“Second coming of Jesus implied in number 44!”



I found the proof based on numerical patterns and implied values! π was the Key to understand the hidden connection!

I knew I was on the right track! Do the counting yourself! 



This is going to be a form of educational-spiritual fun, and you could do it with your kids at your side making it a family math-faith exercise:

Let’s imagine that we could assign each of the triads [three-letter sequence] with an “abc” order, all of them following the same pattern. From right to left, “a” will be the first of three Letters (far left), “b” will be the one in the middle, and “c” will be the one at the far right. Then we will use the same notations seen on the Table of the 72 Names of God with respect to numbers of rows and columns. The notation will start with the sequence   ‘column-letter (a. b or c)- row’

Let’s show two examples of how we will identify any Letter in the Table by the “column-letter-row” notation: [8,a,7] and [1,a,2] are “Y” (Yods). [7,b,6] is a “Shin”, and final example [2,a,9] is a “Qoph”. Identifying a letter with this system will be a no brainer even for a kid! 🙂

So! Let’s get to work!

Letter “A’ayin (A’a, O) [7,a,5] [7,c,8] [6,b,5] [6,c,6] [4,c,1[ [4,a,2] [4,c,7][3,a,9] = 8 times!

Letter “Vau” [8,a,3] [8,b,7] [8,b,9] [7,a,8] [5,c,8] [4,a,9] 3,a,2] [3,a,3] [3,b,3] [3,b,5] [3,b,6] [3,c,6] [1,a,1] [1,c,1] [1,a,3] [1,a,5] [1,a,7] [1,c,7] = 18 times! 

Letter “Shin” (sh, s) [8,b,4] [7,b,6] [7,c,6] [5,a,1] [4,c,4] [3,a,7] = 6 times!

Letter “Yod” (i, j, y) [8,b,5] [8,c,5] [8,b,6] [8,a,7] [8,a,8] [7,a,2] [7,a,9] [7,b,9] [6,a,3] [6,b,3] [6,c,3] [6,a,6] [6,b,7] [6,c,8] [6,c,9] [5,a,4] [5,b,4] [5,a,5] [4,c,6] [3,c,4] [2,a,1] [2,c,1] [2,a,3] [2,b,6] [2,a,7] [2,b,8] [2,c,8] 1,a,2] [1,c,5] = 29!

When I took the numbers without adding them up:

8 1 8 6 2 9 after I sum them: 8+1+8+6+2+9= 34 where 3=3 and 4=8 then, 3+8 = 11! The number of God!



But that’s not all!

After implying those numbers, look what I found:

8 = [9], 1=[3], 8=[9], 6=[9], 2=[7], 9=[7]

9 + 3 + 9 + 9 + 7 + 7 = 44!


The only two common Letters (consonants) between YHWH and JESUS [in Hebrew] were “Yod” and “Vov”. Yod was 29 and Vov was 18.

29 + 18 = 47! where 4+7 = 11!

Even 29 is eleven! (2+9)

Let’s complete the count of the last Letter found in YHWH… “He” [H] so we could finalize the correspondence of Letters-Appearances (pattern) within the Table of the 72 Names of God…[do not confuse letters “He” with “”Tau” or “Cheth” it’s kind of tricky for people like me that don’t speak Hebrew]:

Using the same system: “Letter “He'” [8,b,1] [8,c,2] [8,b,3] [8,c,3] [8,a,6] [7,c,2] [7,a,3] [7,b,5] [7,a,7] [7,c,9] [6,a,1] [6,a,2] [6,a,8] [6,b,8] [5,b,1] [5,a,9] [4,b,2] [4,c,2] [4,b,3] [4,a,4] [4,a,6] [3,c,7] [3,c,8] [2,c,4] [2,b,5] [1,a,4] [1,a,6] [1,b,6] [1,c,6] [1,b,7] = 30!

So…Let’s count YHWH now:

Y = 29, H = 30, W = 18 = 77 !!!

Wait just a second! I have found that the “implied value” of number 7 was 4! [seven was repeating 13 times within the ‘magic 216 decimal tail’ of Pi]

So! 44 is the implied value of 77!

Allow me, please 🙂


By the way…I’m very proud of the results achieved (by your servant, me!) on that link above 🙂

7 + 7 = 14! 

IMPLYING NUMBER 14 = [3] + [8] = 11! Number 1 was repeating 21 times while number 4 was repeating 26 times within the ‘magic 216 decimal tail’ of Pi (!)


YHWH repeats Letter “He” twice so, 30 + 30 = 60!

YHWH = 29 + 60 + 18 = 107! 

I found an interesting fact that I did not know about the Ancient Testament [whether it’s true or false I cannot say with certainty, but if true this could be the key to decode the Old Testament]

“The sum of the occurrences of all numbers of the Ancient Testament multiple of 11 (ELEVEN) gives 107 (!) … in the Bible, only one number is multiple of 107, and is the number 642”   

642 / 107 = 6! 


The Wizard of Pi