‘They’ know me by now… because they can!

Do I believe in Time Travel? I can’t say I do but I believe in the possibility to move across a dimension unknown to us at a rate faster than light since no EM is involved. Travel means people for the most part, however the ability to monitoring our present state of development doesn’t require the physical presence of the listeners. I know ‘they’ have the ability to detect and record my thoughts. I wish they had in their plan letting me know whether I’m right or not but I never lose that hope. I was the first one to publish about the innate irrationality of space to provide a finite volume when holding energy at its smallest form of physical manifestation: the quantum. I was the first to explain the true origin of the EM wave, its oscillation and future propagation without the need for ether. I was the first to connect gravity with quantum mechanics using the same irrationality of a mathematical constant that is an integral part of both theories: Quantum Mechanics and General Relativity… ‘They’ know it and that’s all I wanted it. I don’t need the recognition of today physicists because they know they are wrong. They say it themselves when they admit that there is a theory out there to be discover, one that will be able one day to unify the rest of the others in one final TOE. I will eventually leave this world as everybody else, but my words will remain written forever.

It’s all explained in a way that even a 7 year old child would understand it.
Miguel De Zayas
(nickename) The wizard of pi