L I G H T “3-9-6”


“TESLA’s 3, 6, 9 was actually 3-9-6 or 6-9-3 and both symbolical  representations mean LIGHT

The speed of light c is one of the most important physical constant in our calculations. The speed of light is one of the essential mathematical members in the equation employed to determine the value oα the Fine Structure Constant. The speed of light in the “perfect vacuum” (if such thing exists which I believe it doesn’t) is assumed to be = 299,792,458 m/s     186,282 miles/second.

The first order of things will be to recalculate (using numerology) the ‘meaning of those results -dimmed to be “precise” and “exact”- after all light is nothing but a manifestation of energy in the electromagnetic domain.

Let’s see in miles first: 186,282 = [1+8] [6+2+8+2] = 9  [18] = 9 +9 = 18 = 9! I think it’s pretty precise, don’t you think…?

Doing the same in SI units, 299,792,458 = [2+7] 9 9 9 [2+4+5+8] 9 9 9 9 9 [10]= 1 

There is an obvious discrepancy in the conversion from miles to meter so I decided to dig out the root of it and I found that 1 Mile = 1609.344 Meters.

So! I decided to analyze the ‘Imperial Unit System’ (with the proper authorization from the Emperor, of course) and I found this!

[1+4+4] [6+3] [9] = 9+9+9= 27! 2 + 7 = 9!

Well… that’s odd! It shouldn’t be any discrepancy at all, but of course what matters another decimal more or less after all, right? well…WRONG AGAIN!

ANYONE with the basic mathematical understanding of the universal rule supporting the principle that “ANY NUMBER MULTIPLIED BY NINE (9) WILL KEEP THE ESSENCE OF NINE IN IT FOREVER” 9 (number nine) is the only exception since it defines the infinite nature of our Reality and the Domain of the Divine. To mention just the simplest example of it you could take any number from 1 to 8 and multiply it by itself all you want and you’ll keep getting different results one those results are being treated under the rules of NUMEROLOGY. 

First example: 6 x 6 = 36 where 3 + 6 = 9 and 6 ≠ 9!; Second example: 5 x 5 = 25,

where 2 + 5 = 7 and 7 ≠ 5!;  another: 8 x 8 = 64 where 6 + 4 = 10 and 10 ≠ 8!…


9 x 9 = 81 where 8 + 1 = 9, 81 x 81 = 6,561 where [6 +5 + 6 + 1] = 18 and [1 + 8] = 9!

6561 x 6561 = 400,221 where 4 + 2 + 2 + 1 = 9! and so on…

I found hard to believe that the official “constant” representing such a universal coefficient (so important because its role in almost every single equation in the field of Quantum Mechanics since the times of Max Plank) could be could be assumed to be what is not! You see? It’s not just the multiplication result that was wrong (since from mile to meter you only need to multiply) what worries me ‘big time’ is the lack of understanding of the magnitude of this miscalculation itself. It means that physics today ignore the universal power of numbers and their magic meaning they represent. 

So! It’s not just the implied universal meaning of π or e what today’s science has missed in the context of their analysis but it’s also c (the speed of light)! I wonder how many other terms may be inaccurate in our present books…

In SCIENTIFIC NUMEROLOGY the term “Implied Numbers” refer to the universal meaning of the final number and its meaning can always be traced back to the context implied in the analysis from where those numbers were originally generated.

This is what makes my THEORY solid as a rock. The mathematical constants π and e were numerically treated in my theory within a mathematical frame based on their own domains: Space and Energy. Pi (π) was implied by the number “8” [3.14] and

[3 + 1 + 4] = 8. While Euler was 2.7 [2 + 7] = 9.

The obvious difference between the two “implied numbers” (even for a keen numerologist) would have been  more than enough reasons to dismiss any mutual association in any context. What sort of “connect” them together was the ‘decimal tail’!

