“Encrypted Message from God Pending to be Solved”


 The use of π in our most fundamental physical and mathematical equations since its early introduction to our scientific knowledge has been ambiguous, and if we’re going to be honest to ourselves, all the times, subject to arbitrary considerations in regards to the number of digits (decimals rather) needed to “accommodate” in our calculations. However, are those purely human consideration still valid with respect to the laws that rule our entire universe?

Is it conceivable to accept the idea that independently of our “convenient human reasons” limiting the number of decimals to be use from the infinite ones making Pi, there is a legitimate reason beyond our understanding that the UNIVERSE in fact takes into consideration each and every single decimal of pi in ways we wouldn’t ever be capable of understanding? 

I deeply believe that to be the case and the source of symmetry in the entire universe as well. 1/137 is the best evidence that it’s precisely the irrational nature of pi why we encounter this mysterious number everywhere… from the atomic orbits to the galaxies.

1/137 the same number that intrigued many physicists and even urged them to place it in a sign in front of their office doors or even decided to die in a hospital room under that designation (Room 137) is the image of a contradiction that goes beyond human understanding, it’s a constant reminder that neither energy nor mass could find themselves in the state of rest. from the smaller particles of the micro-world to the vast regions of the cosmos matter can’t achieve rest. It must always be in an eternal form of movement from the beginning to the end of the existence.

The simplest graphical way to represent an EM wave (light or radio wave) is by a circle, correct? You take the electrical cycle and the magnetic one and when you close the extremes they form a perfect circle.

I’ll ask you this simple question: If every single wave form is a circle -and we know π reveals as a mathematical constant “the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter” how could we account for the “gap”? I have my own interpretation about this “gap” hidden in the infinite number of decimals of pi: That unfulfilled almost small and infinite “tail” of pi is the origin of 1/137. It’s not a “solvable problem” or a “local phenomenon” or a “particular case” in physics, it’s a universal incompatibility that allows us to exist, allows energy to become waves and light, allows matter to form from energy.

It’s God’s Word!