“The Key to link our numbers with Pi”



Original list of decimals of Pi grouped in triads

159 265 358 979 323 846 264 338 

327 950 288 419 716 939 937 510

582 097 494 459 230 781 640 628

620 899 862 803 482 534 211 706

798 214 808 651 328 230 664 709

384 460 955 058 223 172 535 940

812 848 111 745 028 410 270 193

852 110 555 964 462 294 895 493

038 196 442 881 097 566 593 344 



347 794 349 747 373 989 798 339 = 146!

374 742 799 837 439 737 734 432 = 126!

497 274 878 847 732 493 982 979 = 147!

972 977 997 923 897 438 733 429 = 147!

479 738 929 943 379 732 998 427 = 144!

398 892 744 249 773 347 434 782 = 128!

937 989 333 484 279 832 742 373 = 127!

947 332 444 798 897 778 974 873 = 148!

239 379 887 993 274 499 473 388 = 145!

Adding up all the results obtained by the net sum of the “implied values” of the decimals of Pi according to the row they belong:

146+126+147+147+144+128+127+148+145= 1258!

1+2+5+8 = 16 implying 16 = 3+9=11!

Proof numerically verified!



The Wizard of Pi

“A message ALIENS will understand”





347 794 349 747 373 998 788 339 

374 742 799 837 439 737 734 432  

497 274 878 847 732 493 982 979  

972 977 997 723 897 438 733 429  

479 738 929 943 379 732 998 427  

398 892 744 249 773 347 434 782 

479 738 929 843 379 732 888 427 

939 989 333 484 279 832 742 373  

947 332 444 798 897 798 974 873 

239 379 887 993 274 499 473 388 

What gave us [humans]  the right to determine on our own HOW a character a mathematical magnitude should be represented with or written up? Who assigned us with the “powers” of universal legitimacy over the numbers?

You could send the “primitive” representation of π and keep your fingers crossed hoping that with some luck on our part, it’ll be understood by them, but then “THEY” will question themselves whether we truly understood the universal concept of those numbers and whether we were aware ultimately of the significance of such concept to explain everything…from the structure of matter and space to the nature of the energy quanta and what’s even more important: the true nature of Destiny and Faith.

Centuries ago anyone who doubt about Earth’s place as “Center of the Universe” and dared expressing it in public would have been sentenced to die in the most horrible way imaginable. We’re not that far off these days… There are theories that defy common sense supported by purely abstract mathematics (like M Theory) with no origin, no evidence…brought into life by equations with no shred of legitimacy with regards to what they represents if in fact they mean anything at all! There are hundreds if not thousands of local languages and dialects in this planet alone… I’d asked you this: under what basis would you choose one in particular to be the legitimate one, the true language with universal roots that would make it above the rest of the others? Is English superior (as a language) than Greek, Russian or Spanish in any sense? The answer is no and you know it, then I ask you to answer a similar question: on what grounds you could consider our numbers, equations and even some constants to reflect a truly universal nature on their own? Are meters per second or hertz or pounds for that matter, some sort of patterns spread throughout nature as the golden angle, Pi or Alpha are? Our Universe has its laws and its mysteries encoded within patterns and values referred to contexts inherently embedded within real universal concepts, be those of physical, mathematical or biological nature like our DNA as an example. I chose π for many reasons but one of the most important is its role within almost all of our most important equations and constants in physics. 

So…yes! We’re no much better off today than those days in the Middle Ages, people don’t get burned, crucified or hung by expressing their disagreements with respect to one theory or another, but I still find a sign of false superiority on the part of the scientific community every time they claim to have the “monopoly of the truth” based on abstract mathematics ignoring anything that don’t comply with their own precepts… like Numerology! Yes, like a new kind of Numerology never known before!

The Wizard of π

“The heart of π” [edited]

‘Every time you hear someone saying: “-God is everywhere!” think of π.’

[the Wizard of π]
You’ll need to click on this link below first if you wish to understand where those “implied values” used to substitute those 72 decimals of π (posted below in colors) actually came from: 
and then here to see where those pattern symmetrically repeating themselves were calculated:

                           “The heart of π”

479 738 929 843 379 732 888 427

398 882 744 249 773 347 434 782

479 738 929 843 379 732 888 427

 I discovered the “Magic place” where God’s power is able to control the subatomic realm. It was the obvious place to hide it but it took me longer to find it than what I expected! Only a true magician could find what others had used under the command and authorization of the Supreme. Kings and Pharaohs have displayed their “magic” but none of them truly knew where it came from… I know now!

