“Pi, energy and mass”

What Albert Einstein discovered and made him a genius was the connection between energy and mass but there was a missing link ‘hanging on’ outside the analysis: The  role of Pi in that conclusion. ‘c’ (the speed of light) is the maximum speed in the universe, there’s no evidence against it, but what’s missing in the statement is the consideration of space in that conclusion. In a 3 dimensional space, light and electromagnetic waves in general indeed propagate at the ‘speed of light’ in the vacuum, however what happens if the same wave [under a given circumstance] gained (acquired) more energy? To understand my point and where I’m trying to go we must also clarify what an EM wave is. Consider for a moment the idea that when a wave is at its maximum value of its magnetic momentum, the wave is absolute (pure) energy. Now, when the wave reaches its max value of electric field, the same wave is transformed into “mass”. I know it sounds weird because there’s no mass in light… but there is half of cycle that corresponds to the position of the photon’s trajectory that differs the magnetic cycle that carries the wave (purely) wavelike nature. This is not new and in fact is the controversial basis of Quantum Mechanics. The Copenhagen interpretation of the duality of ‘particles’. 

So! the only thing new I want you to consider in this analysis is the 3 dimensional nature (topography) of space during EM waves and their propagation at ‘c’. However what would happened if more energy were ‘injected’ to a photon of UV light? What could happened to a purely light wave when an extra energy (crossing the limits of the 3 dimensional capacity handled by SPACE) is added to it?

See it?!!! That energy can’t increase the speed of propagation since ‘c’ is fixed in a 3 dimensional space! I tell you what’ll happen: The extra energy will be ‘concealed’ within a extra dimension of space converting our original EM wave of light into a PARTICLE, with a MASS of its own. Electrons, protons and the rest of the particles are simply the result of energy TRAPPED into a multi-dimensional topography of space entangled to the original wave existent within pure 3 dimensional space. 

When neutrons were bombarded to a uranium nucleus the first time, aiming to making it bigger, they reached nuclear fission instead. The supply of energy wasn’t big and fast enough to be able to increase the energy of the Uranium atom (238 neutrons and protons) into another dimension in order to increase its mass as a result! 

Light and EM waves exist in a limited 3 dimensional space but mass is the result of energy occupying other dimensions besides the original 3 we know for a long time. 

What’s the role of Pi in all this? You have to look at every single physics equations related to energy… Pi is part of the math! It’s the infinite tail of the mathematical constant what makes possible the crossing of energy into multi-dimensions and the higher the decimals involved, the higher the number of spatial dimensions are involved in a given particle.

This multi-dimensional property of ENERGY becoming what’s known as MASS, in other words, this concealment or trapping phenomenon experienced by energy in a multi-dimensional architecture of space is the fundamental reason for the understanding of GRAVITY.