“Pi, energy and mass”

What Albert Einstein discovered and made him a genius was the connection between energy and mass but there was a missing link ‘hanging on’ outside the analysis: The  role of Pi in that conclusion. ‘c’ (the speed of light) is the maximum speed in the universe, there’s no evidence against it, but what’s missing in the statement is the consideration of space in that conclusion. In a 3 dimensional space, light and electromagnetic waves in general indeed propagate at the ‘speed of light’ in the vacuum, however what happens if the same wave [under a given circumstance] gained (acquired) more energy? To understand my point and where I’m trying to go we must also clarify what an EM wave is. Consider for a moment the idea that when a wave is at its maximum value of its magnetic momentum, the wave is absolute (pure) energy. Now, when the wave reaches its max value of electric field, the same wave is transformed into “mass”. I know it sounds weird because there’s no mass in light… but there is half of cycle that corresponds to the position of the photon’s trajectory that differs the magnetic cycle that carries the wave (purely) wavelike nature. This is not new and in fact is the controversial basis of Quantum Mechanics. The Copenhagen interpretation of the duality of ‘particles’. 

So! the only thing new I want you to consider in this analysis is the 3 dimensional nature (topography) of space during EM waves and their propagation at ‘c’. However what would happened if more energy were ‘injected’ to a photon of UV light? What could happened to a purely light wave when an extra energy (crossing the limits of the 3 dimensional capacity handled by SPACE) is added to it?

See it?!!! That energy can’t increase the speed of propagation since ‘c’ is fixed in a 3 dimensional space! I tell you what’ll happen: The extra energy will be ‘concealed’ within a extra dimension of space converting our original EM wave of light into a PARTICLE, with a MASS of its own. Electrons, protons and the rest of the particles are simply the result of energy TRAPPED into a multi-dimensional topography of space entangled to the original wave existent within pure 3 dimensional space. 

When neutrons were bombarded to a uranium nucleus the first time, aiming to making it bigger, they reached nuclear fission instead. The supply of energy wasn’t big and fast enough to be able to increase the energy of the Uranium atom (238 neutrons and protons) into another dimension in order to increase its mass as a result! 

Light and EM waves exist in a limited 3 dimensional space but mass is the result of energy occupying other dimensions besides the original 3 we know for a long time. 

What’s the role of Pi in all this? You have to look at every single physics equations related to energy… Pi is part of the math! It’s the infinite tail of the mathematical constant what makes possible the crossing of energy into multi-dimensions and the higher the decimals involved, the higher the number of spatial dimensions are involved in a given particle.

This multi-dimensional property of ENERGY becoming what’s known as MASS, in other words, this concealment or trapping phenomenon experienced by energy in a multi-dimensional architecture of space is the fundamental reason for the understanding of GRAVITY.




Are our thoughts evidence of spiritual entanglement?

Back in 1865 in what’s known today as “the second grand unification in physics”, James Clerk Maxwell proved that ‘c’ was the maximum speed any EM wave could travel in the vacuum, years later (1921) Einstein proposed that ‘c’ was equal to a principle called ‘causality’ which sets the boundaries between past, present and future events. Both physicists were working with physical entities non the less… but what about thoughts? Entanglement as a physical phenomenon continues to puzzle today physicists and even after proofs that either concepts like ‘locality’ and ‘hidden variables’ are put into question after John Bell’s Inequality was proven false, I don’t think there is any doubt about the concept of ‘realism’. We know Bell was trying hard to prove Einstein was right but he failed and now the ‘Pandora’s Box’ was officially openned forever…

 In simple English, we know that the universe will exist even after we close our eyes and stop observing it. Einstein was correct in stating that quanta composed of a wave-particle (dualistic) nature can not travel FTL (faster than light) countless experimentation has proven him to be correct since 1905 (when the first draft of what will be known today as General Relativity and mathematically completed in 1921 so elegantly explained it), but what about the so called’ wave-function’? Who could forget the classical controversy between Bohr and Einstein over the Copenhagen Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics?