The place (as I just said) couldn’t be more obvious: at the very center of the 216 context! the “Magic junction”! The result was surprising! The following is the numerical calculation conducting to its final elucidation…

We knew that  the “Magic Junction” resulted in REDS=68 and BLUES=73, the total of decimals involved was 48…[24 twice].

479 738 929 843 379 732 888 427


Reds and Blues sum 68+73= 741.where 7+4+1= 12. The sum of all the triads with no match added up to 390 (check it out at the PDF file in the 2nd link). 390 = 3+9+0= 12. …and then, 68 = 6+8= 14 and then 73 = 7+3= 10 and when we add up 10+14 = 24! How many decimals are involved in each duplicated sequence? the answer is 24!

This is another evidence that when you properly “ground” your numbers to the ROOT of our reality and I’d dare to expand it to “our destiny”, then you’ll see that everything comes into place!

There are two sets of blue and equal number of Red sequences of 12 decimals each, their “implied values” coincides with the actual number of sequences involved (741=12).  

Implying 741 = [(4)+(8)+(3)]= 15 where, 1+5= 6.

[The reason for editing the entire content of the paper was caused by missing one entire row of decimals of π, I fixed it now and the result is even more surprising to me since blues and reds are now on the same row…I’m exploring “undiscovered countries” as it was one of the lines in Star trek, mistakes are a natural phenomenon especially among humans 🙂 I apologize for it. The important part is to recognize it, fix it and continue with the search)

347 784 349 747 373 988 788 339

374 742 799 837 438 737 734 432

497 274 878 847 732 493 882 879

872 977 987 723 897 438 733 428

479 738 929 843 379 732 888 427

398 882 744 249 773 347 434 782

479 738 929 843 379 732 888 427

939 989 333 484 279 832 742 373

947 332 444 788 887 778 974 873

239 378 887 993 274 488 473 388

Following the same procedure that I did when I found the value of YHWH according to the times each consonant repeats within the Table of the 72 Names of God, I did the same exact calculation again but this time with the numbers you can see on top. Those are the “implied values” of each of the 216 decimals of π… the results were:

2 appeared 20 times 

3 appeared 44 times

4 appeared 38 times

7 appeared 55 times

8 appeared 46 times

9 appeared 31 times

Adding up all those appearances 20+44+38+55+46+31 = 234!

234 – 216 = 18! An important number in Jewish faith.

Implying 234 = (7)+(3)+(8)=18! AGAIN! 

479 738 929 843 379 732 888 427

Let’s repeat the same procedure done with the 216 decimals on those two repeating sequences…

This process is very important for you to understand that to be able to refer numbers or letters and to find their meanings in general, we must offer them a context so they could have a “relativistic relationship” (using Einstein’s concepts), using my humble words I’d say that we need to “Ground those numbers” 🙂 I believe that the universe doesn’t work with particular fractions obtained from “local observations” based on purely “arbitrary measuring unit systems”. The universe THINKS BIG! in terms of numerical associations and appearance among magnitudes [PATTERNS], related somehow to each other like the speed of light, alpha and the Plank Constant with Pi. This idea of mine would allow for a common mathematical formulation [a possible scientific exchange of knowledge] among us and possibly existent ‘alien worlds’ while we kept using a different type of characters to name our numbers and so were they.

So let’s do it once again but only with the repeating sequences shown above:

2 was present 3 times

3 was present 4 times

4 was present 3 times

7 was present 5 times

8 was present 5 times

9 was present 4 times

2+3+4+7+8+9 = 33! That was the result of God’s dice [published earlier]

3+3+4+4+5+5 = 24! That is the number of sequences involved!

Checking… 3+3 = 6 and 2+4 = 6! Checked!

 I’ll apply the same method I did when I found the meaning of YHWH…remember from one of my earlier post (my favorite) that I discovered that YHWH was a Key to decode the Bible’s hidden secrets and not a “Name”as it was thought to be.

 I apologize for the system problems that prevent you from link to the original papers. but I don’t need a “lost link” (?) to tell you what I found! Nothing will stop me from publising my discovery, so everyone would be able to learn, read and share it with the rest of your friends and families interested in knowing the truth.


In short, this is what I found: According to Hebrew Gematria, the numbers that result in 26 as the Name of God’s numbers was obtained from the order those consonants YHWH were present in the Hebrew alphabet. The values of the Gematria were Y=10, H=5 and W= 6. [Yod, Hey and Vav]. My discovery gave a new meaning to those consonants in the sense that I reaffirmed those values by using a newly discovered numerical system based on π’s 216 decimals which in fact, coincided with the same number of characters on the Kabbalah Table of the 72 Names of God. (!)

