Are our thoughts evidence of spiritual entanglement?

Back in 1865 in what’s known today as “the second grand unification in physics”, James Clerk Maxwell proved that ‘c’ was the maximum speed any EM wave could travel in the vacuum, years later (1921) Einstein proposed that ‘c’ was equal to a principle called ‘causality’ which sets the boundaries between past, present and future events. Both physicists were working with physical entities non the less… but what about thoughts? Entanglement as a physical phenomenon continues to puzzle today physicists and even after proofs that either concepts like ‘locality’ and ‘hidden variables’ are put into question after John Bell’s Inequality was proven false, I don’t think there is any doubt about the concept of ‘realism’. We know Bell was trying hard to prove Einstein was right but he failed and now the ‘Pandora’s Box’ was officially openned forever…

 In simple English, we know that the universe will exist even after we close our eyes and stop observing it. Einstein was correct in stating that quanta composed of a wave-particle (dualistic) nature can not travel FTL (faster than light) countless experimentation has proven him to be correct since 1905 (when the first draft of what will be known today as General Relativity and mathematically completed in 1921 so elegantly explained it), but what about the so called’ wave-function’? Who could forget the classical controversy between Bohr and Einstein over the Copenhagen Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics?

 To me, what’s most important regarding the subject is  answering the question that involves my own crazy “theory”: do thoughts own a wave-function on their own and could they travel FTL? Carl Jung proposed something very similar to this issue (from a different vantage point, of course) when he published his Synchronicity theory. If in fact, thoughts can travel FTL then is a possibility to believe that there could be some sort of ‘communication’ between present, past and future by the act of thinking and since thoughts are not properly physical entities (quantum particles) then both quantum mechanics and general relativity’s arguments will remain untouched. Let’s assume for a brief second that thoughts can in fact travel through time in the absence of physical boundaries that could limit them to do so, then is ‘causality’ a condition for the process to occur? The simple answer is no! ‘Causality’ depends on ‘c’ to condition the passage of time between cause and effect, however in the absence of this physical requirement the possibility of a FTL communication via thoughts may allow the inclusive possibility of a future manipulation of events that could happen and haven’t occurred yet. 

Is faith a predetermined “program” as many have proposed for centuries? Take a moment to meditate over it before you answer to yourselves this important question! Is it faith the natural outcome of events if we don’t put to practical use the power of our thoughts? Ancients would agree with this point when they claim the benefits reported by profound meditation.

Let’s see one example: ‘premonitions’ and ‘intuition’ for instance. Are those ‘feelings’ evidence of a two-way FTL communication between our own thoughts and its corresponding ‘influence’ between two time-frames’? We talk about ‘present time’ and we have a human perception of a fix instant in time while there’s nothing close to this at all. Present time is a constant ‘traveling’ of events and physical phenomenon in the entire universe and when we pinpoint at it, it is already past behind fast (I’d say exactly like an EM wave). It also means -from my own personal interpretation of time- that ‘present’ as the instantaneous moment when we feel or think of something is a sort of ‘collapse’ of a ‘wave-function’ of our thoughts in question at that precise moment, a sort of intentional selfawareness if you like… Could you agree? a thought that had travel to the past to encounter memories to ‘entangle itself with’ and/or to the future to do exactly the same with events that are open to occur if no changes are between both time-frames. But what happens when there is a message from the future that is trying to alert us (warning us) from an imminent danger that have already caused harm to our existence (in a possible future)? we feel precisely like a premonition does in our minds. Is it part of ourselves trying to ‘communicate’ a sort of ‘warning’ to our present (traveling present) to help us “urging us” to change course and weight a possible alternate decision making process leading to a better outcome? Those are questions that could in some way offer a viable solution to the nature and workings of our ‘souls’ if we could use that word and be taken seriously by others… An inventor may conceive the best solution to a problem or artifact during a FTL instantaneous “consulting exercise” with itself in a distant future, however for that pretty convenient practice to occur a strong impact or ‘mark’ had to be “entangled” in the thought’s “wave function” too. Twins “thoughts connections at a distance” can offer an even deeper notion of biological or neuronal ‘entanglement’ between almost identical beings in all sense… Entanglement could also occur when two waves functions that express two different, non-related systems intercept with each other at some point making both (initially independent entities) melt one another in a common (inter-dependent) future. Is this the way God works with our souls at a crucial point of our lives? It would certainly qualify as “mysterious ways” accordingly to the sacred texts.

Who knows the answer? So, Time Travel may be physically impossible but maybe we shouldn’t rush ourselves to shut the door to other human abilities…


Miguel De Zayas (2016)