“α Alpha Constant is the physical evidence of 3d space incompatibility with energy and matter”

Q. Why did Albert Einstein choose the dilation of time to explain a missing piece in Newton’s theory of gravity?

A. Because that was the only way to prove and explain a deeper and a more hidden truth, invisible to our most sophisticated instruments. Physics and the sophisticated technology behind it can’t replace the resourcefulness and power of our minds. Einstein tried to explain to himself -using nothing but thoughts experiments by the way- an obvious flaw in the concept of space and time and he formulated an equation to help us see the reality as it is perceived.

What Einstein found was a “symptom” and he did very well to find the relief for it. No argument that thanks to his Theory of Relativity we are much better now than where we were a century ago… but the illness in our theories remains. Dr. Richard Feynman was awarded the Noble Prize for his Theory of Quantum electrodynamics and up until today [when it comes to predicting results] it’s one of our most exact ones… however he was forced to trick his numbers using what’s known as “re-normalization”. Feynman had to get rid of a few infinite solutions before succeeding and that was something he wasn’t felt too good about it according to his written memories. [true!]

You look where ever alpha appears in our equations and right behind it is pi. Alpha, the coupling or the Fine structure constant as it’s also known represents the “illness” I was mentioning to you above. 137 is a constant without units defining it, a dimensionless magnitude that appears when ever pi is around. 

Mathematics has a rather abstract concept, the infinitesimal point in space. It’s supposed to be so small that a quark could be seen as a planet near to it and it’s still even smaller (!) If you try to imagine it for just a moment and you close your eyes you could even see a point in a 3 dimensional plane of space floating alone. Since your mind is able to move around it you will be looking at nothing but a sphere… not very different than our sun or a moonless planet. There’s an old mathematical equation to define that little sphere’s volume and is that concept of volume what tells us how much space that point is occupying… correct? But the equation contains an irrational constant within itself: π. Apparently everyone seems to feel fine with it and most probably we keep blaming our mathematics for not finding the way to make pi rational. Did you know that Dr. Feynman used to recite all the decimals of pi up until his “point” nine times the number 9. He definitely saw the problem with an infinite tail of decimals however since there was nothing he or anyone could do about it… let it be!

The entire problem, the illness that keep our multiple interpretations and theories in physics from a final unification depends in the inclusion of a final solution to this problem. It’s a problem that we can’t see nor measure it but is there and alpha is the missing piece to make it visible, the relationship between pi and alpha will unify all theories in the GUT.

Miguel De Zayas

“The myth of the existence of eather: where General Relativity breaks into pieces”

This question is at the heart of the geometry of space and proves my theory based on the physical implications of the irrationality of π.

Allow me to bring you up to speed about one of the hottest issues of them all, so hot and full of a history of contradictions among early physicists that even today mostly “everyone in the job” prefer to elude [skip].

“…Recapitulating, we may say that according to the general theory of relativity space is endowed with physical qualities; in the sense, therefore, there exists an ether. According to the general theory of relativity space without ether is UNTHINKABLE; for in such space there not only would be NO PROPAGATION OF LIGHT, but also no possibility of existence for standards of space and time (measuring-rods and clocks), nor therefore any space-time intervals in the physical sense. But this ether may not be thought of as endowed with the quality characteristic of ponderable media, as consisting of parts which may be tracked through time. The idea of motion may not be applied to it….” [end of quote].

As you may know or not, at the beginning of the 20th century physicists tried the theory of the “ponderable matter” a sort of “invisible liquid” needed in the allowing of waves to move through it…remember? The experiment was convincing enough to discard such stupid idea. But as you still read above, not even general relativity can afford not to conceive some sort of “magical ether” otherwise they end up without explanations to give us.

This is all very amusing but I have a different theory of my own and at least to me, it sounds darn solid and the evidence has been in front of our noses all this time. The paragraph that I quoted on top was mentioning clocks and rods… I’ll use the classical example of the pendulum, an old fashion clock as you may know, and you’ll see how all I’ve said about π connects everything. Imagine in front of your eyes a classical PENDULUM CLOCK. I’ll place numbers from 1-3 to illustrate my MODEL OF REALITY.

Number 1 would be at the very bottom of the path of the pendulum, at the center lowest point where the kinetic energy is at maximum value. Number 2 will be placed in the middle of the curving path and finally number 3 will be at both extremes where the pendulum slow down the speed and very slowly tends to stop to begin the fall on the opposite direction… clear so far?

Well… not much to say now, I believe you have some idea of what I’ve just picture to you with this model… pi! The infinite decimals are represented as the corners of space right before the cycle [wave] begins to elapse in a direction contrary in sign to the previous one. This simple to understanding model of the geometry of space doesn’t need an ether to guarantee the propagation of light into a wave at huge velocity. I explained more than once in articles on top of this one that the UNIVERSE can’t afford to ignore the infinite tail of decimals of the constant pi, unlike 100% of physicists today who chose to play God by cutting the infinite tail of the “serpent” according to their own convenience.

