“An unfortunate error occurred with number 6”


it’s been fixed now:


The day I wrote the paper entitled “Happy Birthday Pi” I made a visual mistake that extends back to some of my previous work…No one is more frustrated than myself but the past stays in the past. The recognition of the mistake made when I made the count occurred with number 6. (Such an important number!) I lost much of my time in this but in a way it served me to gain experience when dealing with equivalent values. I understand that many amongst you, subscribed to my page may have felt disappointed and you have all the rights to feel that way, for that I apologize with all my heart. In short, number 6 was present 18 times within the 216 decimals of Pi instead of just 17. That night I was in a hurry to publish the article because it was March 13th the night before Pi’s Birthday


“Speaking of witch…” You read from earlier articles of mine that neither 0, 1, 5 or 6 are present in God’s dice. I was curious to add up the implied values of those numbers and this is what I got:

0=2, 1=3, 5=4, 6=9 We know that 0+1+5+6= 12. 

2+3+4+9 = 18! Wow! But then the most surprising result came when I decided to multiply them…

2 x 3 x 4 x 9 = 216! INCREDIBLE!

I’ve got something that will prove to you that the Mayan people got their knowledge about [ZERO = 20] or the beginning of a new cycle, by a super intelligent race or from God Itself:

Check out the link I posted and see how many times is ZERO within the magic tail of 216 decimals of π! Go ahead! It’s 20 times! If you accept that the universe works in patterns, then you got one right there!


Please…don’t tell me that the Mayans had the ability to calculate at least 218 decimals of Pi with a computer accuracy! That is unacceptable to me and to anyone with common sense! Not to mention the fact that they may have ignore the very concept of Pi.

Do you recall when I found that the multiplication of God’s numbers in His dice was…

2 x 3 x 4 x 7 x 8 x 9 = 12 096 …right?

Watch what happens when I divide 12 096 / 216 = 56! of course 5+6 = 11!

So! Let me get this straight… by dividing the product of the multiplication of the numbers that don’t appear in God’s dice by the product of the multiplication of the numbers that do appear in His dice I got Alpha? 137 = 1+3+7 = 11!

The “Magic Point” you saw in that link was one of my earlier discoveries 🙂 Believe it or not that sequence follows the last from the 216 decimals of Pi. It belong to the first configuration I used to work with Pi. The first time I didn’t “copy” the Table of the 72 Names of God, instead I grouped those 216 decimals in sequences of 8 digits and the total number of sequences was 27. That’s why you see 8 numbers in that sequence. Those numbers in Red are the frequency notes of the Ancient Solfeggio 147 and 258. 

1 mgpx wheel


22/7 = 3. 142857! This was the equation left in stones by ancients representing Pi.

One last thing… 911 is 13!

911 = [7]+[3]+[3] = 13! Bad luck!

I had to do some changes in my pattern table (the one I use to predict future events normally considered fruit of luck) 🙂 the best part is that now I hope that the margin of errors will be even smaller 🙂

God Bless!