I found Yod to be exactly 28 times within the Table, Vav to be exactly 15 times and finally Hey to be 32…a simple reduction shows us that:

H = 5, W = 6 and Y = 10! 5 x 2 = 10. then 10 + 6 + 10 = 26!


It doesn’t take a genius to figure it out! The consonants YHWH were not a Name… God intended to remain in the minds and hearts of men so one day it will be decoded and used to reveal His messages hidden within the sacred scriptures. All it’s needed now it’s to find the proper values of the rest of the consonants according to their PRESENCE in the Table shown above.

There are 22 official Letters consonants within the Hebrew alphabet (according to Wikipedia) and there were according to my counting (maybe need editing) 18 Letters only. there are 4 missing within the Table. My theory is that the value of those missing consonants will be revealed based on my research with π. Adding the proper implied value (universal value) to the actual place of those missing consonants (within the Hebrew alphabet) we will be able to find out their true value. I believe that God put us to the test with this one! “First, find out the secret within Pi and then you’ll dominate the powers of my words”. 

I was able to ‘rescue’ some of the paragraphs lost from the original paper titled “YHWH”.



“I have a hunch that we will finally be able to translate secrets hidden in many sacred manuscripts from the Babylonian period to the secret stones found in Eastern Islands. The method to find the specific meaning of letters within the context of a scripture by counting how many times they appeared in the context and then assigning it a value, as I did with YHWH and numbers using Pi decimals.

My knowledge about the Hebrew Language is “zero” 😦 however, I remember I counted only 18 consonants within the Text of 216 letters, obviously many repeat themselves. If there are 22 total, according to official sources and we know YHWH are the first I identified with the new “intrinsic values”… What are the four letters missing? Why were those letters left out of the context of the sacred Table, what may have been the purpose in doing it and finally what could have been their true ” implied values”?

That remains a mystery for me but I’m positive people more qualified in the field would find them and we’ll know the intention behind it.

I have worked out a theory that may… only may help us solve the puzzle of the “missing letters” -to be completely honest with you that thought keeps hunting me like a “ghost”. I know that the ‘letter-value’ equivalence I found  for YHWH helped me to decode the secret pattern. This means that God was showing us where to find the first 18 letters and finally I found the way to interpret them. However! since 4 letters are still missing from His 72 Names, I have no way to find their “implied values” the same way I used to find the others… Perhaps the “second key” lies within π itself. I already discovered the “implied values” of the numbers within the 216 decimals of π, I wouldn’t be surprised if God was waiting for us to be ready to unveil the universal constant and assign a value to each number so… the answer would be to reverse it! I meant to say… knowing what letters are missing, then we could calculate their “implied value” not in the Table (since they are absent from there) but in the “implied value” of their order within the Hebrew alphabet which would be perfectly compatible due to the fact that we’re just substituting numbers by other numbers. Of course…that’s just a theory for now.

The last word will be told when using this new method those sacred scriptures begin to “Talk” to us then the miracle will happen…”

(the second one I could rescue) 🙂


“H (HE) = 5 according to Kabbalah calculation based on its order within the Hebrew alphabet. But according to the times the letter “HE” repeats itself within its context of the 72 Names of God = 32. Reducing it [3+2]=5 Agree with the key-lock pattern.

W (VAV) = 6 according to Kabbalah (order in the alphabet) but by my value of “implied number” or the times this letter repeats itself within the Table of the 72 Names of God, its value is 15. Since reducing it gives us [1+5]=6. The key-lock pattern agrees once again.

Y (YOD) = 10 according to Kabbalah, it’s the order of the letter in the alphabet, but according to the times it appeared within the text on the Table is 28. Reducing gives [2+8]=10. Third match!

The Key has finally unlocked the Door to open the most sacred and divine words codified by God in His Book.

Kabbalah has gained the greatest GIFT anyone could hope for… The way to “read the mind of God”.

 (now continuing from where I left)

Could you explain that? 

It would take more than a leap of faith from you to actually believe that all this is just a COINCIDENCE!


All that I found was there all this time! I haven’t altered or modify the numbers a bit, because there is much more than just addition and subtraction or multiplication and division… what I’m trying to say is that there is much more we can LEARN from numbers when they are properly referred to their UNIVERSAL CONTEXT…much more!


If you go back… Everything started with one number! The most sacred number of all…72! I implied that number to give it the proper context so I could interpret its message and this is what I got:

72 = [4] + [7] = 11! I knew it was especial from the beginning. Furthermore since 1 was found to have an universal value of 21 (3), 11= 42 and also 6! 42 were the number of Letters on the 42 Letter Name of God and 6 was the number of faces of God’s dice.

