GRAVITY = NOISE …It’s so simple!

The so called “Force of Gravity” is nothing but the magnitude of change in a progressively increasing trend of net potential energy stored in 3-dimensional space around the surface of celestial bodies. Another paradox of planetary proportions, it seems.

As a body falls from space to the planet surface or ground, it encounters a homogeneously increment in the density of potential energy causing an acceleration toward the ground. The higher magnitude of this distortion is at the surface of the planet decreasing in both directions: upward to open space and also downward to the Center of the planet. The physical concept of Kinetic Energy expresses the action exert on a free falling body and manifest itself as an acceleration corresponding to the action of a force. This case of potential-kinetic energy correspondence with regards to Gravity is an exception from the general interpretation of those two since there is no interchange or transition of energy conservation sustained.

The case of the swinging Pendulum is also evidence of this phenomenon previously stated; a pendulum in its highest position on any side will have less potential energy than the one reaching the bottom. this net difference and its gravitational mass produces a force that generates an acceleration toward the center or bottom coinciding with the lowest point of the swing (6 0’clock). Energy has been conserved as a polarized potential states but the nature of the energy was not transformed, like it’s the case with forms of quantized energy as in electromagnetic interaction between magnetic and electric fields. This is the physical reasons that prevents the (probability of) existence of negative gravity fields in the universe. gravity is simply the result of two levels of the same potential energy originated as the interaction of the mass of a planet with the stored energy in the aether. It’s like the force between two different levels of water in a dam… just that! You can just state that the energy that could be obtained from manipulating the water levels could be positive or negative since there’s no manifestation of a quantizable unit to define it; instead it is defined by the action it is capable to perform which makes the differentiation a matter a relativistic assumption and it’s completely irrelevant to the nature of the source that causes the result (work).

Space can be seen as “warped” and “bent” by the presence of matter from our unique perspective (the observer as the subject target of the effect of the phenomenon).

The truth is that SPACE has been super loaded from a lower potential energy state to a stronger and more dense one in an increasing pattern representing a process solely derived from its reconfiguration as a result of the presence of matter in space.

The nature of the increasing potential energy is originated from an increase in the overall kinetic energy present of the surface of celestial bodies subject to Gravity and due to their dynamics involved in their orbital path (spin and translation).



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