Number 77

“The Circle of our Destiny” [the loop of reality]

This is Pi

d10797c7-bea6-42d4-a38f-6edef8fb3e46 Simply put: 3.14 

I’ll operate on those two decimals you see in Pi’s root [14]. If this is the first time you click in my page, I assume that you’re unaware of my work and you are here by chance. In that case there isn’t much I could do since I won’t repeat everything I found about Pi once again, sorry! But for those who have followed me before and know the concept of implying a value (number) to each of our ten basic integer numbers based on the 216 decimal tail of pi, this will entertaining at least:

I’ll substitute those two decimals from the root 1 and 4 by a quick simple sum…watch!

1 + 4 = 5! Simple isn’t it?

Oh! but I found out that the ‘implied value’ of 5 was 4 [because 5 was found 22 times within the “magic tail” of Pi, correct? Let’s substitute number 5 by its implied value:

5 = 22 This was simple as well. 

Four is also the number of letters YHWH known as the Tetragramaton. Which makes numbers 5 and 7 very close to Its meanings.

Now it comes Magic once again… I’ll substitute once again each number 2 by its own implied value: since the implied value of 2 was 7 [because 2 was found 25 times within the “magic tail of Pi”… 

22 = 77 and what do we find out? 

Well, 7 + 7 = 14! So it’s telling me that we got back our root once again, but that’s not all!

I want you to follow me once more time into the “magic tail” to find out what the number 77 means:

As you can see below I brought back the first 77 decimals of Pi from the original 216. I had already added up for you according to the configuration of the 72 Names of God used to represent it [8 columns and 9 rows made by triads].

Let’s take a quick look at those results…

159 265 358 979 323 846 264 338 = 121

327 950 288 419 716 939 937 510 = 118

582 097 494 459 230 781 640 628 = 113

620 89 = 25

Adding up 121+118+113+25 = 3 77!

7 + 7 = 14 So…

3. 14

Before I conclude this quick numerology proof of the usefulness of implied numerology (my theory) I do have an interesting calculation for you:

Let’s add up 121, 118, 133 and 25 [the subtotals up there]

121 = 1+2+1= 4 

118 = 1+1+8= 10

113 = 1+1+3= 5

25 = 2+5= 7 

Now, let’s add up all of them…

4+10+5+7= 26!


That’s the number represented by Gematria and the same one God gave to Moses in Exodus. I want you to understand that in order to obtain 26 from the partial sum of the 77 decimals of Pi I needed to organize those numbers (decimals) according to the Table of the 72 Names of God…otherwise it wouldn’t happened!

“In the Islamic tradition, “77” figures prominently. Muhammad is reported to have explained, “Faith has sixty-odd, or seventy-odd branches, the highest and best of which is to declare that there is no god but God, and the lowest of which is to remove something harmful from a road. Shyness, too, is a branch of faith.” While some scholars refrain from clarifying “sixty-odd or seventy-odd”, various numbers have been suggested, 77 being the most common. Some have gone so far as to delineate these branches.

The Gospel of Luke lists 77 generations from Adam to Jesus.

In religious numerology

In certain numerological systems based on the English alphabet, the number 77 is associated with Jesus Christ. CHRIST is C = 3, H = 8, R = 18, I = 9, S = 19, T = 20, which added together equal 77.” [quoted from Wikipedia]


The Wizard of Pi