The Meaning of Number 55 in mathematics, physics and the universe…

Alpha [137] a dimensionless NUMBER is the evidence that my Theory is “The One”! It represents the ” UNIVERSAL EQUIVALENCE VALUE” to refer the results of our “frameless equations” [physics and mathematics] to one Point in Space!!! In simple English: to π!


Don’t tell me that you agree with the statement up there!!! They’ve been doing “it” to us for centuries and the worse part is that you can’t get it!

These are you NUMBERS not mine, and they total 55:

1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10= 55

These are my NUMBERS and they ALSO total 55:

0=20, 1=21, 2=25, 3=21, 4=26, 5=22, 6=17, 7=13, 8=27 and 9=25!

0=[2+0]=(2), 1=[2+1]=(3), 2= [2+5]=(7), 3=[2+1]=(3), 4=[2+6]=(8), 5=[2+2]=(4), 6=[1+7]=(8), 7=[1+3]=(4), 8=[2+7]=(9), 9=[2+5]=(7)!

Then 2 + 3 + 7 + 3 + 8 + 4 + 8 + 4 + 9 + 7 = 55!!!

take a look at those digits already implied after I reduced them to just one digit…what do you see? There are two 3, two 8, two 7, two 4, that gives us a total result of  44, just what I obtained by implying the decimals in Feynman’s coupling constant. I got 55 from reducing and implying 137 directly. The difference is 11. If you add up the only two values not doubled before, you see 2 and 9 you obtain 11. The funny thing though, is that when you add up 137 = 1+3+7=11 you end up being “cheated” by your own numbers…it’s so funny! 🙂 because the real implied value of Alpha constant [137] is 55!!! I’m having so much fun with this that my tummy hurts from laughing too much…

Tell me something… Would you use different types of unit systems like meters mixed up with inches or miles mixed up with kilometers? Of course you wouldn’t! Only an IDIOT would do such stupid thing! …and yet we keep using our numbers, unit systems and results without a proper universal reference: the context of one point in 3 dimensional space! MY SET OF “IMPLIED VALUES” PROVIDES JUST THAT!

Don’t be upset! Are you afraid to click on the link below? I don’t blame you! 

You are about to exit your “Isolated Room and your Black and White TV set” from where you’ve prejudged our Universe for so long…

The link! …please 🙂



“Not just once! Not just twice! But Three Times’s the Charm!!!”




If you already came back from reading the results obtained in my research and also interpreted Richard Feynman’s prophetic words I’d ask you to stay with me for another numerical curiosity:

Richard Feynman also mentioned a decimal figure, that according to our “frameless” numbers were an equivalent to 137: the decimal tail were “8542455”…Watch!
8542455 = (27) + (22) + (26) + (25) + (26) + (22) + (22) = 9+4+8+7+8+4+4= 44!
but 44 after being added up by a “frameless” procedure must also be “implied” once more:
44 = (26) + (26) = 52 and (22) + (25) = 47 where 4+ 7 = 11! He was correct!

Richard Feynman’s first partial result of his coupling fraction “8542445” was 44…correct?

I proved that 137 was 55 already (read my link on top), and we knew also that 137 = 11, just by adding up its digits.

Let’s see their intrinsic deduction first:

55-44=11 and now let’s imply it:

11 = [21+21]=42 and 42 =[26+26]=52 and

5+2 =7! 

This is a very important conclusion if you understand the “language” of the numbers. 7 means that the difference between our “frameless” numerical system (based on 9 infinite-power) must be referred or properly put into a more universal context where infinite power is based on 7 not 9! I said it many times already, using my implied values you can reduce-imply numbers (no matter how large they were) to the final result = 7.

Click on the LINK below and prove me wrong!


In other words… The “implied value” of the “coupling constant” Feynman proposed gave me a value = 44 while its inversed 137 gave me 55, but you just saw that 44 is an intermediate step (a partial result) between 55 and 7. Both found themselves going back and forward between 47 and 43 into infinite…showing the mutual correspondence between our numbers and the universal equivalence represented in SEVEN.


TetragrammatonI’ll be back with my latest results! Stand by!!!


God is ALPHA!!!

I found 137 at the 25th sequence instead of the erroneously previously through 27th!!!

The mistake was not a numeric one but a conceptual one instead…

The 216 decimals were correct. My Magic point was the limit or the 28th sequence representing the new electron orbital.

The core of the problem was to add the intrinsic value to the result previously obtained. The only two numbers whose implied values changed were 1 and 4.

1 changed from 20 to 21 equalling the same implied value of 3.

4 changed from 25 previously though to 26! It made perfect sense to me since the tetragrammaton was made of four Hebrew letters YHWH where 2 repeated once.

Watch this!!!

24 implied is (25) + (26) = 51!!! where 51 = 5+ 1 = 6!

The faces of the die!


Here it is now!



God indeed play dice with the universe

I need a break, I need to rest and recuperate my energies again… I’ve put too much mental power to elucidate this final result and it has been overwhelming for a regular guy like myself.

I want to apologize to everyone who has followed my search all this long. I finally got 137 with the corrected version and I’m sharing it with the entire world…

Now, I’ll be gone for a while.

God bless you all!