42 + 6 = 48! The number of decimals repeating the magnificent “magic junction” right at the very center of π’s heart!

This interesting connection was already posted (published) earlier, but I decided to show it to you in case you just joined us here for the first time 🙂

“This is the “multiplicative magic square” of the number 216″


“Our multiplicative magic square” [the one corresponding to number 216] is in there somewhere 🙂

2      9      12

36      6      1                            

3      4      18

That above was the representation offered by Wikipedia of how the “Multiplicative Magic Square” of the sacred number 216 looked like. In my previous article I multiplied those numbers inside the “Magic Square” obtaining a fairly long figure but that figure will be helpful in ways you cannot imagine yet! Let’s reproduce the original calculation:

2 x 9 x 12 x 36 x 6 x 1 x 3 x 4 x 18 = 10, 077, 696. Let’s calculate its “implied value” using the complete “implied values” for each number involved: 

10 077 696 = [(21)+(20)+(20)+(13)+(13)+(17)+(25)+(17)] = 146 !

146 = 1+4+6 = 11!

I’ve published a detailed paper explaining the difference between the configuration of our dice and God’s ones. To begin with our sum 7 adding up opposite faces of the die, God’s add up 11. His dice look like this:

2-9 3-8 4-7

This important differentiation is the point of disagreement between my theory and Quantum Mechanics’ and while they were correct in expressing that God played dice with the universe…[to the publicly expressed opposition by Albert Einstein, a theme he chose to refuse until his last hours of his life] the kind of dice they assumed were wrong! So…I would say that neither were correct at the time, but WHO CARES? ! 🙂

I wished I could publish the body of evidence proving that God’s dice don’t contain 1 or 5 or 6! You’ll have to trust me on this one but I can say this:

I’ve tested with games (believed to be ruled by luck and the theory of probabilities) and I was able to beat the results over and over again…what’s even worse than that! I’ve discovered (in some cases) the sequential progression of those patterns used by reality to keep in balance [equilibrium] faith and destiny. There has been always a ‘margin of uncertainty’ in this and if you accept that the spectrum observed during the “Two slit Experiment” is a representation of our reality [as I did from the first time] then you’d understand that, although we’ll never be able to anticipate the next photon’s “place of impact”, we will know for sure how the last image of the spectrum will look like! That “margin” was allowed by God and we usually refer to it as “FREE WILL”. One last note…more like a warning sign! Do not confuse the concept of ‘PATTERN’ with ‘number sequences’ or number results! A pattern includes (in the case of numbers 2, 3, 4, 7, and 9) various numbers! Pattern 2 and 9 are representative of numbers 0 and 8 respectively (those two numbers own their pattern for themselves!) No sharing! Understood? 🙂

” We don’t have ‘free will’…We have the appearance of free will!” 🙂

The important thing is not wasting our precious and limited time judging others but building upon new concepts and disregarding obsolete ones.


The Wizard of π

“Do these numbers have a meaning in Hebrew?”


According to that Table of values in Hebrew Gematria, for those who speak Hebrew, do the following numbers express anything at all? …I was just curious?

897 438 733 428

 8+9+7+4+3+8+7+3+3+4+2+8=66 66×2=132 132=[(3)+(3)+7)=13!

479 738 929 843


73 x 2= 146! 6+4+1=11!

13+11=24 {the sequence Fibonacci’s numbers repeat the results of nines cyclically}

Adding up the columns: 8+4=12, 9+7=16, 7+9=16, 4+7=11, 3+3=6, 8+8=16, 7+9=16, 3+2=5, 3+9=12, 4+8=12, 2+4=6, 8+3=11!

Four 16, three 12, two 11, two 6, one 5.

Perhaps they must be read from right to left… Maybe adding up the triads and substituting the equivalent letter… It’s too difficult for me 😦


Any luck just contact me at

thewizardofpi @gmail.com




There’s more that you can’t possibly imagine about those amazing and seemingly ‘harmless’ patterns I just discovered, and its real “connections” with our destiny and what we naively opted to call it “coincidence”.  It will take the workings of our best minds in this planet (one day) to figure out the philosophical implications derived from what I’ve just found within the context of 216 decimals of π plus the Root (3.14)! [But not today!]

“Not today” because I’m not certain about the consequences of such knowledge may imply to the future of humanity… One thing’s for sure, it will redefine the very concept of “faith” “destiny” and “future”, and to be entirely honest with you, I’m not ‘the right guy’ to decide whether we, (humans yes but not Gods) are ready to take that step yet…not yet.

