“Encrypted Message from God Pending to be Solved”


 The use of π in our most fundamental physical and mathematical equations since its early introduction to our scientific knowledge has been ambiguous, and if we’re going to be honest to ourselves, most of the times, subject to arbitrary considerations in regards to the number of digitals needed to “accommodate” in their calculations. However, are those purely human consideration valid with respect to nature and the laws that rule our entire universe?

Is it conceivable to accept the idea that independently of our “subjective human reasons” to limit the number of decimals to be use from the infinite ones found in Pi, there is a legitimate reason beyond our understanding that no matter we agree or disagree with it includes always an exact number of those decimals? 

I deeply believe that to be the case and the source of symmetry in the entire universe as well.

The simplest graphical way to represent an EM wave (light or radio wave) is by a circle, correct? You take the electrical cycle and the magnetic one and when you close the extremes they form a perfect circle. I’ll ask you this simple question: If every single wave form is a circle -and we know the existence of π for centuries which reveals the physical and also abstract mathematical interpretation of any circle no matter it represents energy, mass or time even…- has anyone asked what is the meaning of a gap? (the decimal tail of Pi) and the physical implications of the symmetry that I’ve shown many times before? 

Take a look again even closely!

To me this “gap” is the source of an incompatibility between space and energy that brings as a result the origin of EM waves (among many other physical phenomena) and the true cause for the observed ‘c’ (speed of light) in the vacuum of the universe. We’ve learned from quantum mechanics that energy can’t be cut in smaller chunks of energy beyond what is known as a quantum. We also know that a perfect circle cannot ‘fit in’ a quantum wave in a plane (two dimensions of space instead of three).  This fact takes us to meditate in the implications of the decimal tail of this incredible mathematical constant known as Pi.

ROOT : 3.14

159 265 358 979 323 846 264 338

347 794 349 747 373 989 798 339

327 950 288 419 716 939 937 510

374 742 799 837 439 737 734 432

582 097 494 459 230 781 640 628

497 274 878 847 732 493 982 979

620 899 862 803 482 534 211 706

972 977 997 923 897 438 733 429

798 214 808 651 328 230 664 709

479 738 929 943 379 732 998 427

384 460 955 058 223 172 535 940

398 892 744 249 773 347 434 782

812 848 111 745 028 410 270 193

937 989 333 484 279 832 742 373

852 110 555 964 462 294 895 493

947 332 444 798 897 778  974 873

038 196 442 881 097 566 593 344

239 379 887 993 274 499 473 388


The black characters are the digits that appear in every text book and web site in the same order that came out of the calculation of π. I placed underneath each number their equivalent “implied value” based on the pattern of repetition within the first 218 decimals of Pi. Remember the astonishing results obtained by Dr. Khalifa while grouping letters according to the “19- pattern” within the Quran? This procedure is very similar to his research in many ways. I’m convinced that there is a message hidden within the order of those decimals and the only missing link left to discover is the translation of those numbers into letters.

It’s no coincidence that Pi is in every single fundamental equation in both physics and mathematics, I believe that the origin of our universe, life and everything that exists in material form owes it to the secret within those 218 digits. I have already shown that even 218 equals 19. 

218 = [7] + [3] + [9] = 19! 

The order of those “implied values” is proof of the pattern like nature of those 218 decimals:

Do you remember the order? numbers 1 and 3 shared the value 21 or [3]. between 1 and 3 is number 2, so the jump is in one number. 1 -…- 3. The same way, 2 and 9 shared the same value also and that was 25 [7]. But between 9 and 2 there are two numbers instead of just one… 9 -…- -1- -2-. That number was zero. however zero and 4 were found to own their unique value 20 and 26 respectively and therefore they function as “independent” and “invisible” between the patterns… sort of the needed separation without values to consider.

6 and 8 (for example) share the value of [9] being 6=18 and 8=27. if you deduct 27-18 = 9! there is also a “one-number gap” between 6 and 8 and that is number 7. number 5 and 7 also have one number gap in between that corresponds to number 6 being 5=22 and 7=13 both being [4]. if you deduct 22-13 = 9 however the implied value of 9 is 25 and 2+5=7! so I found that there is an interesting correspondence between the two sets of numbers [those near to zero and those after 4].