Stay with me in this analysis and you’ll see my point, it’s so easy:

I found out that the “implied number” of the root of each constants was the hidden link I needed to ‘connect’ them together in the same context energy-space. If you go to the calculations regarding my “Magic Point” you’ll see that there were key factors to reach the final conclusion;

(a) The root was revealing the exact number of digits per sequence needed to decode the hidden truth in bot constants.

(b) the numerology-based operation of the sequences gave me the evidence of the link; for Pi the final result was as I’ve published earlier on other papers 3.14 9999 9999!

For “e” it was the root 2.7 = 2 + 7 = 9 while the ‘implied number’ of its tail was “6”! (the number of harmonics present in each side of the wheel without taking into account 3-6-9 or the fine structure that has no connection whatsoever with either one of the directly. 

The same way you could imply that 6 is the number of harmonic-pairs per musical note or color of light (polarization) in one complete octave (one Scale from Do to Do) (1/2 Wheel).

The Fine Structure was the relationship (ratio) between pair of harmonics in the context of the sphere (wheel) so both were responsible for its origin (cause) and alpha was the consequence (result).

Therefore e (Euler) [implied] “9” was the “matching link” between 9999 9999 from Pi’s tail in 3.14 9999 9999! Got it now?

Sometimes you get lucky and find the connection link between phenomenon just by looking at the first result as it was the case with Feynman point, but sometimes you have to “dig” harder to unveil the mystery and I was lucky this time then moment I understood the Paradox and found the solution to it.

I’m sure that Tesla was closing the meaning of 3, 6 and 9 in his own way. The power of this three numbers together is so big that if you happen to get really obsessed with trying to find the meaning without success, you could get easily broken inside and even mentally unstable. I can understand the level of frustration felt by Nikola Tesla the final years of his life and hadn’t I been lucky (if luck has anything to do with it…) I would have probably found myself in the same shoes too. 


I’m not going to file a sue because of this and if they want  to keep those results the way they are is fine for me too, after all the whole conceptualization is inaccurate and I’ll explain to you precisely why in a just a second.                               light spectrum

This graphic on top is the light spectrum that our human physiology permits to enjoy. You may not be able to distinguish the transition between them and it’s OK. You see them in my Euler-Pi Wheel and you see them all clearly. Issac Newton in his famous “OPTICKS: or, a TREATISE of the Reflection, Refraction, Inflections and Colors of LIGHT” postulated the observation of an SPECTRUM within the “white light”. He achieved such results using a prism to decompose those colors you see on top. Those ‘colors’ are nothing more than the energy equivalent of one ‘quantum of electromagnetic energy’ of WHITE LIGHT-vainly, ineffectively, unsuccessfully- as it keeps trying to reach a SOLUTION to the Pi Paradox of space-energy incompatibility across time. (White light is similar but not equal to white noise; similar in that the ‘spectrum’ encompasses all 8 possible harmonics > all 8 possible dimensions of space > all 8 possible musical notes in the diatonic musical scale… dissimilar is that white noise includes all possible frequencies of sound while light is quantized in nature looking at only 8 possible ones.)

When I said “in nature” I referred to the consequence -result- of the incompatibility between energy and space seen across all my papers.

Einstein was CORRECT when he stated that electromagnetic waves do not require the existence of an aether to propagate in the “vacuum” (if such thing could exist…which -by the way-doesn’t!) THEY SIMPLY DON”T! If that would have been the case then the existence of matter would also required the presence of the aether to exist and that’s a “DISPARATE” (meaning nonsense, insanity, crazy and stupid)… I think I made it clear already. 

However the propagation of electromagnetic waves in space was never correctly answered (sorry to announce) until the publication of my paper. “Things happen for a reason” I don’t know who was the original author of this popular quote, however it could be substantiated in something titled “Principle of Sufficient Reason”. Spinoza, in his work (1663 geometrical exposition of Descartes’ Principle of Philosophy -eleventh axiom of Part I of the book- states: “Nothing exists of which it cannot be asked, what is the cause (or reason) [causa (sive ratio)], why it exists. Axiom 7 brings a variant to the same principle; “ex nihilo, nihil fit” nothing exists without cause. However Spinoza “opens a fracture” in what could have been a perfect principle when in another book; the Treatise on the Emendation of the Intellect he allows for one item to be ‘without cause’. 