I wish my words were just another “hook” to “catch the attention” of curious people looking for something “catching” to spend their free time on front of their laptop screen, unfortunately it’s not, it’s so f… real that it’s freaking me out just to thing about it!

Some among you already visiting my webpage could be asking yourselves this simple question: “-Why not going with these findings to the nearest university, try to contact a good mathematician or even a physicists and show them these results?” The answer is “I’m not ready to make that step and I’ll probably never be”.

It’s not an ” everyday thing” when you find yourself on a position to be capable of violating one of the most sacred laws in the universe…The law of Probabilities! I have! and I have evidence and photographic proof of that too!  Am I willing to share them with the world so I can say: “See?! I told you so! I was right!!!” …and the answer is: I’m not! Sorry!


Perhaps one of these days a brilliant mathematician or a smart physicist will announce it to the scientific community, hopefully recognizing my role in their words on front of the Nobel Prize committee… But that guy won’t be me! I promise you that! (that is assuming we haven’t destroyed ourselves before that even happened) 🙂

Too f… dangerous, sorry!

You want to know what is that amazed me the most? You can’t guess on this one! It’s that one of the most popular, famous and probably the most controversial of any experiment done in the last 100 years of scientific research (The Two silt Experiment) has shown you an unbeatable pattern of bright and dark bands called “SPECTRUM” and we keep doubting about the cyclical and predictably nature of our physical reality! It’s just incomprehensible to me that even after more than 100 years of being designed and studied in details, we keep ourselves looking as perplexed as the first time! Look at the 48 decimals right in the center of π (the point in space), 84 decimals on both sides (half of them orange, pink and green, equal in values but dissimilar) Red and Blue exactly the same twice and a comprehensive net value of 11 (alpha) [137] that I found 3 times in the same context! How else could you explain that even shooting one subatomic particle (boson or fermion) at a time, you STILL obtain the SPECTRUM?



The Wizard of π


I thought it’d be polite on my part to give you the chance to “listen” to what “the experts” had to say about the whole “thing”. 🙂 here’s the link:


I don’t know where I should personally suggest you to start reading first…? ” The Copenhagen Interpretation” perhaps? Oh! What about the “many worlds hypothesis”? That’s a good one too! I love ” Star Trek” and as a ‘Trekkie ” myself, I spend part of my day fantasizing about all that stuff too 🙂 but there’s more than just two theories! I learned a principle from an old priest in philosophy and it’s called “Occam’s Razor”… We need to apply this law more often in physics and mathematics… I guess 🙂 

Instead of hundreds of words, numbers and graphics trying to come up with a single logical definition to the spectrum’s outcome how about the one I’m proposing? It’s easy to remember, easy to write it down and even a five year old kid could repeat it:  π!

Oh! Go straight to the experiment interpretation! I tell you what my favorite part is…the ” Poor little pussycat ” of Schrödinger paradox! It’s priceless! 🙂

cat (1)Miaou!!!

God bless you all!

“PROVE ME WRONG…if you can! “






“YOUR NUMBERS” are “contexts orphan” since they lack the universal reference found only within π! The point in space! The only universal reference unchangeable and eternal.

Table of equivalence

0=20 times, 1=21 times [counting one from the root],

2=25 times, 3=21 times, 4=26 times [counting one from

the root], 5=22 times, 6=17 times, 7=13 times, 8=27

times, and finally 9=25 times.

To understand where those new values upthere came from, you must first click on this link like right now!


Transforming each of those decimals of π by their “implied values”…


How could that be possible? If π has been “IRRATIONAL” and its decimals been considered chaotic and non-related to each other… How did I find this beautiful SYMMETRY in one of the most “known” mathematical constant in the world of numbers? HOW!

but you already know the answer, didn’t you? You simply refuse to acknowledge that those numbers YOU have been using in your scientific calculations were a good reflection of your observations but the reference of those results have been missing since the times we began to use them thousand of years ago. Our equations and their results should be referred to our single universal context… The point!

 What did you see up there? An invisible pattern so amazing that I can’t imagine why no one had seen it before…(?) Anyways! Blue decimals repeat exactly the same numbers twice (in 4 triads sequences) the same phenomenon occurred with the red decimals in the same configuration. Nothing less than a miracle for me! I was stunt as the numbers were coming out from my calculator!

the numbers below represent the reduced values of the original decimals of π grouped in trios (triads):

(6) (4) (7) (7) (8) (9) (3) (5) (3)…….. [52]

(5) (9) (5) (5) (3) (1) (8) (6) (7)………[49]

(8) (9) (5) (7) (1) (7) (8) (8) (7).…….[60]

52+49+8+9+5+7+1+7+8= 146!!!This number corresponded to the same value of 137 I found right at the 25th. sequence of the 216 decimals of Pi. 