Just look at zero and number 4. 0=20 while 4=26. if you deduct 26-20 = 6 but we know that the implied value of 6 was [9] since 6 was exactly found 18 times within the 218 digits of Pi. Just watch this:

The first group of equal (exact number of times within the 218 digits) were 9 and 2 and 1 and 3! Not considering the zero (as I explained earlier) would group these numbers in a close pattern [9-1-2-3]. Now…considering the second group and ignoring the number 4 we obtain: 5-7, 6-8. which implied values are the same for both pairs (5=7 since 22 and 13 sum 4). and 6 and 8 the same case (6=18 and 8=27 being the sum of those digits 9).

The conclusion of all that may look like this:

9-0-1-2-3  [equal number of times repeated in pairs]

4-5-6-7-8 [equal values repeated in pairs]

0=20 1=21 2= 25 3=21 4=26 5=22 6=18 7=13 8=27 9=25

20 + 21 + 25+ 21 + 26 + 22 + 18 + 13 + 27 + 25 = 218!

The best example of symmetry never before documented about π:

Let’s sum the implied values of the first group including 9-1-2-3 

9=25 and 25 is 2+5= 7!, 1=21 and 21 is 2+1= 3!, 2=25 and same procedure 7!, 3=21 the same way 3! adding up 7+7+3+3= 20! Now! what is the implied value of zero (0) accordingly to the times 0 was present within the 218 decimals? Simple! 20!

Now let’s do the same for the second group that includes 5-6-7-8

5=22 which is 2+2= 4!, 6=18 the same procedure gives 9!, 7=13 same way 4!, and finally 8=27 which 2+7= 9! and now let’s sum all of them: 4+4+9+9= 26!

Do you remember how many times was 4 within the 218 decimals of Pi? 26!

You will find those results many times before in my earlier articles… the question remains: Where is this incredible symmetry based on the presence of numbers (implied values) and their relationship with their absolute values (quantity they represent) coming from? 

My question to you is this: do you think this is relevant or not?

To me is clear: the entire mystery of our existence lies within those patterns I’ve just shown you above. There is much more to discover that I have missed out in my calculations and I’m aware of that, but I hope that some day someone will find it.

I’m going to give you a simple example of how that symmetry shown within the 218 decimals of Pi may be responsible for a fundamental physical phenomenon observed and discovered more than a century ago… The Electromagnetic Waves. There is no plausible explanation for the physical configuration of a wave made by a magnetic phase followed by an electric one. We know everything about its properties but there is no obvious reason for such complex structure of energy that oscillate from one state to the other. When the first quantum mechanical equations came to life the role of Pi was essential to explain the structure and energy properties of a quantum of light (photon). We know for sure that there is an intrinsic symmetry within a quantum of energy or subatomic particle but besides understanding how it looks there is no further deeper explanation as to why or where that symmetry came to exist in the first place. Don’t forget that the value of Pi is not just referring to a geometrical area of a material entity alone, Pi is also present and legitimate within a microscopic point of space even without the present of matter. Pi is not just a dimensional property of an entity but an (intrinsic) inherent structure of how space is built inward independently of any dimensional consideration.

The next example that I believe finds its mysterious explanation within this particular symmetry of Pi after considering the entire “tail” of 218 decimals is the possible origin of the phenomenon that came to be known as the “Uncertainty Principle”. A quantum can’t be split precisely because its symmetry depends on the elapse of the complete cycle (218 decimals). If one single decimal of Pi is left out from the equation, the quantum loses its symmetry and the ” containment ” is broken up in the form of light or any other manifestation of energy. I wrote long ago that it is precisely the nature of the universal fabric of space (Pi or root+216 decimals) the cause for the existence of what I called “The π paradox”, which in short means the incompatibility between energy and the fabric of space determined by the especial symmetry provided by Pi. In a short version, Pi is inherently and universally present in every single point of space in the universe and the symmetry that it imposes reaches everything and everywhere.


The wizard of Pi