I’m back now, I guess I needed some deserved rest…You know, Quarter century has passed when I first took in my hands professor Michiu Kakus’ book about Quantum Mechanics with a nice front page looking like a geometrical figure of some kind. It was like a shock when I learned about the photon paradox of the famous “Two slits experiment”. The notion that a given photon had to be aware of the propagation pattern of others previously fired against the screen terrified me for a long time.  It wasn’t until just recently that I could find an answer that would satisfy myself enough to quite down those thoughts that even after time elapsed in the years count, still bothered me greatly. The answer was even more “alien” to a regular human being than the previous paradox. I’ve had time to verify the phenomenon using a complete different setting and I was even more surprised than I could have been all those years. I’ll never reveal to anyone those results but I can tell you with entire honesty and sincerity on my part that believe it or not ‘the universe has been provided with a “memory” mechanism so perfectly designed that the spectrum will be preserved no matter if the photon involved will be shot with days or even weeks intervals in between. I deciphered a pattern in a similar settings and it has been synchronized like a watch. How does the universe manage to be so precised and certain about keeping patterns? I have no answer to that and I’m afraid I never will, but at least I understood the existence of such pattern and I was in more than a few instances capable of predicting it too. I’m convinced however that π has everything to do with it because I used my “numbers” the implied value of our numbers to elucidate those patterns and they worked beautifully!

These past few days I reaffirmed my beliefs about Carl Jung’s Theory of Synchronicity. I have absolutely no shred of doubts that Synchronicity is real and alive although being able to explain the mechanisms involved in it maybe impossible for us to conceive. 

What about π?

3.14 equals [21] = (21) + (26) where 1 and 3 share the same “implied values” [21].

[21] = [2+1]=3       [INTEGER to the left side of the decimal point].

(21) + (26) = [(2+1) + (2+6)] = 3 + 8 = [21] + [27] = 48 = 4+8= 12 and 1+2=3!!!

3 = 3!!!

But (21) + (26) = 47 which I have already demonstrated to equal the universal value of c (the speed of light in both meters per second and miles per hour basis) however [.14] has another important message to reveal to us:

21 + 26 = 47 and 4+7=11, which we’ve seen that to be the “frameless” representation of 137.

Here we see a connection between π, c (the speed of light), 137 (Alpha) or the Fine structure, and the needed physical compatibility represented above by 3=3 which results in 3 quarks per nucleon and it’s the same pattern across every single structure of saved Energy within the point of space at a Universal scale too.

Our Faith was also based on the Trilogy. “The Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit”. The number 55 has been connected with Mary the Mother of God our Lord Jesus Christ [Joshua] for a very long time in both the Bible and in non-related events across our history yet we refuse to accept those signs. We can’t always rely on empirical evidences and it’s precisely Frank Jackson’s philosophical thought experiment about “Mary the super-scientist locked within the context of an isolated room of a black and white environment” the perfect example of my whole arguments.

Oh!!! Hold your horses! I’m not implying that the integer side of π [3] equals its fractional one [.14]. You see my point…? You’re still ‘thinking’ using the ‘Frameless” context of your mind!

For once stop acting like Mary the super-scientist!

To understand what that meant, you must begin with the  understanding and assimilation of the true concept (physical one) of our Reality, and especially Alpha [137]

137 is the solution of .14! The fine structure is a perfect vacuum on 3 dimensional space. This vacuum is what “shrinks” Energy to be able to ‘fit in’ the context of a point in space! Each nucleon is made of three particles (quarks) and that’s possible because Alpha (137) which is nothing more that a perfect vacuum of space allowed in the universe, shrinks space and bend energy so it can find its perfect fitting solution within each atomic orbital. Gravity is also the result of the same manifestation of energy density differential around the surface of planetary bodies just as proved by Albert Einstein’s equations of General Relativity.  The missing link was the true reason for such shrinkage of space which I believed I’ve proved it with my theoretical analysis using Numerology.

To resume what you saw during the calculated results already published in the link above, I demonstrated the completion of the first Alpha at the 25th sequence which as I’ve already mentioned, it will be erased or deleted from space altogether by the vacuum effect on energy. That’s why I mentioned earlier the 24th sequence as the final location of Alpha since the 25th will be voided in each and every level of the atomic orbitals. So we obtain 24 x 3 levels = 72 sequences of 216 decimals total. You already know that by the 24th sequence there were 24 triads or 72 decimals and by 72 triads the total of decimals needed to achieve the solution for the π Paradox will be 216.

All my work is a reflection of precisely that! The solution of the “π Paradox” within 216 decimals of π and the solution has been 137 all this time! Alpha makes 3=3 in our purely “frameless” analysis of the circumference of a circle or a sphere!

Without that “shrinkage” nothing would exist… Nothing! No atoms, no stars, no planets no life! I understand that 216 decimals is such a ridiculously insignificant small figure that most scientists have ignored due to its size but God has based the creation of our Universe on it and we must accept it.

I’ll end this article with one beautiful and  truly symbolic “connection” between God and π. Ever since I discovered the Table of equivalence of the “implied values of numbers”, my aimed has been to perfecting NUMEROLOGY as a scientific tool and not just a pass-time hobby. Watch one more Magic spell and I’m done:

YHWH is according to Gematria:  5-6-5-10.

Implying those numbers based on π references:

5=22, 6=17 and 10= [1+0] = [(21) + (20)] = 41 = [(26) + (21)] = 47

22+17+22+47= 108 = 1+8=9! however since 9=25 [after its “implied value”]

then God = SEVEN! where 7’s “implied value” is 13 and 1+3= 4 (the Four Letters of the Tetragrammaton).

Humanity has always seen God through the number 9 which according to our numbers without a proper universal context (π) has been 9 alright. The moment I introduced this new concept and π with its 216 decimals as its reference, it results in a “no-brainer”  for anyone to understand the mistake. Nine was replaced by seven and I’ve proved that any figure no matter how long it maybe, could be reduced and further implied to give us the final result of SEVEN!


The Wizard of π contact: thewizardofpi (at) gmail (dot) com








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