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“God plays dice with the Universe… the sad part is that we haven’t understood how the game is played… We haven’t truly interpreted the universal meaning of π!


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Do you really want to know the true origin of the “Euler Number” (the base of the natural logarithms) which root = 2.7?


let me make one thing very clear, I feel some people have shown “preoccupation” over the fact that I’m showing the physical origins of a number found by an incredibly smart mathematician, and one that I personally admired immensely: L. Euler. I’m not publishing any sort of claim over his constant or anybody else’s for that matter. In some cases I’ve demonstrated how those constants could be physically interpreted and implied to the 216 decimals of π in order to assign them a universal context…that’s all! I did it in the case of the reduced sum of series of 12 Fibonacci numbers when I gave it a simple physical explanation as to why they repeat themselves (the model represented in my theory with respect to π) also I explained that 3, 6 and 9 were representing a perfect vacuum of space (Alpha constant) and therefore they needed not to be counted with the rest of the numbers, it was then that every row resulted in 27. I claim nothing! My only goal is to make sure that mathematics remain nothing more than a language, not an oracle, babies beingining to talk, mix up words making no sense about their intended meaning and it’s OK for them, but not for a scientist who tries to use the words without their corresponding physical interpretation and what’s even worse for me: without proper universal context. For some purely abstract minded mathematicians it’s OK to allow numbers to acquire a “mind of their own” and that’s wrong!…Understood? 

I’ll demonstrate that Euler Constant is the result of my ratio 215/216…watch!

I decided to repeat right here the notion of what “implied value” was and the short list of them for those who just joined us in this page for the first time.

“An implied value of a number is the context (universal) I found that needed to be assigned to our ten regular digit integers in order to ” ground” them, in other words, to put them into a context that was truly universal (point of space) and those values, that you’re going to see next were the exact number of times each one of them was found within the first 216 decimals of Pi [right after the “root” 3.14].

0=[20], 1=[21], 3=[21], 4=[26], 5=[22],   6=[17] 7=[13] 8=[27] and 9=[25] (!)

There was a last minute correction in the results above:

3 remains 21 because its intrinsic value was the same as its implied value and since there were only 20 threes in 216 sequences the 21st. came from the addition of the integer located at the left side of the decimal point. The values on 1 and 4 were also changed respectively adding up one intrinsic value to each one so…

1 was found 20 times within 216  initial decimals of π plus one = 21. (just like number 3)

while 4 was originally repeated 25 times within the same decimal context and now 25 + 1 = 26! 

See it? See the divine message here?

4 means 26! Four represents the Tetragrammaton (four consonants of God’s Key) and 26 was the “Gematria-based” calculated value of God according to the alphabet order of the Letters.

Why the point in space and why Pi?

Simple and obvious, the only geometric figure that cannot be curved, warped or bent is the point. (Lines are made of consecutive points…they bend as Einstein proved, points are not!)

Why Pi? This answer is another understatement, Pi is the constant that dictates (describes) the geometrical properties of an sphere (a magnified point in space) and the universe is made by them from the infinitesimal mathematical concept of a point to huge stars and constellations.

When I added up the “implied values” of all numbers (0-9) I found 215 to be the result against 216 decimals source…”

Reducing 215 and 216,

215 = [2+1+5] = 8 and 216 = [2+1+6] = 9 These are the numbers behind the Table of God’s configuration. (8 columns and 9 rows)…being [(1+6),(2+5) and (3+4)] the only three (3) possible results by adding opposite sides of the cube (die). three is also the configuration of the Names within the Table below…a coincidence? 

adding up all six numbers of the die: 1+2+3+4+5+6= 21 (!) 

I found that number the “implied value” 21 belongs to 3. In English this means that 3 is repeated (appears) 21 times within the 216 decimals of π after its “Root” (3.14) being 3 the only number whose “intrinsic value” equals its “implied value”

let’s do something new… Let’s sum the “implied values” of 1-6:

since 1=21, 2=25, 3=21, 4=26, 5=22, 6=17

[(21) + (25) + (21) + (26) + (22) + (17) = 132, implying it…

132 = [(21) + (21) + (25)] = 67 and 6+7=13. but let’s imply 67 alone,

67= [(17) + (21)] = 38… implying 38 = [(21) + (27)] = 48 where 4+8=12 = 3 (!)

Six faces of one die that contain 3 possible combination offering the total of 7,

[1+6] [2+5] and [3+4]



Since 8 and 9 were the configuration on the table on top:

8 = 27 and 9 = 25 where {2+7]=9 and [2+5]= 7 respectively

Let’s see what 9/7 will give us using “frameless” mathematical division:

2.718281828459 working on decimal part:

7+1+8+2+8+1+8+2+8= 99 or 9=[25] and 9=[25] = 7 and 7. or 77.

It means that Euler root is 2. 7777777…. A rational number referred to the 216 decimals of π.

Since the implied value of 2 is [25] = 2+5 = 7, we knew that… then the implied value of the Euler Numbers will be 7.777777…⇒ ∞ this is the physical interpretation of Euler number.

