“YHWH It’s not intended to be a Name! It’s a Key to decode God’s message hidden in His Testament to man”

I found the decoding pattern to do just that! 

“An eternal battle between God versus Evil” a mathematical approach.





What people don’t want to acknowledge will be explained in details in the URL link below:



You might have not thought about it but there was a key important detail why God choose to select 72 Names instead of any other number: It’s His universal “Seal” across different civilizations. The 72 Names contain a total of 216 letters. Reducing them to their “intrinsic value” we obtain [2+1+6]= 9. Take the “I Ching” for example, the North-South axis = 9 so its East-West. If you interpret the I Ching’s message you’ll find the Earth must be paired with Heaven and Wind with Mountain and the sum of those will give you the total of 9 tiles each. Divide 216 by the hexagram (6) and you get 36 = [3+6]=9. The Table of the 72 Names of God is made of 8 columns of 27 letters and 9 rows of 24 letters respectively, adding them up you get 216 on both cases, so the number 9 is all over the Table. The golden angle obtained with reducing the series of Fibonacci’s numbers repeats 9 every 24 series after adding up the first series of 12 numbers with the second ones. It’s a repetitive pattern and if you sum the numbers except for 3, 6 and 9 you get always 27. {1+2+4+5+7+8} = 27. Which is the number of letters in the 8 columns of the sacred Table of the 72 names of God. I repeated the same pattern shown to us by the sacred Table when I calculated my “Table of equivalence between ” intrinsic value” of numbers and their corresponding “implied value” in this case I implied them against the 216 decimals of Pi, while the sacred consonants YHWH I implied them against the number of times they appeared in the 72 Names of the Sacred Table…


2 = 25, 1= 20 and finally 6 = 17

25 + 21 + 17 = 68 and [6+8] = 14 That’s the number I got in my Table of π decimals when I analyzed 216 decimals using the same structure of the Table of the 72 Names of God.

I FINALLY FOUND ALPHA, 137 the Fine Structure right on the 24th sequence (TRIAD) of π,

The solution of the quantum to fit completely within Bohr’s atom (the sphere or point in space) implied to the speed of light.



names-of-god (1)

How the  “Sacred Key” [YHWH] actually works? 

Its pattern has to appear obvious to anyone’s eyes, just like a regular key when we look at the lock pattern engraved on the metal, in this particular case the four consonants Y, H and W must coincide with their real order within the alphabet. That’s why God provided Moses with them, However the secret combination lies within the entire content of the Table. Those sacred letters were a “HINT”as to “WHERE” the rest of the Hebrew’s alphabet letters could be interpreted however, I personally believe that Moses never gave the others the means as to “HOW” it could have been done. I also believe that the powers hidden in the “translation” of the letters within the context of the sacred scriptures may very well explained Solomon’s Biblical tales of how he controlled demons and as Kabbalah’s one of the oldest researchers once believed, Moses may have been in control of such power over nature, that He could have parted the Sea by himself and without the intervention of God.

Did you actually know that all the magical power that God initially trusted to Solomon sprung from a secret manipulation of a Table? Do you know how the table was named? The table with the 72 names of the Demons.(arc goetia)




Elijah and Joshua are the same and I have ‘Geometria’ under a complete new scope to prove it!          



God, in that Table containing His 72 Names, offered us the only mean we use to IMPLY each Hebrew letter with the sacred source of His divine Names. “YHWH” is a solid proof that “His Key” could have also been calculated by the “Implied Value” of those four consonants, while being properly referred to the sacred context of His own sacred Names. Amen!

Those words I wrote on the beginning of this paper are two names corresponding to the same God.

I proved it using a recently discovered method of numerology calculations. I gave it the name “Implied value of numbers”. Numbers or letters the way we’ve been using up to present time, are simply characters without a context. I discovered that both letters and numbers can and should be interpreted after being ‘referred’ to a meaningful context first. I did it with the basic numbers found as decimals in the fractional “tail” of the irrational mathematical constant (π), and I also did it with 18 consonants of the Hebrew alphabet.

