also inwardly. The extension or spreading of the quantum energy in space is on the other hand limited by the define magnitude of energy of the quanta and the volume of the space inside the cloud; both in my own views are perfectly quantized and with some smart mathematics, I believe that the exact number of decimals of pi to be used in our calculations could also be eventually determined.


Miguel De Zayas


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“What makes possible the absorption of photons by electrons?”

Don’t try to Google that question because it’s useless just as it will be to search for the process that creates EM waves and so on… physics professors will avoid any question concerning to the reasons-to-be of the phenomenon because they have no answers to give you. The closest you could get is a mere description of the process, so I will quote it below and offer an answer of my own interpretation:

“When an electron is hit by a photon of light, it absorbs the quanta of energy the photon was carrying and moves to a higher energy state… Electrons therefore have to jump around within the atom as they either gain or lose energy” [end of quote]

It’s indeed a very primitive definition but physicists won’t be much farther than that either, they may use a more sophisticated language to impress you or even to confuse you with technical details about the issue but at the end you won’t get the answer to my original question either. If you believe that I’m behaving pretty arrogantly… don’t take my word for it! Please…next time you meet a physicist friend of yours simply ask him/her the same question and see what happens.

Electrons move in atomic orbits because their energy is in a constant oscillation between a particle and a wave states (sometimes called quantum harmonic oscillation). This also answers another question though: are electrons particles or just waves the entire time they move around their orbits? the simple answer is both. How do I know? because according to my theory the energy of the electron is corpuscular in one cycle while in the next cycle all its energy is spread into the infinite of fractional space within the volume that the energy of the electron (at rest) is contained. 

* The explanation of the oscillatory process is explained in its entire detail in earlier publications in this site. https://www.symbiosissite.wordpress.com/

When a photon hits the electron its energy joins the energy of the electron and both become part of the oscillation between “normal space” and “infinite fractional space”. At this point if the absorbed energy is enough to produce the same frequency of the next atomic orbital -higher level of energy- then the electron makes the “jump” into the next atomic orbit. If the lower orbit remains incomplete then the electron that jumped up in energy level because of the absorption of the photon will return to its original lower orbital and scatter a photon of the same energy of the difference between orbits. It’s a fact that electrons could jump more than one energy level (orbital) at the same time given that the photon(s) were capable of supplying the needed energy differential between energy levels. This phenomenon of multiple simultaneous jumps is possible to explain if you take into account my theory of the “infinite fractional space” explained in a series of previous articles. One important point is that the mass and charge of electrons is always the same while the energy of the atomic orbits vary as so it does the number of electrons that a given atomic orbit can hold. 

The same interpretation of mine about the interaction between the energy of a sub-atomic particle (quantum particle) like an electron and the “infinite fractional space” where the energy oscillates in between two states (duality principle) can be used to explain “tunneling”. The concept of tunneling can’t be explained by classical physical interpretations but it’s a phenomenon easy to explain under my theory. In principle what occurs during the tunneling of electrons across a physical “barrier” has a why and a how that happens just as every other physical phenomenon. How it happens concerns the “spread out” of the energy of the electron across the fractional infinite space surrounding the spherical volume of the electron. The cycle when the energy-mass-charge of the ‘particle state’ is completely spread into the fractional infinite space transforming them into a energy-magnetic-polarity of a wave. Why this happens is the interesting part. We know that the thick of the barrier must be minimal; the barrier must be thin to allow for the tunneling to occur. If you applied the principles of my theory, you’ll see that a solid barrier is containing a much denser [concentrated] fractional space than the vacuum. Atoms forming the barrier have a bigger volume of net energy and that volume translates into a greater infinite fractional space since the volume of atoms is greater than the volume of one single electron. Don’t forget that the ‘fractional infinite space’ around atoms is also the site of a duality (oscillatory process between particle-wave states) as the result of the oscillation between the electrons orbiting the outer levels or atomic orbits of the atoms. The process is full of uncertainties obviously but it’s only possible through this process. I’m not offering equations that I wouldn’t be able to produce but I can see the physical process in my mind as I have with the rest… gravity, EM wave formation and propagation, etc.

So! Now you can meet your physics professor or your friend and try to get from them some sort of convincing explanation as to WHY and HOW electrons are capable of absorbing energy from photons. 

Good luck with this one too!