Since π was 3. 777777 and Euler was 7. 77777 then when the Paradox is resolved, the net value will be one (the string)!

Calculation of 1.046296

I remind you that 217 was the sum of all the “implied values” of all our numbers 0-9 according to their total appearance within 216 decimals of π (exactly the same number of the characters shown above in the Table of the Names of God).



then 217/216 = 1.0046296

implying them: 1=[21]. 0=[20]0[20]4[26]6[17]2[25]9[25]6[17]

150 =21+22++20=63= 6+3= 9 and 9=25 = [2+5] = 7

The root was 1=[21] = 2+1= 3!!! That’s π over there!

π= 3.7 (rational implied value of π) !!!

The interpretation given by my Numerology and my “implied value” method to “Ground” numbers is clear:

‘The implied value of 216 decimals of π in the context of the 72 sequences of TRIADS (three decimals each) equals the both values: The intrinsic value (known by mathematicians centuries ago and the implied value which is part of my numerical frame of the Theory of Everything.’

This conclusion reaffirm the fact that my Theory is sound now than ever before.

There will be mistakes on the road, miscalculations and wrong analysis and that’s OK!

It’s part of our nature to make mistakes and if we’re really committed to solve the problem… with a little bit of patience , dedication and luck we will finally succeed.

This concludes my analysis of the “DIE” and its legitimate context when it was once said that “God plays dice with the UNIVERSE”...

 Our problem is that:

“We don’t really understand the rules of the GAME!”


My Theory of Everything has been trying to explain the solution of this dilemma, based on the proper resolution offered by Euler to the “π paradox”. According to my work, that solution was reached at the conclusion of the 216th decimal of π corresponding to the 72nd ‘triad’ of Pi. At that point an entire atomic orbital was successfully formed containing  three times the Fine structure, spinning like “quantized serpents” inside its own orbit.


(A representation of “Apep” or “Apophis” an ancient deity who embodied chaos)

Just as represented in the photograph above, each “serpent” revolves three times within 72 triads (216 decimals of π), every 24 sequences (triads) each one. It was at that point of my analysis that I found the first “serpent” [Alpha] also known by its reduced “implied value” (137), which coincides with its “frameless equivalent” value calculated by its official scientific equation. The “gut feeling” Richard Feynman had always had and publicly expressed, regarding its potential relationship with π and the base of the natural logarithms (e) has been successfully proved under the application of my new Numerology methods (with the help of an entirely new concept I opted to call, “implied value of numbers”).

In simple English it means “grounding” our results to the only true universal context there is: the point of space and its only “ruler”: π.

Have you ever asked yourselves…Why can SOUND (including also noise), perfume or odor and HEAT propagate through space? How is space able to make possible the dispersion of heat and the wave-like expansion of noise or sound in “expanding spherical” patterns?

The answer can be found in “the nature of space as  a medium made up by a compact fabric of “packed energy balls” infinitesimally small, and occupying 3 dimensional space in the most efficient way possible.” Heat, sound or noise cannot enter the space already occupied by energy after solving the “π Paradox”, but they can squeeze between those “space fissures” left behind among them as a result of the ‘spherical nature’ of the point’!

Put a bunch of those small balls made of glass that we used to play when we’re kids and see how much space is left empty between them!


This is how GRAVITY managed to influence everything including PROBABILITY itself! …and the manifestation of this phenomenon is clearly shown by the ubiquitous nature of the most important pattern related to matter and to life on planets: The so-called “PINK NOISE pattern of NOISE.” (our heart beats, every electronic circuits, the grains of sand when they make a pile, economic and social statistical progression and patterns of behavior, even atomic clocks are influenced by it…)

I discovered that the PINK is the COLOR OF GOD. This is certainly not a poetical or subjective imagery of any sort…It’s a FACT! The only COLOR made from SEVEN harmonics is PINK. Take a look at the HEXAGRAM…You’ll see the three basic colours; REDYELLOWBLUE (the colors of light) and ORANGEGREENVIOLET (the colors of shadow) but PINK is not where to be found among them. My SPIRITUAL interpretation of it is that EVIL cannot produce such soft, compassionate and harmonious color IT-self and IT got envious and furious with God about it. PINK represents ‘God’s own signature colour’ and that’s why it touches everything made of matter and even our own Faith. 

“EVIL can make “DEATH PURPLE” out of RED and VIOLET a color of dead blood, but IT wouldn’t know how to make LIVING BLOOD” out of RED and PINK as only God can. That’s why they own their own DOMAIN: God, the living creatures while Evil the realm of the DEAD”

This link will prove my point:


PINK is no where to be found on that wheel made of the fundamental colors!

Pink is the first color God gave us whe we’re born. It’s His gift to every born human being…”It’s the color of innocence.”


God only knows how to make it, and HE hid it in the very nature of GRAVITY which own NATURE is made of the result of invisible energy patterns (according to my THEORY OF EVERYTHING). But he also hid it in the only place EVIL can’t reach: the Innocent smile of a newborn baby.

this could be interesting:

“I’m a MAGICIAN, not an engineer!”















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