“That Thought is also called true which involves objectively the essence of some principle that does not have a cause , and is known through itself and in itself…” (§ 70 of the treatise). 

Was this latest “possibility” the axiom that sufficed Einstein’s statements? Was Einstein willing to accept that a “THING” because of its universal nature could be given the status of an absolute TRUTH by granting it the exceptional status of the DIVINE (God)?

I disagree with Spinoza in his latest axiom and I believe that there is nothing in the universe endowed with such property…ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

Electromagnetic radiation is composed by “chunks” of energy called ‘quanta’ and Max Plank brilliantly proved it more than a century ago. His constant offer us a glimpse into energy’s smallest unit possible in the domain of its own. 

My paper is about the STRING as the solution for the Pi Paradox -the incompatibility principle that postulate that energy in a ‘quantum’ is UNFITTABLE (and yes this word exists) within the confinements (volume) of a point in space and it’s FORCED to obey its Conservation Principle by keeping over and over to resolve an irresolvable (also this word too) compromising solution. A wave of electromagnetic energy is not a string ‘per se’ in fact is just half of it. Think of this: Had a quantum of light (electromagnetic energy) been able to resolve the Pi-Paradox without the ‘need’ to keep trying, light would have never existed in the first place!

This takes care of the WHY the speed of light is a real physical phenomenon.

Now let’s talk about the colors (harmonics). I often read and hear about the harmonic composition of musical notes and also the spectrum of visible light. Why haven’t I read or learned about the spectrum or harmonics in electrons or any other subatomic particle for that matter? Everything happens for a reason…remember? The answer to that issue is because we cannot break into the perfect solution reached by strings in space. We have built based on an incredibly sophisticated technology what’s called “Particle Accelerators” -the biggest one called C E R N.- however the instant we succeed in splitting the subatomic particle (string) it finds the next possible solution to the paradox. The seek for solutions is infinite no matter the energy involved in trying to break it apart. 

Those HARMONICS we’ve seen represented by colors are the “path into the journey” followed by the quantum in the never ending search for a final solution. They are not just a”road” for energy to take in its propagation through space but they also are the literal representation of the dimensional configuration (architecture) of the ‘fabric of space’. When I refer to the ‘fabric of space’ I’m not implying that those dimensions are “prearranged” or “predesigned”  (another existing word) by “divine intervention” as it seems to be implied in the conceptualization of STRING THEORY… on the contrary! The BECAUSE introducing the needed scientific answer -response- to the question WHY is space a dimensional entity lies in the concept that supports my Theory of Everything: The Inverted Pi-Paradox and its corresponding Euler-based solution.

The “vacuum” (meaning the region of space where the effects of Gravity is meaningful) does act on the speed of light causing what’s known as “Blue shift” and “Red Shift” also proposed earlier by Einstein. However the explanation that I offer is completely different than the orthodox one. Since I’ve explained in other paper what the true nature of GRAVITY is, I don’t see the need to repeat the entire concept here,  I said that a density variation of potential energy is the cause that generates work in a dynamic  system and that work is what we observe as a  kinetic energy. We’ve seen light to increase its frequency (internal energy) as it approaches from a high altitude to the ground (surface) “Blue shift”. The opposite effect is also observed when a beam of light is shone upward from the surface toward outer space. Light loses some of its own “steam” as it “climbs” from a region of high potential energy (ground) toward a weaker or less dense one (space) therefor causing the visual effect known as “Red shift”

“The Photon or Electromagnetic Quantum of Light.- graphic representation”


1 mgpx wheel

I’ll explain to you with the help of my Euler-Pi Wheel model what a quantum of light (Photon) looks like inside that model of mine and discuss what those values on both sides of a given color (our photon energy) represent.