Miguel De Zayas (The Wizard of π)

“Einstein’s ether versus my theory of an inward infinite and fractional space”

Correct me if I’m wrong but Einstein never got to explain how EM waves were “produced”, or what did the process possible, or the why for a cyclical electromagnetic oscillation, or how his ‘invisible and hypothetical ether’ interacted and why? I ask myself those same questions for years now and I can’t find a single shred of logic in anything I’ve seen so far. Then there is the duality wave-particle in quantum mechanics that I find so perfectly understandable that to me is just an understatement. Einstein never consciously agree with those postulates despite of accepting them after an overwhelming body of experimental results confirming the paradox. 

Humans see space as some sort of infinite cosmos, a vacuum that extends endlessly outward into remote places of our universe and beyond… Everyone in physics is looking outward but no one is paying attention to the infinite that exists within the ‘fabric of space’. We are made of matter and energy, everything we touch or see exists within a defined magnitude of space; the water we drink from a glass, the mass of our planet Earth, etc. Quantum mechanics helped us understand that even the smallest of the smallest sub-atomic particle is made of a defined quantity of energy or mass within and that despite their infinitesimal size, they all are QUANTIZED (unfortunately a word that not even automatic spelling is ready to accept). Then there is π (pi). This mathematical constant is practically everywhere in our most important equation in physics. I know neither physicists nor mathematicians ignore it but you and I know that they certainly “re-normalize” its value every time they work with it. I see their point in doing it, do not misunderstanding me, they need reliable results in their experiments and observations, they need to predict the effects of a physical phenomena in a practical way but every single time pi is re-normalized an important piece of the puzzle is sacrificed. I brought to your attention a very simple example to prove it. I considered a few facts and the consequences of ignoring the infinite fractional ‘tail of pi’. I began my point by stating an obvious fact; most manifestation of mass, matter and sub-atomic particles are spherical in shape. ex: planets, atoms, protons, electrons, quarks, stars… I think those examples are enough for you. I then resumed my analysis by stating that those physical entities can conceivably be contained in a three dimensional spherical containment that we call it volume. When I looked at the simple mathematical expression of the equation to calculate the volume of any sphere (independently of its size), I found our irrational constant (pi) right in the middle of it. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that the more decimals we take into account in our calculation of volume, the bigger the volume grows. Yes! its growth rate is almost undetectable because it’s so tiny but it’s real nonetheless. What would happened to a very small sub-atomic particle (a quantum particle) the exact instant it finds itself contained into a volume that in every sense was incompatible with its quantized nature? It’s logical to assume that the energy of the quantum would be caught inside an infinite space that extends inward into a dimension where its limited and innate indivisible nature doesn’t allow it to go. Since the inward infinite goes endlessly, it can hold that energy spread in a fractional pattern but up to a point where a recoiling process begins. The recoiling occurs because at one point the quantum energy becomes unstable and the pressure push the energy back into a corpuscular and pattern back into a particle state. This is an oscillatory process that implies two cycles and where the polarity of one magnetic cycle is flipped into its opposite one like the swinging of a pendulum. 

My theory explains why waves are formed, why we call charge when the quantum is in its corpuscular form and why a magnetic cycle appears when it is spread within the fractional infinite space of its own volume. It explains why the duality and obviously why the paradox theoretically known a the ‘Heisenberg uncertainty principle’ is perfectly natural and comprehensible. My theory also proves that there is no ether since there’s no need for one. My theory also explains what gravity is, since it’s the same phenomenon occurring at a big scale where huge masses of planets and stars are surrounded by a field made by the net or sum of that unfulfilled volume of fractional infinite within the fabric of space. The closer to the surface of the celestial body, the stronger the density of the distortion of space. The common property seen in both the electromagnetic field and gravity (both manifest effects of the inverse square law) proves that both physical phenomena find their process as a product of the same incompatibility between space on one side and mass, matter and energy on the other.


