“YHWH = 26 = 4!”

Why a ‘Name’ with no obvious vowels, no meaning and no particular precedent in human history before [Exodus], the day God revealed it to Moses, must be composed by three consonants while repeating one twice? Legend has it that a long long time ago the “word” was pronounced by a few selected high ranking priests and passed from one to another almost like a secret in order to keep it “alive in their minds”. Let’s assume that’s true, but what would something like that be necessary in the first place? Why keeping in secret a single word, given as a Name of God, when according to Moses himself the Name was to be told to all the Israelites so they would know God by that Name? That was precisely God’s command, wasn’t it? I understand that God didn’t want others [non israelites] to learn about its existence, but why the mystery and the avoidance to even write it up or say it in public? Some people say that the reason is to prevent others from using it in a disrespectful way…Let’s begin clarifying the fact that is not written anywhere in the Exodus that God was worried about YHWH  being the target of disrespectful attacks, that was a personal assumption and ultimately a decision of a human being “in a place of authority”. I can understand the concerns about the sacred nature of the “Name”… But what if YHWH was not a Name? What if the sole purpose of God was to assure that His People won’t forget it because of its implicit importance? What if that word is the key to unveil a message that concerns not just the people of Israel but the entire humanity at the present time? 


It could have been a “three-letters” sequence (a Triad) and its significance would have been obvious to us { The Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost} but it was a four letter Word (“Name”)!. My theory has an explanation to why YHWH had a repetitive consonant. That theory is based precisely on the fact that FOUR equals Twenty Six according to π. In my personal opinion, It was not a casual, unintended or misinterpreted WORD, its mathematical (numerical) configuration has perfect sense if you read my work of numbers, their implied values and their universal context against the repetitive presence of each Letter within the Table of the 72 Names of God. 

The number (integer) FOUR has an ” implied value” equal to 26. It means that it was present that many times within the context of 216 decimals of π. I thing is fair to say that before I published these facts, no one had a clue about the existence of  such correlations between Pi and the Table of the 72 Names of God if in fact there is a conclusive way to prove it at all. The only way to prove it is by counting the number of times each of the Hebrew Letters are present within the text and assigning them a “value” accordingly. The second important Table I believe may shed some light in the universality of the Letters is the one carrying the Ten Commandments. 


The Table of the 72 Names of God. Each name is a TRIAD, there’s no Name with four consonants in the entire Table. God has been named in other instances but the number of letters conforming those names are different than four. I can see why God chose to repeat a Letter that would lead us to the calculation of the result “matching” the implied value of the original set of letters (the Key). The only number that carries the unique value of 26 is FOUR. The other number with unique value (no shared value) is zero whose value is 20 or simply Two.

I would have a great deal of efforts trying to “divorce” [“disconnect “] the entire concept of the numerical configuration of YHWH from the heart and soul of my research…a great deal of effort indeed. I believe God was waiting for the moment when humans would finally understood the need for assigning a universal context to their numbers and mathematics but most importantly yet, to understand the notion that the universe and the reality we call destiny and faith is ” build upon” patterns. Those patterns were once discovered within the Qur’an by Dr. Rashad Khalifa with the help of a computer and I have absolutely no doubts in my mind that a similar proceedings would conduct us to unveil the hidden secrets and messages in the Bible.

The ‘Key” lies within the Table of the 72 Names of God used by the Kabbalah.

I have left to the end of this article, the best proof that you could get to help you understand the communion between the “implied values” of numbers that I found within π’s 216 decimals and YHWH…

This is the link that will provide you with the method I used to calculate the implied values of our integers:

[Pi doesn’t offer an implied value to double digits like 10, doing it by applying an isolated value to 1 and 0 making a 10 is not available and it would lead to an erroneous result].

I think this is a legitimate mathematical proof to be considered.

As always…You decide what to believe, it’s called ” Free Will”. 🙂

On the other hand, which is no news for those following my articles, I found the equal value correlation within the Table of the 72 Names of God while getting the “implied values” from there instead of from Pi’s 216 decimal tail. 

Y was counted 28 times which makes 2+8 = 10!

W was counted 15 times which makes 1+5 = 6!

H was counted 32 times which makes 3+2 = 5!

This was the first time that I saw the importance of assigning letters too with a universal context in order to “translate” their intended meaning. I had done it with our numbers before using Pi but after a while I connected the Table of the 72 Names of God with the 216 decimals of Pi needed to consolidate the values that I was looking for and YHWH was the logical outcome. Lucky or divine inspiration? 

Thr pattern resulting in nines:

A third evidence that I present to demonstrate that YHWH is not a Name but a “decrypting key” is the repeating nines.

I found Y to be 28 times within the Table of the 72 Names of God. If I substrate 28 – 10= I get 18! Where 1+8=9! (First nine).

I found H 32 times in the same context, if I substrate 32- 5 = 27 and 27=2+7= 9! (Twice), because H is two times in the Tetragrammaton. Finally, I found W 15 times there too and subtracting 15 – 6 = 9! (Fourth nine).

Only God could have designed such marvelous combination of code-key to hide the secrets within our scriptures. 

216 = [7]+[3]+[9]=19!

No wonder Dr. Rashad Khalifa found the Qur’an configured according to number 19! The implied value of the Hebrew Table of the 72 Names of God containing 216 Letters and divided in triads for a total of 72 Names of 3 Letters each, was also 19!


There are two universal numbers that I’ve found so far, there are probably more but the two most important are THREE and NINETEEN.

What makes a number ‘universal’? A number is universal when the sum of its implied value equals the sum of its intrinsic value (actual value according to our mathematics).

3 has an implied value of 21. where 2+1 = 3. The rest of the single digit numbers do not fulfill this condition. In the particular case of the Tetragramaton (letters), number 4 equals the number of four letters whose implied value equal the order of those letters within the Hebrew alphabet, however the sum 2+6 =8 ≠ 4!

The second number that I found to be considered an ‘universal number’ was 19!

19 = [3] + [7] = 10! and 1 + 9 = 10! That’s the reason why the Qur’an was originally structured based on that number-configuration by God. 

The best evidence of the importance of 19 as universal is materialized by the fact that 216 whuch is the number of Letters in the Table of the 72 Names of God equals 19:

216 = [7] + [3] + [9] = 19!

The Wizard of π