Take a look to the entire theory in those two simple pictures below: Volume holds the quantum energy but the magnitude of the volume in the sphere tends to increase infinitely into a fractional micro-universe up to a point. when the point-particle is entirely spread into a fuzzy cloud, having no way else to go (due to its quantized nature) it will recoil back into its original point-particle state.


hundred-digits-of-number-pi-forming-a-rainbow-colored-circle-value-HTA2H1 volume-sphere

IT [THE UNIVERSE] SIMPLY CANNOT! Energy is in some way (forgive my unscientific vocabulary) SUCKED at a huge speed INTO this increasingly smaller empty space* to a point where space acquires elasticity acting like a pump and pushing the energy of the quantum into its opposite cycle repeating this phenomenon into the infinite. This is why I explained to you that the alpha constant is deeply related to pi and the speed of light.

*I decided to come back and edit this note so some of you understand better what I meant by “empty space”. As you and I know, thanks to Planck theory of the Quanta, energy comes in “packets” (read about the experiment of the black box). When a quantum -like a photon- is scattered into space from the orbit of an atom for example, it tends to occupy a VOLUME in space. Remember that I told you that the most efficient way to contain any element in space, energy, gas liquid, etc. will always be the sphere. The universe shows us that logical in atoms, planets and stars. This is where my argument began… the volume of any sphere in three dimensional space [independently of its size] is unique and contains π right there besides r3. In short, the instant a quantum of energy is scattered into space it encounters a geometry of space that is incompatible to hold it exactly in the sphere because the volume is increasing in a fractional path where the “limited packet” [quantum] can’t follow.  Does it make any sense to you?

I hope you enjoyed my theory and the time spent reading about it. If you want to learn about ether and how many physicists gave it their name and their fantastic properties just click on this link:


Enjoy it as much as I did!

Miguel De Zayas


The Wizard of Pi


“Revealing the secret to the narrow shafts found inside the pyramid of giza”

First I need you to read this piece of an article published recently about those mysterious shafts inside the pyramid:

“The big question is the purpose of these tunnels,” he added. “There are architectural explanations, symbolic explanations, religious explanations — even ones relating to the alignment of the stars — but the final word on them is yet to be written. The challenge is that no human can fit inside these channels so the only way to do this exploration is with robots.”

Judging by the state of conservation of those shafts I would say that they are still functional! That’s good news!

Those are neither architectural nor religious artifacts but COMMUNICATION CHANNELS. Those are amplifiers for mental energy exchange; a system of arrays  in charge of increasing the distance of the mental signal to reach into far reaching corners of our universe.

In fact, they just prove my theory that whoever built them either understood the geometry of space better than us and were taught how to make them according to how space works. I’ve explained previously in this site how the consequences of the irrational nature of the constant π manifested in an infinite number of decimals is responsible for gravity in the presence of huge matter or EM waves in the presence of energy. The explanation was treated in details above, so I won’t repeat it here again, however I did proposed the use of sound to “fill out” the residual space that curls like a tail inside the infinite “shaft” made by those decimals when they are translated into space geometry. Why inside a pyramid? because outside them a gravity field is caused by the huge weight of the stones. when inside the field is almost zero (just like magnetic attraction at the center of a magnet). By producing a range of specific sounds inside the chambers leading to the shafts this “fractional space” is fulfilled little by little conducting to an unknown form of communication. Such form of wave is propagating inside the geometry of space not outside like EM waves or sound waves. We know that sound expands in all directions like a pebble thrown into a lake and eventually loosing its amplitude and strength. By using the region where a quantum of energy would have been pumped back (read my explanation about how light acquires the speed c) sound would fill the “fractional tail” to the point where a fast and stable channel remains open to far places in the universe and even maybe into another dimensions.

I can see why scientists can’t see the working principle of those primitive communication channels but one thing is very clear for me: Whoever designed them knew about pi and its importance in the understanding of how the universe works. Whoever designed those shafts of communication was getting in contact with people in dimensions unknown to us and also understood the Theory of Everything. The question is simple: Are we ready to use them to establish a channel of communication not used for thousands of years or are we going to be skeptical for another century?

You know that especial rituals were conducted inside those chambers. Those weren’t tombs but primitive stations were the signals were originated. Primitive instruments were used to feed those shafts using the resonance of the halls and chambers. One thing is puzzling me though… are still someone listening on the other side and there is still someone with the power to initiate the transfer…


Miguel De Zayas is the Wizard of Pi