Original design of the Color Wheel made by Goethe.


“The chromatic circle…[is] arranged in a general way according to the natural order… for the colors diametrically opposed to each other in this diagram are those which reciprocally evoke each other in the eye. Thus; YELLOW demands VIOLET; ORANGE demands BLUE; PURPLE demands GREEN; and vice versa; thus… all intermediate gradations reciprocally evoke each other; the simpler color demanding the compound, and vice versa”. (end of quote)

1 mgpx wheel

This is my Wheel and you can observe where the angles: 0°, 30°, 60° and 90° are. 036-369-639-936 respectively. 

The reason I brought my model to this article is to prove that Goethe was amazingly correct about the effect of a color “evoking” or “demanding” another. What I’m trying to demonstrate is that it wasn’t a psychological or purely physiological result of our senses but that there was a purely physical reason for that subjective “need” to present itself.

Let’s start with the first example of the sort of “entangled pair of colors”

 Goethe said that “YELLOW demands VIOLET”. In my Wheel means that MI demands LA; If you consider those two notes or colors in relation with their POTENTIAL energy and their KINETIC energy on both sides of the horizontal axis (Ground State); the angle between them is 90°. I don’t know you but it kind of sounds to me as if we were saying that VIOLET lagged YELLOW by a 90°- angle. If I recall well and I’m sure I do-, we would be talking about an inverse co-relation referred to a magnitude of magnetic momentum with respect to electric charges. If we use the PENDULUM as an example, we could compare both with a stage of the PENDULUM moving in opposite directions toward a maximum value of opposite types of energies; YELLOW moving toward 936 (left to right top) while VIOLET toward 036 (right to left bottom). The rest of the colors can be analyzed using the same analogy… help yourselves!

Remember that PURPLE is the combination of RED and PINK in my model and it’s entirely understandable since SI^DO are connected by 036 in a half-tone (semitone) pattern. 

To me (personally) I regard Goethe’s Theory of Colors as a true scientific theory despite what the Orthodox Scientific Community may say against it. 

The other no less significant point I included in the combination of colors and the notes of the ‘ancient Solfeggio’ was the inherent value of the musical note (in Hertz) associate with the color represented by each note. You could see the how YELLOW and BLUE contained the highest value of the fine structure between their harmonics 693 while ORANGE and VIOLET share 369. PURPLE (the paired value of SI and DO) evokes GREEN (FA) and it should be obvious to everyone since those are the equivalent points of maximum potential energy versus maximum kinetic energy at 936. 

There are two instants characterized by the transition point between energies, at 036 all the energy is compacted or concentrated in an infinitesimally small point of space achieving the concept of 9 (equilibrium) and at 936 being the maximum value of potential energy (pure magnetic pole or highest angle of the swinging state of an oscillating pendulum.

It’s not just the angle of 90° degrees what makes pair of colors ‘evoke’ each other!

Let’s begin with ORANGE and BLUE first and then continue with the rest right after.

If you pay close attention to my Wheel and the values that represent those two colors, tell me what you see?

RE [ORANGE] is made of 258-369-471…right? and,

SOL [BLUE] is made of 714-693-582.

I need you to check on the sum of the first digit of each “TRIO” belonging to those two colors and you’ll see that in all three cases the sum corresponds to number 9.

[ORANGE] 2.., 3.., 4.. and [blue] 7.., 6.., 5..

then, 2+7, 3+6 and 4+5 = 9, 9, 9!

…the same procedure done with the other two numbers left from both colors will result also in 9.

GREEN 825825      PURPLE 147-147        + = 9      936 = 9 [3+6] = 99 or 9 + 9 = 18 = 9

[2+5]=7                     [4+7]=[11] = 2            7 + 2 = 9

YELLOW (MI) 582-639-714       VIOLET (SOL) 471-369-258  5 + 4 = 9

6 + 3 = 9       8 + 1 = 9    2 + 7 = 9    3 + 6 = 9    9 + 9 = [18] = 9

We’re done! 

The same pattern of coupling between the values of colors that ‘evoked’and/ or ‘demanded’ each other –as Goethe proposed so elegantly in his theory showed us that there was rather a deeper relationship among them than just a subjective “optical appreciation” caused by our human senses. If Newton’s theory of Colors was legitimate from the physical point of view then I’d regard at “Goethe’s Wheel of colours” as a more complete and beautiful description of our reality. Symmetry, balance and harmony are behind Goethe’s notion of correspondence between pair of colors and for that reason I believe there’s sufficient scientific background to have those “experts” revise their false judgement from a quasi-theory to a solid physical one.

(M. De Zayas /2016)







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