Dr Richard Feynman was so close…!


In his book titled “Cargo Cult Science” Dr Feynman expressed his personal belief that physicists ignored and chief among those were the mysterious number 137.

This number is the value of the “fine structure constant” actually 1/137, it’s defined as the charge of the electron squared over the product of the Planck’s constant times the speed of light. It’s the probability that one electron would absorb a photon. But its importance goes even further in the fields of physics!

Electromagnetism [ the charge of the electron]

Relativity [the speed of light]

Quantum Mechanics [Planck’s constant]

In the 1900 almost all physicists believed that this number (137) could be at the heart and soul of the Theory of Everything [GUT] and they were right only that they were looking in other directions at the time. 

In his time honored quote Dr Richard Feynman proposes what I believed all these years to be the KEY to unveil the origins of 137. He said:

“…Immediately you would like to know where this number for a coupling comes from: is it RELATED TO π…”

YES! IT IS, DR FEYNMAN! You were correct in your instincts about the role of π in our reality. You too were chosen to feel an obsession about pi and I believe that God has endowed with this belief a very few ones only.

In fact the number originates because of the irrationality of the mathematical constant itself! He was so close! There is another physicist I’d like to mention here, Dr. Bill Riemers wrote this and I quote… ‘The idea is quite simple, if you don’t use math to explain it. 137 is the odds that an electron will absorb a single photon…”

Let’s stop right here!

Why a quantum particle (mass) would need to absorb energy (a quanta of energy) for? 137 is the odd for what is the reason for it? You know the reason if you read my previous article about pi and gravity, right? It is the way mass cope with a universal incompatibility [a mathematical anomaly that makes possible our universe and configures our entire reality] the actual impossibility for space to acquire entirely mass and energy because the geometry of three dimensional space does not allow it for a solution!

I want to make this short because I have a task for you in case you happen to be a physics student at any university or institute anywhere in the world:

When you get a chance to freely ask a question to your physics professor just ask him/her the following question:

“If π is at the heart of most equations… from quantum mechanics, electromagnetism and to astrophysics and we are working in our equations with a “mathematical constant” (ironically called a constant) is it fair to ignore the physical implication of not being able to obtain an exact solution (mathematical or otherwise)? Open you mind for a moment and tell me that if mass or energy (same) comes in “packets” quantifiable ones.. hence it’s called Quantum Mechanics… and a sphere volume is never solved due to the irrationality of pi, why are not willing to consider that we are in front of an universal mathematical incompatibility between the architecture of three dimensional space and the forms of energy and mass of our reality?”

137 was not another constant. 137 is and always will be the result of the incompatibility that makes our universe the way it is. 137 is originated in the infinite decimal tail of π and one of these days someone… maybe you who are reading these desperate thoughts… will come up with a theory the is entirely based on the one and only physical rule that encompass everything from the smaller particle to the galaxies around us.


Miguel De Zayas (2016)