Gravity is not a different force, only the same result of the fractional and infinite nature of SPACE when instead of the energy of subatomic particle, space is occupied by huge bodies of MATTER. Why then the magnetic field and gravity would share the inverse square law? The attenuation of the magnetic field and gravity inverse to the distance is all taking place within the edges of the actual volume of the planet. Space is indeed “warped” or distorted and yes, that distortion is felt just as Einstein proposed in his equation but it has absolutely nothing to do with a space-time nature, that concept is a bad description of the distortion. The real distortion comes from the incompatibility between infinite space and quantized matter; just as the magnetic field comes from orientation of the fuzzy cloud of electrons within ferromagnetic materials. Imagine gravity as a higher density of infinite and fractional space at the edges of the volume of huge spheres. The emptiness of the concentrated space increases from space into the lower orbit of the planet acting as a force just as Newton depicted and Einstein proposed in his falling elevator. The “Casimir effect” was a successful experiment in what showed the attraction between two thin metal plaques separated for just a few nano-meters. QM justifies it as the effect of “virtual photons” but in my own opinion that’s a flawed vision. Atoms and molecules are spheres on their own and they form bonding each other resulting in metals but the individual volume of those molecules carry this fractional infinite in their edges too. When you connect a battery between the ends of a conductor and the magnetic field appears around it… that field is the oscillating cloud (FTL) produced by electric energy (electricity) moving across the empty space left by the molecules and atoms making for the wire or conductor. The actual charge when measured in the circuit is the charge of the electron (mass) their collapsed energy, the magnetic field is the cloud that propagates across the space left unfulfilled by the atoms of the conductor. That cloud is produced (just as gravity) at a FTL speed, the actual movement of the charges across the wire or conductor is much slower. 


Thank you for your time.

Author: Miguel De Zayas 
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“To be particle or to be a wave… that shouldn’t be a dilemma no more”

“It seems as though we must use sometimes the one theory and sometimes the other, while at times we may use either. We are faced with a new kind of difficulty. We have two contradictory pictures of reality; separately neither of them fully explains the phenomena of light, but together they do.” (Albert Einstein)

This is a dilemma that shouldn’t even existed had we understood the implications of infinite endowed to space when energy and mass were part of the equation. Obviously as you must have guessed by the quote posted above, it’s about the wave-particle duality concept of quantum mechanics. The concept is fine but the understanding where it comes from is missing until I explained it in my theory.


I said that the volume occupied by the energy of a quantum (which is always defined in magnitude) would confront a property of space totally ignored until now: the inward increasingly fractional infinite nature of the space contained in that specific volume. I also explained that the concept derives its logical origins in the irrationality of π and the incompatibility that arises from its own innate inability to contain that energy inside it. For more detailed explanation I suggest you click on the URL address showed above in red. What you need to understand is that a sub-atomic quantum particle is in a constant (speed of light) oscillation between a granular state (particle) and its own energy “sucked” or “pumped” into the “fractional infinite space”. An electron shows charge and mass while is in the corpuscular cycle of the oscillatory process and a magnetic one while is in the cycle spread inside the infinite “fabric of space”. 

I’ll stop at this very moment to explain what’s magnetism and how it is related to the infinite nature of an inward fractional space. When an electron is in its particle cycle (of its duality nature), it has two important properties: (1) mass (2) charge. However, when it is in its cycle when the energy is entirely spread into the fractional infinite vacuum inside the volume of a sphere, the energy creates two poles; one positive and one negative as we have denoted them (for pure conventional purposes); just like the oscillatory path of a pendulum. What’s new in my theory is that the creation of the magnetic field comes to play as the result of the energy of a quantum particle is completely “dissolved” or “spread” across a region of space never considered before by any theory; a growing fractional reality that extends into the infinite of the smallest realm. I recalled the example I was told once that “if every time you step half the distance of the previous one, you will never reach your destiny”. This can illustrate the phenomenon happening to the quantum energy into a realm of space that we will never be able to reach. 

It’s truly amusing to read about the debate between physicists and the colorful implications of a duality in our physical world. However physics shouldn’t be a freak show aimed to put our imagination to work into impossible scenarios; physics is supposed to explain things not impose concepts not completely understood and make you to believe them without hesitation. Werner Heisenberg proposed a theory that gained to him a Noble Prize in physics; The Uncertainty Principle. He was right! The uncertainty lies in the instantaneous oscillatory process that occurs between a corpuscular energy of a quantum and the infinite nature of the space within its space volume. This is the reason I mentioned to you that my theory can’t be proved by the means of observation; since it goes straight to the ‘heart of the duality itself” (!) Bohr regarded this “duality paradox” as metaphysical and it was the subject of controversial arguing between Einstein and him. 

Let’s show one example less theoretical and philosophical so you can see the effects of this infinite fractional property of space. We know what a coil is; a piece of a wire with turns to produce concentric circles one besides the other. When electrical charges move across the wires of a coil they create a magnetic field around it. The field is progressively formed as long as charges move into the coil up to a point where a balance between energy and the capacity of space allows it.