 To me, what’s most important regarding the subject is  answering the question that involves my own crazy “theory”: do thoughts own a wave-function on their own and could they travel FTL? Carl Jung proposed something very similar to this issue (from a different vantage point, of course) when he published his Synchronicity theory. If in fact, thoughts can travel FTL then is a possibility to believe that there could be some sort of ‘communication’ between present, past and future by the act of thinking and since thoughts are not properly physical entities (quantum particles) then both quantum mechanics and general relativity’s arguments will remain untouched. Let’s assume for a brief second that thoughts can in fact travel through time in the absence of physical boundaries that could limit them to do so, then is ‘causality’ a condition for the process to occur? The simple answer is no! ‘Causality’ depends on ‘c’ to condition the passage of time between cause and effect, however in the absence of this physical requirement the possibility of a FTL communication via thoughts may allow the inclusive possibility of a future manipulation of events that could happen and haven’t occurred yet. 

Is faith a predetermined “program” as many have proposed for centuries? Take a moment to meditate over it before you answer to yourselves this important question! Is it faith the natural outcome of events if we don’t put to practical use the power of our thoughts? Ancients would agree with this point when they claim the benefits reported by profound meditation.

Let’s see one example: ‘premonitions’ and ‘intuition’ for instance. Are those ‘feelings’ evidence of a two-way FTL communication between our own thoughts and its corresponding ‘influence’ between two time-frames’? We talk about ‘present time’ and we have a human perception of a fix instant in time while there’s nothing close to this at all. Present time is a constant ‘traveling’ of events and physical phenomenon in the entire universe and when we pinpoint at it, it is already past behind fast (I’d say exactly like an EM wave). It also means -from my own personal interpretation of time- that ‘present’ as the instantaneous moment when we feel or think of something is a sort of ‘collapse’ of a ‘wave-function’ of our thoughts in question at that precise moment, a sort of intentional selfawareness if you like… Could you agree? a thought that had travel to the past to encounter memories to ‘entangle itself with’ and/or to the future to do exactly the same with events that are open to occur if no changes are between both time-frames. But what happens when there is a message from the future that is trying to alert us (warning us) from an imminent danger that have already caused harm to our existence (in a possible future)? we feel precisely like a premonition does in our minds. Is it part of ourselves trying to ‘communicate’ a sort of ‘warning’ to our present (traveling present) to help us “urging us” to change course and weight a possible alternate decision making process leading to a better outcome? Those are questions that could in some way offer a viable solution to the nature and workings of our ‘souls’ if we could use that word and be taken seriously by others… An inventor may conceive the best solution to a problem or artifact during a FTL instantaneous “consulting exercise” with itself in a distant future, however for that pretty convenient practice to occur a strong impact or ‘mark’ had to be “entangled” in the thought’s “wave function” too. Twins “thoughts connections at a distance” can offer an even deeper notion of biological or neuronal ‘entanglement’ between almost identical beings in all sense… Entanglement could also occur when two waves functions that express two different, non-related systems intercept with each other at some point making both (initially independent entities) melt one another in a common (inter-dependent) future. Is this the way God works with our souls at a crucial point of our lives? It would certainly qualify as “mysterious ways” accordingly to the sacred texts.

Who knows the answer? So, Time Travel may be physically impossible but maybe we shouldn’t rush ourselves to shut the door to other human abilities…


Miguel De Zayas (2016)

“Encrypted Message from God Pending to be Solved”


 The use of π in our most fundamental physical and mathematical equations since its early introduction to our scientific knowledge has been ambiguous, and if we’re going to be honest to ourselves, most of the times, subject to arbitrary considerations in regards to the number of digitals needed to “accommodate” in their calculations. However, are those purely human consideration valid with respect to nature and the laws that rule our entire universe?

Is it conceivable to accept the idea that independently of our “subjective human reasons” to limit the number of decimals to be use from the infinite ones found in Pi, there is a legitimate reason beyond our understanding that no matter we agree or disagree with it includes always an exact number of those decimals? 

I deeply believe that to be the case and the source of symmetry in the entire universe as well.

The simplest graphical way to represent an EM wave (light or radio wave) is by a circle, correct? You take the electrical cycle and the magnetic one and when you close the extremes they form a perfect circle. I’ll ask you this simple question: If every single wave form is a circle -and we know the existence of π for centuries which reveals the physical and also abstract mathematical interpretation of any circle no matter it represents energy, mass or time even…- has anyone asked what is the meaning of a gap? (the decimal tail of Pi) and the physical implications of the symmetry that I’ve shown many times before? 

Take a look again even closely!