I was obsessed with the idea of having the “Tetragramaton’ [the four consonants given to Moses by God in Exodus] translated into its true meaning and I did it successfully. The final value of the “YHWH” coincided with the number 26 given by the Kabbalah but the actual value of each letter was calculated in a different way. I repeated the same procedure using the value of the letters obtained from a process that employs the Kabbalah Table of the 72 names of God and what I found I considered it to be the most beautiful revelation ever regarding the unique identity of God in the personification of Jesus Christ. Both words written on top of this paper added up to 81! 8 + 1 = 9 or 9 x 9 = 81. I found out also that number 8 represents space and matter while 9 represents energy and spirit. That analogy helped me to find the meaning of the alpha constant 137 too, as I have already published in this website.

The fundamental of my physic theory focus on a simple and beautiful symbol:


It represents each Harmonic as two halves of a quantum spin around a void or vacuum where I found it to be the Fine Structure.

The actual “implied value” of YHWH according to my newly discovered calculation technique shows YHWH to be: 32 15 32 28

You may asked… Where did I find those numbers? Why I used them instead of 6 5 6 10? The answer is very simple to understand: my numbers reflect the number of times each Hebrew letter (Y, H, and Y) repeat itself within the Table of the 72 Names of God. It’s that simple!

The concept is entirely new and I had already applied ir successfully to the 216 decimals of Pi (27 sequences of 8-digits each) in order to find the “implied value” of our integer numbers (0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 and 9).

I’ve published an entire article explaining that numbers and letters have been arbitrarily included in a sequencing that respond to NO UNIVERSAL CONTEXT. Therefore they lack a full meaning and interpretation without a context. They are being used to represent quantity, order or factors in mathematical calculations. When we refer them into a context that it’s truly universal (Pi, the Bible or the Table of the 72 Names of God and His 42 letters Name) then those “EMPTY” characters acquired a meaningful message.

To see the value implied to integers, go to my article titled “Happy Birthday Pi” right here in,  www.symbiosissite.wordpress.com website.

Based on my Table of equivalence between “intrinsic numbers” and “implie numbers” [a newly discovered value of my own research based on the analysis of 216 decimals of Pi]

First, I found, following the principle to apply a context (universal) to numbers the most mysterious, intriguing and puzzling constant of our universe: Alpha!


Just as Richard Feynman anticipated… The place to look at it had to be related to π and/or the base of the natural logarithms (Euler number) hence my model of reality bares the name if “The Euler-π Wheel”.

I repeated the same principle with the equally mysterious, puzzling and intriguing symbolism expressed in the Hebrew letters inva four key combination:


Y (HE) = 5 according to Kabbalah calculation based on its order within the Hebrew alphabet. But according to the times the letter “HE” repeats itself within its context of the 72 Names of God = 32. Reducing it [3+2]=5 Agree with the key-lock pattern.

W (VAV) = 6 according to Kabbalah (order in the alphabet) but by my value of “implied number” or the times this letter repeats itself within the Table of the 72 Names of God, its value is 15. Since reducing it gives us [1+5]=6. The key-lock pattern agrees once again.

Y (YOD) = 10 according to Kabbalah, it’s the order of the letter in the alphabet, but according to the times it appeared within the text on the Table is 28. Reducing gives [2+8]=10. Third match!

The Key has finally unlocked the Door to open the most sacred and divine words codified by God in His Book.

Kabbalah has gained the greatest GIFT anyone could hope for… The way to “read the mind of God”.

64 + 37 = 101!!! This was for me a sign from God that I was right! Thank you Lord!

In my humble and sincere opinion, the letters YHWH were not a name at all. God wanted Moses and the people of Israel to keep it sacred since those 4 letters were the Key to the Universe’s deepest secrets. The Key to apply the  God intended “implied Value” to each Hebrew letter of the alphabet.

I found some of them and I’d more than willing to freely share it with the World.