The Next impressive Numerology wonder is that by adding up the Blues and the Red… 

479 738 929 843 379 732 888 427

The result was 73 + 68 = 141  where 1+4+1 = 6!

Twice those two sequences are 141 x 2 = 282 or 2+8+2= 12!

The implied value of 282 is (7)+(9)+(7)= 23!

Let’s make a quick stop right here! Watch this:

(8) (8) (4) (4) (9) (7) (3) (4) (3)…[50]

(4) (7) (4) (4) (3) (3) (8) (8) (4)…[45]

  (9) (7) (4) (4) (3) (6) (9) (9) (4)…[55]

I never explained the (9) and the (4) left outside of the 137 count…I recall I mentioned that that may have been the Energy of one string (electron, proton, fermions)

I was recently curious about the “Plank Constant”. So! I decided to use some “magical numerology” on that one too, and this is what I could come up with:

There is a reduced (shortened) version of the number expressed in J/ s:

6.6261 = 6. 6=(8)+2=(7)+6(8)+1=(3)= 8+7+8+3=26! The Number of God! 

Then I got the longer one published by Wikipedia:

6. 6260700408 = 6=(8)+2=(7)+6=(8)+0=(2)+7=(4)+4=(8)+0=(2)+8=(9)…

8+7+8+2+4+8+2+9= 48!       Wow! 48…Umm! That number sound very familiar…Of course!


479 738 929 843 379 732 888 427

479 738 929 843 379 732 888 427


Those decimals up here sum (68+73)…yes! 141, 1+4+1=6!  the number of faces of God’s dice.




I tell you what…I bet you anything that I could teach a 5 year old kid [using my colors and simple techniques) how to reproduce all this that I’ve shown you here and that in less than one hour he or she would have found Alpha (137)! A five year old kid would be able to figure out what YOU haven’t in 100 years!!! 

Oh! Before I leave…(almost forgot it), I have the answer why people keep seeing the number 23 everywhere and even some believe it’s a curse or something 🙂 [which is not! …it’s connected to Faith and Destiny because it’s a very important chain link of the Universe’s Memory Core]

Your problem is not lack of intelligence, but lack of “will power” to OPEN YOUR MINDS to realities outside of your “Black and White little Room” of yours… 🙂

So! What do you say, you orthodox mathematicians? Are you up to the task?




The Wizard of π



“Invisible and perfectly symmetrical pattern in π” [edited]

Happy Birthday π!


Today is a very important day… It’s March 14th 2016, Pi Day! I’ve prepared this paper to all of you regardless your own spiritual convictions and beliefs, I’m not imposing one! all I’m trying to show you here is what I found by working with “my numbers.” I’m not trying to convince you that I’m right, on the contrary, my only goal is to offer you with an alternative from those ones you grew up and learned during your school hours since you’re just a child. One thing is important for you not to forget, we’re not alone in the universe floating on the middle of empty space with no faith, no final destiny and no purpose in our existence because you’d be cheating yourselves every time you believe it. There is a divine purpose in the existence of each one of us, there is a quest for knowledge waiting for us somewhere but it’s up to us to decided what path to chose…I chose mine already and I’m presenting it to you the best way I can.

If you share my beliefs too, tell a friend about this page, Show him/her that there is more than what our eyes could normally see…if we are willing to believe.

The Mayan Priests were correct on this particular issue! Faith comes around in a loop and our destiny has been cyclically influenced upon us by universal patterns…(a sort of memory), I believe it because π is at the center of all creation and even its own configuration shows them!

The phenomenon, that I’m about to introduce you to has never been known to humans before. Its Name is “The Magic Junction”. This is nothing but God’s Proof that the decimals of π had to be arranged in a unique and particular fashion in order to achieve the results He wanted us to see.

I can understand that you see NOTHING ordinary about those triads that I just colored in two different colors… 🙂 But don’t you worry…I’ll fix it in a moment!


159 265 358 979 323 846 264 338

327 950 288 419 716 939 937 510

582 097 494 459 230 781 640 628

620 899 862 803 482 534 211 706

798 214 808 651 328 230 664 709

384 460 955 058 223 172 535 940

812 848 111 745 028 410 270 193

852 110 555 964 462 294 895 493

038 196 442 881 097 566 593 344


I’m going to replace the values you see in those 216 decimals of π, the procedure is very simple really… I’ll substitute the numbers your super computers calculate over and over again for values that only a human brain could imagine to exist. All I did was transforming each decimal by its “own repetitive appearance” within the ‘216 decimal frame’; a procedure never done before and based in my newly discovered Theory of Numbers that I named “Implied Numerology”. 

