The Theory of Everything

I’ve got a priceless idea…let’s have some fun with all this! Get one of your classmates at the physics lectures in Campus to be ready to tape in his/her mobile phone the expression on the face of your professor when you ask him the following question:

You: “-Excuse me, Professor ‘John Doe’, I’m observing that in that equation that you just wrote on the board, there is an irrational factor…I’m referring to π, Isn’t it logical to assume that for an infinite possible number of decimals that could be applied to that equation, an equal number of different results would be obtained?” “-could that make our calculations inaccurate somehow?”

[Time to start recording His/ Her face]…Click! (running)

Professor: “-What did you say…(confused) could you repeat that question once more, I didn’t get the entire content…” Of course, He/She did get it just they’re trying to get some time to think on the answer…(still in control of the situation).

You: “-We know that the mathematical constant π has an infinite number of decimals…correct? (at this point His/Her face begins to show the first sign of worry in the horizon) 

Professor: “-Correct! (the needed response still missing and even He/She begins to think that there must be an answer to what he was asking and He or She never learned because He/She was never that CURIOUS.”

You: “-So! I would assume that as we keep changing the length of the decimal figure in the final calculation of “X” physical equation, the corresponding result will also change, right?”

(the first drops of sweat begin to run down from both sides of the forehead) at this point the best way out is going to be:

Professor: “-Interesting question but I’m afraid we’re running short of time, so…I’ll explain it after I finish with today’s topic, meet me at the end in my office, OK?”

To what equation in particular was I referring to?

just pick your favorite color!

  1. The cosmological constant
  2. Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle
  3. Einstein’s field equation of general relativity
  4. Coulomb’s Law for the electric force
  5. Magnetic permeability of free space
  6. Period of a simple pendulum with small amplitude
  7. The buckling formula

Take the mini movie and play it in YouTube…People are gonna love it, I bet on it!

I suppose it could be regard as a sign of arrogance on our part to expect that the Universe should “speak” in our mathematical language, numbers are the Language of science but the truth is that we both speak on entirely different ways. The true universal Language was written in 216 decimals of π, the universal symbol within the only truly universal geometrical figure: a point in space! *lines could be bent, warped or distorted as the result of energy conservation patterns within space (no time implied here), however… Lines are also made of mathematical represented “points in space”… Lines may be subject to actions causing them to ” curved ” but points..(?) Never!!! The subject of my work was based on solving the infinitesimally small “fissure” of space (in the order of tens of decimals in size) due to the irrationality of the constant that “rules” how energy is occupied within dimensions of space. A topic obviously missed out by our best scientists since the solution to what I called “the Pi Paradox” was ultimately solved at speeds we couldn’t begin to imagine…

 My work was aimed to translate that “language” into our basic numbers, “grounding” them by assigning each number with a true universal reference: a context used by God the moment of Creation. That new type of Numerology I discovered helped me find Alpha…the mysterious 137. The weird thing was that it wouldn’t have happened at all, hadn’t I copied the structure of the 72 Names of God from Kabbalah’s Table -which by the way contains also 216 Hebrew letters and 72 Names in TRIADS (!)- into the first 216 decimals of π… That was the greatest mystery of all!” To complete the “MIRACLE”, Alpha (Fine structure) was found at the 24th TRIAD (72 DECIMALS OF π) (!) which also coincided with the number of God’s Names within the sacred Table… A simple coincidence?

Finally I found 137 in the 24th TRIAD

24th Sequence, there you find the first complete solution to my  “π paradox” concept of incompatibility of space within a point and a quantum.

YHWH verified proof to be 21!!178&authkey=!AB-69qDAFMYmnFI&ithint=file%2cdocx


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