When is that “balance” reached? It’s reached when all the energy of the quantum is “sucked” into the infinite space within the volume. Just like when you depict an EM wave in propagation across the vacuum, you see two opposite but proportional cycles as Maxwell proposed a long time ago; one magnetic cycle followed by one electric one at c.

Let’s resume with the previous example: What we get? We have a magnitude of energy oscillating between the two quantum states (charge-magnetism) or one corpuscular state of energy and another spread energy into an inward infinite space capacity. The space capacity is infinite but the energy of the quantum particles is not, so the entire number of charges will be eventually recoiled into its corpuscular form (electron charges) and will move away from the coil in an opposite cycle with respect to the original one; the so-called pendulum effect. What happens if we introduced a piece of iron inside the coil? The matter of the iron contains a higher volume of empty space so the potential capacity to store electric charges will increase and therefore its magnetic response ( a higher intensity magnetic field). Physics used a term for it: permeability. 

In conclusion the dilemma is one limited by our limited capabilities to observe the phenomenon. The duality is real and its oscillatory interchange elapses in almost instantaneous amount of time. This duality dilemma accompanied Einstein until the last hours of his productive life and keeps fascinating physicists for decades to go.

Miguel De Zayas is The Wizard of Pi

“Official records of a theory of mine intended only for physicists in the future”

Physics has ignored the universal concept of ‘mathematical infinite’ for its own pathetic convenience for centuries. Physicists in my present time traded something they didn’t understand by the promise of a reliable observation and predictability of a physical phenomenon and by doing that also closing the only door that opens to the TOE.

Why is the speed of light a constant one in the vacuum of space? 

What is the essence of electric charge of sub-atomic particles and where does that charge means?

what causes a packet of energy (photon) to be propelled into space in an EM wave?

The two questions are “entangled” one another and I could find a few more waiting for a plausible answer:

Is there -according to Albert Einstein’s theory of general relativity- an ether that allows for a wave like propagation of light?

I am trying to explain to you here that there isn’t such thing as ether …or what about this one…

What is gravity and what causes the attracting fields around celestial bodies that we called it gravity?

You won’t believe me if I told you that something we knew for centuries already connects all those subjects inside a future theory that one day perhaps will unify the rest:

This will certainly helps, come on! click on it for just a second!

After clicking for just a second on top, tell me what was your first impression? Let’s try one more time but before you do it, I’d like you to consider one important fact: That constant denoted by the π symbol is [directly or indirectly] always present in every single physic equation related to quantum mechanics and general relativity. If I succeeded in calling your attention, think again that what you saw in that website were just a mingle number of 1 million decimals, the actual number is infinite! What does it mean? It means that infinite as a concept is not a MONOPOLY of outer-space or the cosmos as people talk about the macro world.

Infinite grows inward too and into the very “fabric” of space [not space-time] just plain space. This irrational mathematical constant proves -in my own analysis- the UNSEEN incompatibility between space (the holder) and energy (the content). It’s the same origin for light as a wave and gravity. Waves when energy is involved and gravity when matter is, but you must continue to read the rest of this article to understand why I called one a “holder” and the other a “content” respectively. 

[But first I’d like to apologize for my poor English. My English and π share a common property: both get irrational from time to time. The other thing I need to apologize for is the simplicity of my arguments. I bet you a 7 years old kid could understand most of what I wrote in these articles. So! be patient and be prepared to use your imagination, ’cause you’re going to need it]

What better way to introduced you to my theory than quoting Albert Einstein’s own words about the single issue that I’m trying to focus this and all my articles on:

‘Recapitulating, we may say that according to the general theory of relativity space is endowed with physical qualities; in this sense, therefore, there exists an ether. According to the general theory of relativity space without ether is unthinkable; for in such space there not only would be no propagation of light, but also no possibility of existence for standards of space and time (measuring-rods and clocks), nor therefore any space-time intervals in the physical sense. But this ether may not be thought of as endowed with the quality characteristic of ponderable media, as consisting of parts which may be tracked through time. The idea of motion may not be applied to it.” (final fragment of Albert Einstein’s published article).