In order to understand what I’m about to do with those “frameless” decimals you saw on top, you must replace each decimal of the total 216 ones by their “implied values”. the equivalence is the following:

0=20 times, 1=21 times [counting one from the root],

2=25 times, 3=21 times, 4=26 times [counting one from

the root], 5=22 times, 6=17 times, 7=13 times, 8=27

times, and finally 9=25 times.

To understand where those new values upthere came from, you must first click on the links at the bottom of this page.

Transforming each of those decimals of π by their “implied values”…

347 784 349 747 373 988 788 339

374 742 799 837 438 737 734 432

497 274 878 847 732 493 882 879

872 977 987 723 897 438 733 428

479 738 929 843 379 732 888 427

479 738 929 843 379 732 888 427

939 989 333 484 279 832 742 373

947 332 444 788 887 778 974 873

239 378 887 993 274 488 473 388

379 732 888 427 = 3+7+9+7+3+2+8+8+8+4+2+7= 68!

479 738 929 843 = 4+7+9+7+3+8+9+2+9+8+4+3= 73!

What a pair of numbers! Go and check number 73 out in Wikipedia! It’s such an interesting number! 

Beautiful isn’t it? It’s called “The Magic Junction” and it’s God’s Proof that there was only one way to arrange those decimals so we could obtain the match you can appreciate in the graphic above. The sacred configuration is exactly the same seen on the Table of the “72 Names of God” and used for centuries by Jewish Kabbalah. Each of those TRIADS (three numbers sequences) are Names of God and it is my belief that those digits are representative of those Names in the Language of Universal Numbers.

“The “72-fold name” is highly important toSefer Raziel, and a key (but often missing) component to the magical practices in The Lesser Key of Solomon. It is derived from Exodus 14:19-21,read boustrophedonically to produce 72 names of three letters. This method was expounded with no difficulty by Rashi, apparently widely known throughout the Geonic period. Kabbalist and occultist legends state that the 72-fold name was used by Moses to cross the Red Sea, and that it can grant later holy men the power to control demons, heal the sick, prevent natural disasters, and even kill enemies.” [quoted from Wikipedia]
“What are the 72 names of God?
The traditional Kabbalist Rav Shimon barYochai authored within the Zohar it’s Moses, not God, who separated the Red-colored Ocean, permitting the Israelites to narrowly escape Pharaoh and also the Egyptian military. To be able to make this happen apparent miracle, Moses combined the energy of certainty having a very effective spiritual technology. He’d having an equation that literally gave him accessibility subatomic arena of character.
The formula Moses accustomed to overcome the laws and regulations of character continues to be hidden within the Zohar for 2000 years

Now, after a little 2,000 many years of concealment, contemporary searchers may also make use of this energy and by researching, and calling upon, the 72 Names of God.
These 72 Names of God are each 3-letter sequences that behave like a catalog to a particular, spiritual wavelengths. Simply by searching in the letters, in addition to closing your vision and imagining them, you are able to interact with these wavelengths.

To utilize a physical metaphor to explain what happens while using the 72 Names, think about a tuning fork, something accustomed to set up a precise pitch. Whenever you bring a vibrating tuning fork near to another tuning fork that’s not vibrating, the 2nd fork begins to vibrate through the phenomena known as ‘sympathetic transference’.

The 72 Names of God act as tuning forks to correct yourself on the soul level. This means, practically speaking, that it’s not necessary to undergo a few of the more challenging tests in existence, you are able to tune the body and soul using the spiritual wavelengths your vision don’t see.” [end of quote from internet]


I believe that there is an inherent connection between π and the Table of the 72 Names of God, Nothing I’ve accomplished in this website would have been possible without it, one question remains unanswered… Have I discovered the way to unleashed that extraordinary powers hidden in the Table for more than 2000 years?  The jury is still out!



The Wizard of π

One last conclusion that I don’t expect any mathematician (at least not from  this century) to understand is that π is 3.14 + (Alpha) repeating the 137 (implied value) itself in a loop. A simple way to numerically see it is 3.14 where implying… (21). (21) (26) = 3. 3+8=11… I have demonstrated that both 216, 146 and 137 after being reduced and implied they result in 11, put in other words, I proved 137 to be 55 just as our numbers when added up, but you could keep counting after you reached 10 and will Alpha, repeating the loop as another orbital begins…

but I guess we’re not ready to take that step yet…  🙂

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This will be the briefest and most obvious numerical demonstration ever performed by anyone, and one that will prove the inherent connection of universal values provided by π and its 216 decimals for the unique and universal context of our numbers!

