“Pi and its 216 decimals”

It’s hard to see part of your work lost because a single naive mistake, but that’s part of the deal. ūüė¶ You make mistakes if you put your mind into solving puzzles, if you want to avoid making mistakes…well do nothing! I accepted the challenge and moved on.¬†

Below is a recent link to the way the 216 decimals of Pi will look after being properly implied.

One final note: I deleted some of the articles where the erroneous symmetry were present, some of the calculations were correct but it would have taken more time to fix them than to build upon them, so I erased them. Those earlier findings about Alpha and the implied values of our numbers are fine and they were calculated based on the same Table that I originally designed. I apologize once more for the inconvenience that such simple error could have caused to you.

¬†I stand my views about Dr. Rashad Khalifa ¬†and his clever method of feeding a computer with the Qur’an checking for patterns. That’s all I’ve done with respect to ŌÄ and YHWH in the context of the Table of the 72 Names of God. It worked for him with the Qur’an and it works beautifully for me with ŌÄ and YHWH. The reason is simple to understand:

The universe works by patterns and “recalls them” in a very intuitive fashion…the same way the Fibonacci Numbers and sequences perform the miracle observed repeatedly in nature.


This is the sequence placed at the center of the 216 decimnals of Pi:

479 738 929 943 379 732 998 427

I know it has a especial meaning and this is the first sign of it:

2 is present three times, 3 is four times, 4 is three times,  7 is five times, 8 is two times, 9 is seven times.


2 x 3 = [6] and 4 x 3 = [12], 3 x 4 = [12] and 9 x 7 = [63], and 7 x 5 = [35] 8 x 2= [16]

Adding them up: 6 + 12 + 12 + 63 + 35 + 16 = 144

Implying that number:

114 = [3] + [3] + [8] = 14!

14 is the decimal root of Pi [3.14]

How is the number fourteen linked with Jesus’ ancestors?

There are three sets of 14 generations between (and including) Abraham to Joseph (husband of Mary).

Abraham  Р Isaac  Р Jacob  Р Judah
Perez  Р Hezron  Р Ram  Р Amminadab
Nahshon  Р Salmon  Р Boaz  Р Obed
Jesse  Р King David

King David  Р Solomon  Р Rehoboam
Abijah  Р Asa  Р Jehoshaphat  Р Joram
Uzziah  Р Jotham  Р Ahaz  Р Hezekiah
Manasseh  Р Amon  Р Josiah (captivity)

Josiah (captivity)  Р Jeconiah  Р Shealtiel
Zerubbabel  Р Abiud  Р Eliakim  Р Azor
Zadok  Р Achim  Р Eliud  Р Eleazar
Matthan  Р Jacob  Р Joseph


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