As you just observed in red, I intentionally underlined a couple of short statements of his own words; and this is the only part we both agreed in principle. He “blames” the existence of an invisible and intangible elastic like fluid composed of space and time together into a concept he named space-time. His conclusion was based in our own limitations to understanding not to mention measuring a much deeper phenomenon at play here; the incompatibility of coexisting between space and energy and mass in a rest and stable reality. The second statement also underlined in red is according to my theory an understatement and true; space was never warped, curved or shrank since it is in essence a vacuum (emptiness) in my own words: Space is infinite in both directions outwards and inwards, just a holder. Einstein tried to explain a real contradiction concerning two observers measuring a discrepancy in the magnitude of time elapsed while looking at the same event. Einstein’s especial relativity was a study about the physical discrepancy between two observers (at rest or moving at a constant speed) in relation to one another, however the underlying principle was not his but Maxwell’s. James Clerk Maxwell proved that the speed of light was a constant in the vacuum. Einstein in his especial relativity applied that tenet into practical situations and he was right about it and found the equation to predict the discrepancy observed during the observations. General Relativity included the concept of gravity when considering acceleration into the equation. Here is where the whole thing becomes “fuzzy”. Einstein made a crucial error in his analysis -according to my own personal interpretation- by combining time and space into a sort of fabric, or according to his words above, a sort of ‘ETHER’ that could be warped in the presence of mass. How or why that weird warping or curving could be physically explained is still today intentionally ignored and officially accepted for the price of the ability of predicting with more accuracy the results of a real time observation… sad. 

My theory -one impossible to prove- is in complete disagreement with his statement. His equation was magnificent and it proved time and time again its usefulness when dealing with our observations, the essence of his theory, unfortunately was ultimately flawed. 


In short, my proposal is very simple and easy to see. Perhaps the best way to begin is by remind you that if not all, most of our key mathematical equations used to explain our physical reality (including the speed EM waves) include a very popular mathematical constant π. While the Babylonians estimated pi as 25/8 (3.125), the Egyptians to be 256/81 (more or less 3.16), the Ancient Greek Archimedes of Syracuse is considered the first who calculated a good estimation of its value… the list of mathematicians around the world ranges from Ancient Chinese ones to early Europeans ones. Today we employ fast super computers in a colorful contest to find the winner who could find more decimals every year. It may sounds fun indeed but while all this circus is going on in the PRESENT TIME no one has taken his/her time to think about the physical implications derived from those infinite decimals of pi… well, not everyone.

You probably are aware of the beginnings of the Quantum Theory and the experiments that conducted to the concept that defines the granular nature of energy: a Quantum. Planck formulated his constant based on that experiment and it is in use today in different units. The point I want to make here is that no matter the unit employed (Radian or Hertz) the Planck’s constant reduced or not includes π since it’s referring to waves and waves propagating in the form of oscillations through space with period, intensity, frequency, wavelength  and phase. So! even when you don’t see the symbol of pi in the equation, the irrationality of π is behind all of those properties mentioned above.

Let’s begin our ‘thought experiment’ by establishing first some facts, shall we? Energy, mass, matter, gas, liquids, and plasma (I hope I didn’t omitted a form of energy or mass) all without exceptions occupy space in order to exist and that space is called volume. This is also another fact. We also know that the most efficient way to be contained in space is in a spherical shape; another fact. Just look at the shape planets, stars, water drops, and atoms acquire themselves always. So! we have what we need to start experimenting why light travels at c. Planck found that energy comes in “packets” when he explained the results obtained using a “black box” to demonstrate the current contradiction at the time called “the ultraviolet catastrophe”. In other words, light is the product of the propagation of photons (a packet of energy nonetheless). But before we jump into the formation of the EM wave I will ask you to imagine something impossible first; I will ask you to see in your imagination a sort of sphere of energy floating in empty space. It does resemble the image of the primary energy before the Big Bang, isn’t it? Well, let’s try to find out the volume of that sphere by using an old but scientifically proven accurate equation that you may have learn it in high school or even previously:

The equation below is used to calculate the volume of a SPHERE in a three dimensional SPACE.

V = 4/3 π r3

(pardon my ignorance by using my keypad but you get the picture if you google it)

So! We have a packet of EM energy (which according to Planck has to be exact in magnitude), then energy that is obviously going to adopt a spherical shape because its indisputable efficiency, a cubed radius also exact number, and… π! Here is the problem! Why the problem? because the moment we begin to add decimals to our equations we will obtain different result all the time, and we can keep obtaining different result until the end of the universe time. got my point?