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. Do you recognize them? Those are our numbers!

The first ones you learned in pre-K or even before you were sent for the first time out of your home… 🙂

Everything you put in complex logarithms, algebraic equations, fractional numbers up to non-linear mathematics…the entire field of mathematics must contain at least one of those basic numbers (integers) from up there to make some sense, agreed?

Good! that’s a good beginning…I guess! 🙂 Now! Let’s bring some magic!



I’ll perform one of the oldest mathematical operations known to man…I’ll multiply them all…watch!

1 x 2 x 3 x 4 x 5 x 6 x 7 x 8 x 9 x 10 =

3, 628, 800! [I wish I had that amount of dollar$ in my bank account) 🙂

Now…first, I’ll sum those digits (in numerology terms, reducing them) and then, I’ll substitute those numbers obtained as a result, by “my own implied values”.

What does implied values mean? [meaning the exact number of time each of them repeated within 216 decimals of Pi]…Watch!

3 628 800 = 3 + 6 + 2 + 8 + 8 + 0 + 0 = 27!

Implying them…

3 628 800 = [3] + [8) + [7] + [9] + [9] + [2] + [2] = 40! but we know that 4= 26 and 0=20 and therefore 2+6=8 and 2+0=2 then 8+2 = 10! Taraaa! 🙂

My numbers now…please! 

0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9. They really look like yours so far…

Let’s imply them [substitute their external appearance by their real values]

2 x 3 x 7 x 3 x 8 x 4 x 8 x 4 x 9 x 7 =

8 128 512! Adding them up…

8+1+2+8+5+1+2 = 27!

Adding the complete implied values corresponding to 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9:

[20] + [21] + [25] + [21] + [26] + [22] + [17] + [13] + [27] + [25] = 217 and 2+1+7 = 10!

Implying the number 8 128 512,

[9] + [3] + [7] + [9] + [4] + [3] + [7] = 42! That was the Name of God I obtained earlier within Pi…remember?

Let’s divide the sum of the reduced result of multiplying your numbers 3 628 800 by the sum of the reduced result of multiplying the “implied values” calculated according to π!

3 628 800 = 27 and 8 128 512 = 27 and…27/27 = 1!

What makes 27 so especial? For one thing 27 = 2+7 = 9! 

Obviously the number 3 628 800 has many articles and sites in fun mathematics due to the simple fact that anyone would come up with the idea of multiplying all our basic integer numbers 🙂 but what you won’t find anywhere is the operation that follows: 

I’ve said that God’s dice only had the following numbers: 2,3,4,7,8, and 9. 

Multiplying them: 2 x 3 x 4 x 7 x 8 x 9 = 12096!

Now! I’m going to divide the result of the multiplication of all the basic integer numbers [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10] by the result of the multiplication  of the values of God’s dice:

3 628 800 / 12096 = 300! 3+0+0 = 3! Implying the number 300:

300 = [21] + [20] + [20] = 61 and 6+1 = 7!

Dividing 3 628 800/7 = 518 400!

Dividing 12096/7 = 1 728!

Watch now… because the result is amazing!

518 400 = 5 + 1 + 8 + 4 + 0 + 0 = 18!

1 728 = 1 + 7 + 2 + 8 = 18!

1 + 8 = 9! Although the curious case of 9 is that its “implied value” is 25 [that is the time nine was present within π’s 216 ‘decimal tail’, and 2+5 = 7! 

Do you want to see the evidence of the mutual “identity” of number 9?

Let’s bring back the result of multiplying all our numbers:

3628800/9= 403200 = 4+0+3+2+0+0= 9!

3628800/7= 518400 = 5+1+8+4+0+0= 18 and…

18 = 1+8= 9!

It means that when we read number 9 π is reading 7! I did not replace my values this time…all I did was to reduce the digits divided by 9 and 7. The amazing thing is to realize that π already managed to contain within its key 216 decimals frame exactly 25 times! Which reduced results in 2+5= 7!

It’s all in the link!


Would you still consider these results to be a coincidental collection of random phenomena with no solid scientific basis, or the signs of a more deeper connection between our physical reality and the numbers they’re suppose to represent? The signs that we’ve been missing an important link between the “Language” spoken by the universe (God) and the language spoken by our mathematics…


The wizard of Pi