Let’s take ORANGE for example. you can see that it is repeated on both sides of the Wheel alike, one half can be seen above the horizontal axis (036) (left upper half of the diagram) while the second half is located in the right lower half of the drawing below the horizontal axis. I will list what those values are:

a) The dividing line with the value of 369 is (I’ve said it repeatedly) the alpha constant represented graphically or what’s the same; the Fine Structure between two different values of the harmonic (color). 

b) The values (147 and 258) are positioned as mirrors of each other on opposite sides of the wheel. 

The first thing we will do is to calculate the numerical value represented symbolically with those two ‘trios’: 

1+ 4+ 7 = 12 and 2 + 5 + 8 = 15 since 3 + 6 + 9 = 9 + 9 = 18

then we get 12 + 18 + 15 = 45. [Do you recall this total? If you visit my paper titled “3.14” you’ll see that 45 was the total number of times “9” and “0” appeared physically present from sequence “0” to sequence “27” before my “Magic Point” [6 128475 6]. 25 times “9” and 20 times “0”. Obviously 20 = [2+ 0] = 2 and 25 = [2 + 5] = 7 and 2 + 7 = 9.

I want you to see how numerology is capable of showing the hidden truth even here:

“0” is always before “9” in every sense. In my model axes and in numerical order in general. after the analysis of how many times both numbers appear in all 27 sequences preceding my POINT the result is still 27. (2 for “0” and 7 for “9”).

What is the result of the different values on both halves within the ORANGE harmonic?

SIMPLE! It’s the cause of the POLARIZATION of the beam of orange light. The quantum shows polarity in it and it’s the same physical principle behind the “spin” of the electron in the atomic orbital. The difference is that electrons are strings while photons (bosons) are just half of the string with a polarized nature that can be symbolically observed by the notes 147 and 258. I’ve shown earlier the meaning of 27 as the sum of [12
+ 15] or (147) + (258) after being processed with numerology calculations. 

One thing is obvious 27 = 2 + 7 but there’s also a direct reference to Euler’s number of the base of the natural logarithms. 

I want you to pay close attention to the following calculation:

We have that 147 and 258 equal 27 (in numerology) and that 369 = 3 + 6 + 9 = 18 = [1 + 8 ] = 9. (We’ve seen that already) but I want you to sum 27 + 9 = 36. 36 is the universal representation of the Wheel (complete cycle) but also represent the sphere or point since the total angle of each is 360°.

The interpretation of “27” oscillating around “9” or [12…9…15] is the graphical representation of a photon propagating in the vacuum. This unstable “SOLUTION” of electromagnetic energy as it propagates through the vacuum as a beam of light could only EXIST in one peculiar pattern of the vacuum: a photon-size singularity, vortex or “worm hole”. WHAT?!!! yes, a vortex across space with one property that allows light to become a wave: SPACE changed its spherical configuration from π to e. 

I’m the first to propose this theory so I want you to remember that. This website is witness of this statement of mine. Every quanta of energy (boson) will “transform” or ‘bend’ space (no space-time and no observer or inertial frame of reference) only inside the confinement of its wave as it propagates in the vacuum. Both magnitudes involved in defining the actual polarization of the harmonic (color or musical note) will be divided by a transition axis 369 in case of ORANGE light, and that invisible axis will be mathematically represented by α constant.

In this article we’ve seen:The unstable solution reached between Energy and Space by adopting the pattern of a wave as it propagates indefinitely “looking for a solution that will never be achieved” and transforming the “tunnel” within the beam as a invisible singularity or vortex where Euler rules over π or what’s the same to say, where a spin between a polarity as a result of two different magnitudes or values of the same wave finds a conditional stability after two (2) cycles at a time. The principle is similar to a string inside the atomic orbital where two quanta join in forming the string to solve the paradox. Light, on the other hand will arrive to the partial solution by completing 2 cycles of the quanta’s wavelength.





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