I was told in school that infinite divided or multiplied by a number a result was always infinite. You tell me if I was cheated by my math teacher back then… If what I think is right, a quantum of energy (a photon) will be held inside a kind of space that grows inward towards an infinite where we can’t follow. Since

a) the increasing of the volume is fractional (going smaller) and instantaneous and

b) the energy of a quantum of light (photon) is indivisible by its own nature then…

Space acts like an “energy pump” or oscillator that push the energy into a wave. (an electromagnetic wave). 

This is why EM energy propagates at the speed of light and this is also why light propagates in waves too. We don’t need ether of any kind, neither ponderable matter or ponderable media or an invisible fluid that cannot be measured! We need COMMON SENSE to understand that space is incompatible with the concept of quantum mechanics of packets of energy. That nature of infinite hidden in an increasing fractional value of a mathematical constant chief among all our equations is the answer to why that incompatibility is responsible for the existence of waves in empty space. You have to see space as a programmed geometry embedded in the nature of the vacuum itself, it’s is an innate property of empty space (cosmos) and simply exert its nature when it comes in contact with energy and matter in different ways. Gravity is the way space interacts with matter! time and space are not a fabric like a rubber band or an elastic band… time is changed because the density of that incompatibility increases or decreases according to the intensity or the magnitude of energy and mass correspondingly. Gravity acts like a huge field around planets and stars as a result of the net effect of its components responding to a universal phenomenon that lies within one of the most intriguing and popular mathematical constant in the world. Just think of it: if π were a rational constant, the universe would have never existed as it is. all there had been was a huge ball of energy standing in empty space without any perturbation of any sort, a brilliant point in the dark vastness of the cosmos. 

But the question remains…why that fast and why constant? Fast because a quantum of EM energy (photon) finds itself forced to adopt a configuration that goes into the infinite of the smaller of the smallest without an end! No matter the intensity of the energy involved, the fractional space sucks that energy into a fractional tail up to a point where the “packet” can’t keep it. A quantum of energy is precisely a quantum because there’s nothing possibly smaller than that so it recoils instantaneously to be pushed and accelerated into a pendulum like cycle: an EM wave. Photons are mass-less quantum particles that’s why they don’t have electric charge however electrons have mass and when their mass encounter the ‘inward infinite’ within the volume they occupy in the vacuum is when the concept of electric charge comes into play. A stationary electron owns its own charge but when in movement (as in electric circuits) it brings with itself a disturbance around that we observe as magnetism.

My whole point is that without considering the existence of this ‘inward fractional infinite’ of space and its interaction with energy and mass/matter our physics theories are missing the most important piece of the puzzle in the understanding of the universe.



This article is part of a series of thoughts I had in the present: current time is the year 2018. My name is Miguel De Zayas and my nickname is “The Wizard of Pi”





“Pi holds the secret to find the Theory of Everything GUT”

Are YOU Ready?

PLEASE! Don’t tell me you really believe in the existence of ether… or that the Alpha constant also known as the “mysterious 137” was put there by God’s hand or by any other weird excuse that not even theoretical physicists believe… or that there’s a space-time fabric where mass [rather matter] is endowed to warp it while not even Einstein could offer a simple why is that such thing may even be possible… or that there’s no such thing as a theory that will unify all of those out there claiming to be rightfully “perfect”… because if you do, then just click escape and go with your business somewhere. If you decided to stay and read what follows down there, I’d suggest you to open your mind first and relax.

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The Theory of Relativity gave us the mathematical tools to calculate the time dilation and  the effects of gravity on energy and mass but never offered a clear answer of what is at the bottom of the phenomenon.  I want to be more specific so I can take you where I want you to see… You were familiar with the concept of volume since you were a child, the water that fills a glass or the air within the balloons. You would think that whatever content fits inside a volume of space or a container is enough and stable once the containment around is holding it… but you would be wrong. You see, the equation for volume of the most efficient form of energy or mass to be placed in a volume is a SPHERE. That explains why atoms, particles, photons and planets exhibit spherical shapes in space. But if you try to apply an old mathematical formula to the volume of a sphere (independently of the size of it) you bump into one variable that ironically has been treated as a mathematical constant all these centuries: The constant pi.

The famous V=4/3 π r3 ! π is not a rational number but an irrational one! Which means a number with an infinite number of decimals. 

How could this fact (a scientific fact by the way) be a good reason why physicists and mathematicians are not really and I mean really WORRIED?