To me this “gap” is the source of an incompatibility between space and energy that brings as a result the origin of EM waves (among many other physical phenomena) and the true cause for the observed ‘c’ (speed of light) in the vacuum of the universe. We’ve learned from quantum mechanics that energy can’t be cut in smaller chunks of energy beyond what is known as a quantum. We also know that a perfect circle cannot ‘fit in’ a quantum wave in a plane (two dimensions of space instead of three).  This fact takes us to meditate in the implications of the decimal tail of this incredible mathematical constant known as Pi.

ROOT : 3.14

159 265 358 979 323 846 264 338

347 794 349 747 373 989 798 339

327 950 288 419 716 939 937 510

374 742 799 837 439 737 734 432

582 097 494 459 230 781 640 628

497 274 878 847 732 493 982 979

620 899 862 803 482 534 211 706

972 977 997 923 897 438 733 429

798 214 808 651 328 230 664 709

479 738 929 943 379 732 998 427

384 460 955 058 223 172 535 940

398 892 744 249 773 347 434 782

812 848 111 745 028 410 270 193

937 989 333 484 279 832 742 373

852 110 555 964 462 294 895 493

947 332 444 798 897 778  974 873

038 196 442 881 097 566 593 344

239 379 887 993 274 499 473 388


The black characters are the digits that appear in every text book and web site in the same order that came out of the calculation of π. I placed underneath each number their equivalent “implied value” based on the pattern of repetition within the first 218 decimals of Pi. Remember the astonishing results obtained by Dr. Khalifa while grouping letters according to the “19- pattern” within the Quran? This procedure is very similar to his research in many ways. I’m convinced that there is a message hidden within the order of those decimals and the only missing link left to discover is the translation of those numbers into letters.

It’s no coincidence that Pi is in every single fundamental equation in both physics and mathematics, I believe that the origin of our universe, life and everything that exists in material form owes it to the secret within those 218 digits. I have already shown that even 218 equals 19. 

218 = [7] + [3] + [9] = 19! 

The order of those “implied values” is proof of the pattern like nature of those 218 decimals:

Do you remember the order? numbers 1 and 3 shared the value 21 or [3]. between 1 and 3 is number 2, so the jump is in one number. 1 -…- 3. The same way, 2 and 9 shared the same value also and that was 25 [7]. But between 9 and 2 there are two numbers instead of just one… 9 -…- -1- -2-. That number was zero. however zero and 4 were found to own their unique value 20 and 26 respectively and therefore they function as “independent” and “invisible” between the patterns… sort of the needed separation without values to consider.

6 and 8 (for example) share the value of [9] being 6=18 and 8=27. if you deduct 27-18 = 9! there is also a “one-number gap” between 6 and 8 and that is number 7. number 5 and 7 also have one number gap in between that corresponds to number 6 being 5=22 and 7=13 both being [4]. if you deduct 22-13 = 9 however the implied value of 9 is 25 and 2+5=7! so I found that there is an interesting correspondence between the two sets of numbers [those near to zero and those after 4].

Just look at zero and number 4. 0=20 while 4=26. if you deduct 26-20 = 6 but we know that the implied value of 6 was [9] since 6 was exactly found 18 times within the 218 digits of Pi. Just watch this:

The first group of equal (exact number of times within the 218 digits) were 9 and 2 and 1 and 3! Not considering the zero (as I explained earlier) would group these numbers in a close pattern [9-1-2-3]. Now…considering the second group and ignoring the number 4 we obtain: 5-7, 6-8. which implied values are the same for both pairs (5=7 since 22 and 13 sum 4). and 6 and 8 the same case (6=18 and 8=27 being the sum of those digits 9).

The conclusion of all that may look like this:

9-0-1-2-3  [equal number of times repeated in pairs]

4-5-6-7-8 [equal values repeated in pairs]

0=20 1=21 2= 25 3=21 4=26 5=22 6=18 7=13 8=27 9=25

20 + 21 + 25+ 21 + 26 + 22 + 18 + 13 + 27 + 25 = 218!

The best example of symmetry never before documented about π:

Let’s sum the implied values of the first group including 9-1-2-3 

9=25 and 25 is 2+5= 7!, 1=21 and 21 is 2+1= 3!, 2=25 and same procedure 7!, 3=21 the same way 3! adding up 7+7+3+3= 20! Now! what is the implied value of zero (0) accordingly to the times 0 was present within the 218 decimals? Simple! 20!

Now let’s do the same for the second group that includes 5-6-7-8

5=22 which is 2+2= 4!, 6=18 the same procedure gives 9!, 7=13 same way 4!, and finally 8=27 which 2+7= 9! and now let’s sum all of them: 4+4+9+9= 26!

