“Universal Compound Interest for a Loan”

You have probably counted by now each number (0-9) in all 216 decimals of π, If you haven’t done that yet it means that you have not realized the simple mathematical fact that I’m using 215 instead of what it should be 216…right? But why? which one is the “missing digit” accounting for the difference equivalent of ONE that provided me with this incredible fraction I called Universal Compound Interest for a Loan ? The missing number, Ladies and Gentlemen was number……. (sounding drums in the background)


It’s the only digit in the integer side (left to the decimal point of the mathematical constant π) and since 3 is universally speaking, the only number which its “intrinsic value” equals its “implied value” it must be taken into account as its “implied value” of 21 however… it’s not part of the 216 decimals…understood? (!) Gosh! I love Numerology!

There is of course, another way that’s probably even better to analyze this inequality and it implies the addition of the first two decimals of the root 1 and 4 from (3.14) and then the “implied value” of 1 would be 21 leaving, changing the “implied value” of 4 from 25 to 26. This new condition wouldn’t change the fact the 3 remains 21 due to the particular properties of π being a 3 its root. Yes…I think this new implication would be a much better one! if we analyzed the fractional part of the root of π then 14 would be 1=(21) and 4=(26) equal 21+26=47 and that was the implied value of c (the speed of light) last time I calculated it days ago…interesting isn’t it!

A new interpretation could be conceived and that is that the ROOT of π represents 3 times the speed of light which I implied it already to 52 remember my discovery of 137?

52 was equal to (22) + (25) = 47. and I know that Alpha was the quantized vacuum present three times each complete dimensional orbital in atoms [three quarks per nucleon].

I’d go with this variation rather than the first…what do you think? 

I’m willing to discuss with you (I mean the entire World) which approach should be taken in this regard. I do have an OPEN MIND not like others focused on attacking me when they get the first chance… 🙂 

“There is no smarter saving than the one the Universe has in mind when it comes to save its own Energy…believe me!”

Î = 1.007299 (2)

A smart child looking for answers:



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Physics versus Mathematics…final score:
Physics 1 mathematics 0
Physics Won the Tournament!!
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