Following me yet? The more decimals I take into consideration, the different final results I obtain for what was supposed to be a fixed, constant measurement for a volume in space. If energy and mass preferable shape (most efficient) is the sphere and the volume of the sphere that’s supposed to hold inside energy and mass is not an exact magnitude… aren’t we in front of an incompatibility between the concept of space-time (reality) and mass and energy? The answer you know very well is YES!

From a mathematically referred as a “infinitesimal point in space” to huge celestial bodies the same incompatibility is always present across the known universe. In other words, the bigger the mass, or the higher the concentration of energy the bigger will be the effects (the physical consequences) from this INCOMPATIBILITY between space and energy-mass. Einstein used time within his concept of dilation in gravity because that’s something tangible, a measure physics needs to prove a theory. we perceive time in our reality in different ways as a result of this anomaly innate of our universe. A universal anomaly that gives an effect that can be determined by applying Einstein’s famous equation for gravity. Light and EM waves in general propagate at “c” because they are under the same effects, the same anomaly… the incompatibility of space to hold a stable quanta of energy (light) becoming a wave. In huge bodies of mass like planets and stars the incompatibility seen in the irrational nature of π is reflected around the object in the form of gravity. We find the way to build a spherical artifact that could radiate around it sufficient energy to “fill out” and shield the space-mass anomaly (gravity) produced by the mass of the Earth and we may be able to exploit anti-gravity for our own benefits… one of these days for sure.

A magnet has around it a magnetic field, right? the field is the total (net) result of the effect of what’s called “spin of the electron”. Since in a magnet we are talking about electric charges, we encounter two poles (one negative and one positive).

GRAVITY which by the way follows the square law just as the magnetic field does, is also a FIELD. not an EM one with two charges but the sum of all the missing space in mass due to the incompatibility of space to be rational in value. That infinite tail of decimals account for something we can’t measure or see unless we are helped by a concept called by Einstein space-time. It has absolutely no effect on time since time is just a tool in physical calculations. Time is a human tool with the only benefit to “put an event” into context. It’s a comparative instrument to measure the length of a phenomenon, nothing more. Space on the other hand is where energy and mass (matter) exist and “unfortunately” three dimensional space is incompatible with a quantifiable set of particles that form matter. Even energy comes in what is called quantum and neither its specific quantity nor its internal properties are capable of “adapting itself” to the concept of infinite. That’s why I call it a universal incompatibility between space energy and matter. It is an innate phenomenon across the entire universe and is illustrated in the most popular mathematical constant of all: pi

Oh! and for the indiscriminately choosing of the decimal places when applying pi in our scientific equations… CUT IT OUT! The universe doesn’t have the luxury to choose like you do for a convenience in shortening the results!

Before changing matters and amusing you with some crazy sci fi stuff of my own, I feel that I need to say something about 137 and its mysterious appearances everywhere in our equations:

“137 also known as the fine structure constant, the coupling constant and many other forms to refer to it is just a “LIFE SAVING’ dimensionless number we must hold while alone in the middle of a vast ocean. Don’t think of it as some physicists did long time ago that it is a new constant with a ‘future carrier among the many true constant’. 137 is only a RE-NORMALIZING FACTOR… more like a BRIDGE to cross successfully through out an ocean the decimals of pi. Just like Pi is a dimensionless mathematical constant describing the most important property of SPACE, Alpha is the missing link between what we can measure and observe and what we can’t and will never be able to despite all the unthinkable sophistication of our technologies”. [the wizard of pi]



Blue prints to build a “key” that will unlock other dimensions of reality

If I am right in considering the “TAIL” made of infinite decimals of pi as the GATE where everything began with a Big Bang eons ago… the pillar that sustains the genesis of our universe based on a Space-Energy incompatibility as the source of waves, electromagnetic charges, atoms, forces and gravity… I firmly believe that there’s a way to make a “key” to the “lock” that would open to places we can’t begin to imagine.