Do you remember how many times was 4 within the 218 decimals of Pi? 26!

You will find those results many times before in my earlier articles… the question remains: Where is this incredible symmetry based on the presence of numbers (implied values) and their relationship with their absolute values (quantity they represent) coming from? 

My question to you is this: do you think this is relevant or not?

To me is clear: the entire mystery of our existence lies within those patterns I’ve just shown you above. There is much more to discover that I have missed out in my calculations and I’m aware of that, but I hope that some day someone will find it.

I’m going to give you a simple example of how that symmetry shown within the 218 decimals of Pi may be responsible for a fundamental physical phenomenon observed and discovered more than a century ago… The Electromagnetic Waves. There is no plausible explanation for the physical configuration of a wave made by a magnetic phase followed by an electric one. We know everything about its properties but there is no obvious reason for such complex structure of energy that oscillate from one state to the other. When the first quantum mechanical equations came to life the role of Pi was essential to explain the structure and energy properties of a quantum of light (photon). We know for sure that there is an intrinsic symmetry within a quantum of energy or subatomic particle but besides understanding how it looks there is no further deeper explanation as to why or where that symmetry came to exist in the first place. Don’t forget that the value of Pi is not just referring to a geometrical area of a material entity alone, Pi is also present and legitimate within a microscopic point of space even without the present of matter. Pi is not just a dimensional property of an entity but an (intrinsic) inherent structure of how space is built inward independently of any dimensional consideration.

The next example that I believe finds its mysterious explanation within this particular symmetry of Pi after considering the entire “tail” of 218 decimals is the possible origin of the phenomenon that came to be known as the “Uncertainty Principle”. A quantum can’t be split precisely because its symmetry depends on the elapse of the complete cycle (218 decimals). If one single decimal of Pi is left out from the equation, the quantum loses its symmetry and the ” containment ” is broken up in the form of light or any other manifestation of energy. I wrote long ago that it is precisely the nature of the universal fabric of space (Pi or root+216 decimals) the cause for the existence of what I called “The π paradox”, which in short means the incompatibility between energy and the fabric of space determined by the especial symmetry provided by Pi. In a short version, Pi is inherently and universally present in every single point of space in the universe and the symmetry that it imposes reaches everything and everywhere.


The wizard of Pi




3114 – 2016



Our current year marks the beginning of the end of another cycle according to my calculations.

3114 = 3+1+1+4= 9

2016 = 2+0+1+6= 9

Implying 2016…

2016 = (7)+(2)+(3)+(9)= 21!

If we add up all the numbers of the regular dice:

1+2+3+4+5+6= 21

Multiplying all the numbers of God’s dice:

2 x 3 x 4 x 7 x 8 x 9= 12096

12096 / 6 = 2016

12096 / 216 = 56 = 5+6= 11!


3114 – 2016 = 1098

Implying 1098:

1098 = [(3)+(2)+(7)+(9)]= 21!

3114 + 2016 = 5130

Implying 5130:

5130 = [(22)+(21)+(21)+(20)] = 84!

2016 = [(25)+(20)+(21)+(18) = 84!

Those numbers are telling me that the previous date of 2012 was mistaken because it was done without any universal reference and with no relation whatsoever to Pi. We’re near the “End of Times” as we consider our reality at present times… It will not be the end of life or the universe but the renewal of a new cycle in our cyclical existential loop.

3 (1) 14 and 2 (0) 16 just by eliminating the second term from left to right we obtain the key numbers: 3.14 and 216 decimals of Pi magic tail. 


The Wizard of Pi

Number 77

“The Circle of our Destiny” [the loop of reality]

This is Pi

d10797c7-bea6-42d4-a38f-6edef8fb3e46 Simply put: 3.14 

I’ll operate on those two decimals you see in Pi’s root [14]. If this is the first time you click in my page, I assume that you’re unaware of my work and you are here by chance. In that case there isn’t much I could do since I won’t repeat everything I found about Pi once again, sorry! But for those who have followed me before and know the concept of implying a value (number) to each of our ten basic integer numbers based on the 216 decimal tail of pi, this will entertaining at least:

I’ll substitute those two decimals from the root 1 and 4 by a quick simple sum…watch!

1 + 4 = 5! Simple isn’t it?