This article, titled “YHWH” is another (living) PROOF that I’ve found the way to read God’s Words spoken to man since the creation. 

In this PDF publication (free to download and public use without copyrights claims of any sort on my part) I found both values of this ‘four character combinations’ [The Key to understand the Lord’s thoughts].

I’ve showed that the number 26 expressed by Gematria a long time ago, coincides with another value calculated by my newly found technique in a revision of the internal workings in relation with NUMEROLOGY; the “Implied Value”.

I spoke in details about this new concept but all I can say is that it’s been the same discovery that helped me to solve the Pi Paradox as well. In my Theory I found 147 to have an “intrinsic value” of 3 while 258 had 6. Then I found the “implied value” inside the context of 216 decimals of Pi and I found 147 to have 4 and 258 to have 2.

That was the needed link to the solution for the Energy-Space conflict or the Pi Paradox.

You’ll see that “YHWH” remains 26 in an analysis never done before in that way.

Exodus 6:3 was the source of the encounter between God and Moses just before the exile and it was within that context that I found HIS NAME to be [32] [15] [32] [10]

[3 + 2] = 5,   [1 + 5] = 6   and 10 remains. then  5 + 6  + 5 + 10 = 26!

Before you continue reading what comes next, I’d like you to give you a small introduction of what I’ll be referring to concerning the Kabbalah Table of the 72 names of God:

The sacred Table is showing 8 columns, 9 rows and a total of 216 characters (letters). The number of letters per column = 27! and the numbers of letters per row = 24!.

Keep in your mind those basic details and you’ll see where I found the needed 27 count of Fibonacci’s numbers every 24 series. I also found the connection between Pi constant and Energy (string) based on the same basic principle applied to give every Hebrew letter of the alphabet a ‘true context’ therefore a sacred meaning. The order of letters in the Hebrew alphabet was arbitrary and doesn’t reflects the true (“implied value”) of each character (letter).

“The Fibonacci sequence has a pattern that repeats every 24 numbers” [I quote]. Those 24 numbers are also found in the context of the Hebrew letters in the table of the “72 Names of God”.

I took the liberty to quote an article on:


[I quote] “Numeric reduction is a technique used in analysis of numbers in which all digits of the number are added together until only one digit remains. As an example, the numeric reduction of 256 is 4 because 2 + 5 + 6 = 13 and [1 + 3] = 4.”

The author of this posting (Gary Meisner) was obviously referring to what I called “intrinsic value of a number, letter or character.” Not to its “Implied number”. but let’s continue with the quote…

“Applying numeric reduction to the Fibonacci series produces an infinite series of 24 repeating digits:

1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 4, 3, 7, 1, 8, 9, 8, 8, 7, 6, 4, 1, 5, 6, 2, 8, 1, 9

If you take the first 12 digits and add them to the second twelve digits and apply numeric reduction to the result, you find that they all have a value of 9″.

Did you pay attention to what he just posted? He said 9!

[I quote] “This pattern was contributed both by Joseph Turbeville and then again by a mathematician by the name Jain ( http://www.jainmathemagics.com ).

“…We would expect (continue with previous quote) a pattern to exist in the Fibonacci series since each number in the series encodes the sum of the previous two.”

Now see what he comments next:

[I quote] What’s not quite so obvious is why this pattern should repeat every 24 numbers or why the first and last half of the series should all add to 9″ (end of quote)

I had found the answer to that!

I even posted this picture:


The answer can be found in the other part of the Table of the “72 Names of God”!!!

The answer was quite obvious: if you add up all the numbers of each section shown on the table above WITHOUT including numbers 3, 6 and 9 you will get the same result = 27 (!).

The physical explanation to this purely mathematical mystery is that 3, 6 and 9 represent the Alpha Constant, or also known as the ” Fine Structure”. It’s the dividing space between two values inside one Harmonic. There are 7 Harmonics and it repeats in Octaves. This connects Physics with Colors, Music, Numbers and Shape of nature.