Let’s see a short version of π and we could start from there: 3.14159265359

I don’t have to remind you that pi is a measurement of space that could be any one from mm to km or from inches to miles. As a constant obtained from an abstract mathematical circle of any possible size and whose units could be chosen at our convenience without violating its meaning. The interesting part comes next:

The “LOCK” is the decimals in the “Tail” so we must make a “KEY” that should be capable of opening simultaneously all the  “STEPS” at the same time! It means we will need an energy wave for the first step [0.1 u] (“u” stands for any space unit) then .14 u, .141 u, .1415 and so on. Obviously the type of wave we use will have to be a complex one and if we use SOUND then it will be felt as NOISE. The more steps we unlock obviously will take us closer to the next dimensional reality. It’s my guessing that we won’t need to use many since the first ones are the most powerful and higher in energy. But some of you may be asking yourselves… Why should we feeding those ‘steps’ with modulated energy in the first place? The simple answer is because those steps are the components of the “GAP” where energy and matter draw their sense in this reality or at least in this dimensional existence. If you had followed my analysis along these series of articles I made clear that our entire universe rests on an intrinsic incompatibility between three dimensional space and the energy and mass around us. What we consider our reality lies in the universal existence of this GAP. We OPEN the LOCK and the GATE will takes us to HIM.

Do you recall the many cases of planes lost in radars? The recent case of a Floridian pilot who flew his plane into a spiral or warped region of space to end in his destination in an impossible time frame? It’s my personal belief that in all those cases a form of sound or EM phenomenon at play were able to unlock some of those steps in the lock but not enough number to cross the threshold into the gate to other dimensions.

The same principle to open ourselves into another realities also works to produce anti-gravity as well. It’s simple. All scientists need is to calculate the exact dimension of the steps around the surface of Earth. Due to the huge size of the planet orbit we may be talking of hundreds of miles of wavelengths to be reduced into a more smaller KEY (combination of frequencies).

137 is my only proof to show you. Dr. Richard Feynman and Wolfgang Pauli among many others felt the power hidden in this secret. I felt it as well in my dreams and one day science will prove me correct.

God Bless you all

Miguel De Zayas






Dr Richard Feynman was so close…!


In his book titled “Cargo Cult Science” Dr Feynman expressed his personal belief that physicists ignored and chief among those were the mysterious number 137.

This number is the value of the “fine structure constant” actually 1/137, it’s defined as the charge of the electron squared over the product of the Planck’s constant times the speed of light. It’s the probability that one electron would absorb a photon. But its importance goes even further in the fields of physics!

Electromagnetism [ the charge of the electron]

Relativity [the speed of light]

Quantum Mechanics [Planck’s constant]

In the 1900 almost all physicists believed that this number (137) could be at the heart and soul of the Theory of Everything [GUT] and they were right only that they were looking in other directions at the time. 

In his time honored quote Dr Richard Feynman proposes what I believed all these years to be the KEY to unveil the origins of 137. He said:

“…Immediately you would like to know where this number for a coupling comes from: is it RELATED TO π…”

YES! IT IS, DR FEYNMAN! You were correct in your instincts about the role of π in our reality. You too were chosen to feel an obsession about pi and I believe that God has endowed with this belief a very few ones only.

In fact the number originates because of the irrationality of the mathematical constant itself! He was so close! There is another physicist I’d like to mention here, Dr. Bill Riemers wrote this and I quote… ‘The idea is quite simple, if you don’t use math to explain it. 137 is the odds that an electron will absorb a single photon…”

Let’s stop right here!

Why a quantum particle (mass) would need to absorb energy (a quanta of energy) for? 137 is the odd for what is the reason for it? You know the reason if you read my previous article about pi and gravity, right? It is the way mass cope with a universal incompatibility [a mathematical anomaly that makes possible our universe and configures our entire reality] the actual impossibility for space to acquire entirely mass and energy because the geometry of three dimensional space does not allow it for a solution!

I want to make this short because I have a task for you in case you happen to be a physics student at any university or institute anywhere in the world:

When you get a chance to freely ask a question to your physics professor just ask him/her the following question:

“If π is at the heart of most equations… from quantum mechanics, electromagnetism and to astrophysics and we are working in our equations with a “mathematical constant” (ironically called a constant) is it fair to ignore the physical implication of not being able to obtain an exact solution (mathematical or otherwise)? Open you mind for a moment and tell me that if mass or energy (same) comes in “packets” quantifiable ones.. hence it’s called Quantum Mechanics… and a sphere volume is never solved due to the irrationality of pi, why are not willing to consider that we are in front of an universal mathematical incompatibility between the architecture of three dimensional space and the forms of energy and mass of our reality?”

137 was not another constant. 137 is and always will be the result of the incompatibility that makes our universe the way it is. 137 is originated in the infinite decimal tail of π and one of these days someone… maybe you who are reading these desperate thoughts… will come up with a theory the is entirely based on the one and only physical rule that encompass everything from the smaller particle to the galaxies around us.


Miguel De Zayas (2016)