Oh! but I found out that the ‘implied value’ of 5 was 4 [because 5 was found 22 times within the “magic tail” of Pi, correct? Let’s substitute number 5 by its implied value:

5 = 22 This was simple as well. 

Four is also the number of letters YHWH known as the Tetragramaton. Which makes numbers 5 and 7 very close to Its meanings.

Now it comes Magic once again… I’ll substitute once again each number 2 by its own implied value: since the implied value of 2 was 7 [because 2 was found 25 times within the “magic tail of Pi”… 

22 = 77 and what do we find out? 

Well, 7 + 7 = 14! So it’s telling me that we got back our root once again, but that’s not all!

I want you to follow me once more time into the “magic tail” to find out what the number 77 means:

As you can see below I brought back the first 77 decimals of Pi from the original 216. I had already added up for you according to the configuration of the 72 Names of God used to represent it [8 columns and 9 rows made by triads].

Let’s take a quick look at those results…

159 265 358 979 323 846 264 338 = 121

327 950 288 419 716 939 937 510 = 118

582 097 494 459 230 781 640 628 = 113

620 89 = 25

Adding up 121+118+113+25 = 3 77!

7 + 7 = 14 So…

3. 14

Before I conclude this quick numerology proof of the usefulness of implied numerology (my theory) I do have an interesting calculation for you:

Let’s add up 121, 118, 133 and 25 [the subtotals up there]

121 = 1+2+1= 4 

118 = 1+1+8= 10

113 = 1+1+3= 5

25 = 2+5= 7 

Now, let’s add up all of them…

4+10+5+7= 26!


That’s the number represented by Gematria and the same one God gave to Moses in Exodus. I want you to understand that in order to obtain 26 from the partial sum of the 77 decimals of Pi I needed to organize those numbers (decimals) according to the Table of the 72 Names of God…otherwise it wouldn’t happened!

“In the Islamic tradition, “77” figures prominently. Muhammad is reported to have explained, “Faith has sixty-odd, or seventy-odd branches, the highest and best of which is to declare that there is no god but God, and the lowest of which is to remove something harmful from a road. Shyness, too, is a branch of faith.” While some scholars refrain from clarifying “sixty-odd or seventy-odd”, various numbers have been suggested, 77 being the most common. Some have gone so far as to delineate these branches.

The Gospel of Luke lists 77 generations from Adam to Jesus.

In religious numerology

In certain numerological systems based on the English alphabet, the number 77 is associated with Jesus Christ. CHRIST is C = 3, H = 8, R = 18, I = 9, S = 19, T = 20, which added together equal 77.” [quoted from Wikipedia]


The Wizard of Pi


Explain this to me …if you can!



 The “Magic 216 decimals Tail of π”

ROOT : 3.14

159 265 358 979 323 846 264 338

327 950 288 419 716 939 937 510

582 097 494 459 230 781 640 628

620 899 862 803 482 534 211 706

798 214 808 651 328 230 664 709

384 460 955 058 223 172 535 940

812 848 111 745 028 410 270 193

852 110 555 964 462 294 895 493

038 196 442 881 097 566 593 344


I’ll show you another of my MAGIC ACTS, so get ready! The hand is faster than the eye… 🙂

I’ll sum the numbers between the decimal represented by number four…

16-3-12-19-1-9-16-4-11-14-5-18-5-5-4-19-4-3-8-14 = 190!

Understood? Example: there were 16 decimals (the actual numbers are not relevant in this analysis) between the very first on the list (the red one) and the first four, and so on. I obtained 20 places with values other than zero. [when two or more fours were following each other it counts as zero]. 

Let’s do exactly the same procedure with number one [1].. Remember…those two [14] are the only two decimals that belong to the Root of Pi.

33-2-8-18-25-7-6-27-9-4-7-4-5-22-7 = 184!

There were 15 [fifteen] places other than zero between each appearance of number one!

Let’s add up those results:

190 + 184 = 374! 3 + 7 + 4 = 14! and we know that 14 = [3] + [8] = 11!

To understand why 1=3 and 4=8 you’ve got to learn more of my research…so read the previous paper right here in my site…if you’re really interested in patterns, of course.

Besides… 14 is the actual pair of decimals we were calculating and the ones that belong to Pi’s root, correct?


Could you explain that?

 I thought that the decimals of π were a random irrational chaotic “bunch of digits” with absolutely no serious message implied… did someone missed something here? 🙂


The Wizard of Pi