God was showing us the solution for the Pi Paradox…{SEE MY “MAGIC POINT” located at the 28th SEQUENCE OF Pi, (28 = 2+8= 10, the last digit of YHWH)}. The Table shows in its architecture, the knowledge embedded in one of the most beautiful and ubiquitous pattern of NATURE “The Golden Angle” and also he was proposing the basis for the Fibonacci series centuries before the mathematician author of the series was even born!

I could see why a great section of the World’s population believes in God while there is another part that is not ready to commit themselves to take a “Leap of Faith” of that magnitude. Only an almighty God with the means and the will over everything could have hold the “Key to unlock” the most deepest secrets of the inner workings of the Universe he created. 




I have a hunch that we will finally be able to translate secrets hidden in many sacred manuscripts from the Babylonian period to the secret stones found in Eastern Islands. The method to find the specific meaning of letters within the context of a scripture by counting how many times they appeared in the context and then assigning it a value, as I did with YHWH and numbers using Pi decimals.

My knowledge about the Hebrew Language is “zero” 😦 however, I remember I counted only 18 consonants within the Text of 216 letters, obviously many repeat themselves. If there are 22 total, according to official sources and we know YHWH are the first I identified with the new “intrinsic values”… What are the four letters missing? Why were those letters left out of the context of the sacred Table, what may have been the purpose in doing it and finally what could have been their true ” implied values”?

That remains a mystery for me but I’m positive people more qualified in the field would find them and we’ll know the intention behind it.

I have worked out a theory that may… only may help us solve the puzzle of the “missing letters” -to be completely honest with you that thought keeps hunting me like a “ghost”. I know that the ‘letter-value’ equivalence I found  for YHWH helped me to decode the secret pattern. This means that God was showing us where to find the first 18 letters and finally I found the way to interpret them. However! since 4 letters are still missing from His 72 Names, I have no way to find their “implied values” the same way I used to find the others… Perhaps the “second key” lies within π itself. I already discovered the “implied values” of the numbers within the 216 decimals of π, I wouldn’t be surprised if God was waiting for us to be ready to unveil the universal constant and assign a value to each number so… the answer would be to reverse it! I meant to say… knowing what letters are missing, then we could calculate their “implied value” not in the Table (since they are absent from there) but in the “implied value” of their order within the Hebrew alphabet which would be perfectly compatible due to the fact that we’re just substituting numbers by other numbers. Of course…that’s just a theory for now.

The last word will be told when using this new method those sacred scriptures begin to “Talk” to us then the miracle will happen…

There is of course a third theory being proposed by an increasing number of archaeologists, historians and researchers of ancient civilizations… a number of new evidences point out to the intervention of other races of alien origin in the building of our own thousands of years ago. If that happened to be the case with us, then they my have tried to preserve a vast scientific knowledge in the form of stories, symbols and words to be kept as divine in their origins. After what I’ve been experiencing the past weeks, I don’t know what to believe in, but I do know this: an intelligence far more advance and powerful that anything we could ever imagined had been in total control and in charge of our destiny since the very beginnings of our presence in this precious little planet we call Earth…of that I have no doubts. That’s why I found extremely important to “translate” the Bible by using the ‘YHWH’ key provided by whoever has been “watching” and “studying” us from the beginnings of time. I find hard to believe that an ancient Table containing characters organized in triads and perfectly mimicking all the exact conditions needed to find a more complete theory, could be the source of a pure coincidence…a work of pure chance. Sometimes I ask myself how could I pass complex scientific concepts over to a primitive civilization trying to make their first steps out of the caves…I’d use imagery, stories and codes with a deeper meaning hoping that one day they would be able to understand how to decoded and to apply them properly. This is all just pure speculation, I ‘m aware of that but it’s a possible scenario and one that we should finally elucidate and perhaps one day we will know whether we came from a different place within the Universe or we were a random result of a multitude of coincidental accidents with no purpose whatsoever. I believe the answer lies in the sacred scriptures left for us to preserve from one generation to the next.






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