“Pi holds the secret to find the Theory of Everything GUT”

Are YOU Ready?

PLEASE! Don’t tell me you really believe in the existence of ether… or that the Alpha constant also known as the “mysterious 137” was put there by God’s hand or by any other weird excuse that not even theoretical physicists believe… or that there’s a space-time fabric where mass [rather matter] is endowed to warp it while not even Einstein could offer a simple why is that such thing may even be possible… or that there’s no such thing as a theory that will unify all of those out there claiming to be rightfully “perfect”… because if you do, then just click escape and go with your business somewhere. If you decided to stay and read what follows down there, I’d suggest you to open your mind first and relax.

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The Theory of Relativity gave us the mathematical tools to calculate the time dilation and  the effects of gravity on energy and mass but never offered a clear answer of what is at the bottom of the phenomenon.  I want to be more specific so I can take you where I want you to see… You were familiar with the concept of volume since you were a child, the water that fills a glass or the air within the balloons. You would think that whatever content fits inside a volume of space or a container is enough and stable once the containment around is holding it… but you would be wrong. You see, the equation for volume of the most efficient form of energy or mass to be placed in a volume is a SPHERE. That explains why atoms, particles, photons and planets exhibit spherical shapes in space. But if you try to apply an old mathematical formula to the volume of a sphere (independently of the size of it) you bump into one variable that ironically has been treated as a mathematical constant all these centuries: The constant pi.

The famous V=4/3 π r3 ! π is not a rational number but an irrational one! Which means a number with an infinite number of decimals. 

How could this fact (a scientific fact by the way) be a good reason why physicists and mathematicians are not really and I mean really WORRIED?

Following me yet? The more decimals I take into consideration, the different final results I obtain for what was supposed to be a fixed, constant measurement for a volume in space. If energy and mass preferable shape (most efficient) is the sphere and the volume of the sphere that’s supposed to hold inside energy and mass is not an exact magnitude… aren’t we in front of an incompatibility between the concept of space-time (reality) and mass and energy? The answer you know very well is YES!

From a mathematically referred as a “infinitesimal point in space” to huge celestial bodies the same incompatibility is always present across the known universe. In other words, the bigger the mass, or the higher the concentration of energy the bigger will be the effects (the physical consequences) from this INCOMPATIBILITY between space and energy-mass. Einstein used time within his concept of dilation in gravity because that’s something tangible, a measure physics needs to prove a theory. we perceive time in our reality in different ways as a result of this anomaly innate of our universe. A universal anomaly that gives an effect that can be determined by applying Einstein’s famous equation for gravity. Light and EM waves in general propagate at “c” because they are under the same effects, the same anomaly… the incompatibility of space to hold a stable quanta of energy (light) becoming a wave. In huge bodies of mass like planets and stars the incompatibility seen in the irrational nature of π is reflected around the object in the form of gravity. We find the way to build a spherical artifact that could radiate around it sufficient energy to “fill out” and shield the space-mass anomaly (gravity) produced by the mass of the Earth and we may be able to exploit anti-gravity for our own benefits… one of these days for sure.

A magnet has around it a magnetic field, right? the field is the total (net) result of the effect of what’s called “spin of the electron”. Since in a magnet we are talking about electric charges, we encounter two poles (one negative and one positive).

GRAVITY which by the way follows the square law just as the magnetic field does, is also a FIELD. not an EM one with two charges but the sum of all the missing space in mass due to the incompatibility of space to be rational in value. That infinite tail of decimals account for something we can’t measure or see unless we are helped by a concept called by Einstein space-time. It has absolutely no effect on time since time is just a tool in physical calculations. Time is a human tool with the only benefit to “put an event” into context. It’s a comparative instrument to measure the length of a phenomenon, nothing more. Space on the other hand is where energy and mass (matter) exist and “unfortunately” three dimensional space is incompatible with a quantifiable set of particles that form matter. Even energy comes in what is called quantum and neither its specific quantity nor its internal properties are capable of “adapting itself” to the concept of infinite. That’s why I call it a universal incompatibility between space energy and matter. It is an innate phenomenon across the entire universe and is illustrated in the most popular mathematical constant of all: pi

Oh! and for the indiscriminately choosing of the decimal places when applying pi in our scientific equations… CUT IT OUT! The universe doesn’t have the luxury to choose like you do for a convenience in shortening the results!

Before changing matters and amusing you with some crazy sci fi stuff of my own, I feel that I need to say something about 137 and its mysterious appearances everywhere in our equations:

“137 also known as the fine structure constant, the coupling constant and many other forms to refer to it is just a “LIFE SAVING’ dimensionless number we must hold while alone in the middle of a vast ocean. Don’t think of it as some physicists did long time ago that it is a new constant with a ‘future carrier among the many true constant’. 137 is only a RE-NORMALIZING FACTOR… more like a BRIDGE to cross successfully through out an ocean the decimals of pi. Just like Pi is a dimensionless mathematical constant describing the most important property of SPACE, Alpha is the missing link between what we can measure and observe and what we can’t and will never be able to despite all the unthinkable sophistication of our technologies”. [the wizard of pi]



Blue prints to build a “key” that will unlock other dimensions of reality

If I am right in considering the “TAIL” made of infinite decimals of pi as the GATE where everything began with a Big Bang eons ago… the pillar that sustains the genesis of our universe based on a Space-Energy incompatibility as the source of waves, electromagnetic charges, atoms, forces and gravity… I firmly believe that there’s a way to make a “key” to the “lock” that would open to places we can’t begin to imagine.

Let’s see a short version of π and we could start from there: 3.14159265359

I don’t have to remind you that pi is a measurement of space that could be any one from mm to km or from inches to miles. As a constant obtained from an abstract mathematical circle of any possible size and whose units could be chosen at our convenience without violating its meaning. The interesting part comes next:

The “LOCK” is the decimals in the “Tail” so we must make a “KEY” that should be capable of opening simultaneously all the  “STEPS” at the same time! It means we will need an energy wave for the first step [0.1 u] (“u” stands for any space unit) then .14 u, .141 u, .1415 and so on. Obviously the type of wave we use will have to be a complex one and if we use SOUND then it will be felt as NOISE. The more steps we unlock obviously will take us closer to the next dimensional reality. It’s my guessing that we won’t need to use many since the first ones are the most powerful and higher in energy. But some of you may be asking yourselves… Why should we feeding those ‘steps’ with modulated energy in the first place? The simple answer is because those steps are the components of the “GAP” where energy and matter draw their sense in this reality or at least in this dimensional existence. If you had followed my analysis along these series of articles I made clear that our entire universe rests on an intrinsic incompatibility between three dimensional space and the energy and mass around us. What we consider our reality lies in the universal existence of this GAP. We OPEN the LOCK and the GATE will takes us to HIM.

Do you recall the many cases of planes lost in radars? The recent case of a Floridian pilot who flew his plane into a spiral or warped region of space to end in his destination in an impossible time frame? It’s my personal belief that in all those cases a form of sound or EM phenomenon at play were able to unlock some of those steps in the lock but not enough number to cross the threshold into the gate to other dimensions.

The same principle to open ourselves into another realities also works to produce anti-gravity as well. It’s simple. All scientists need is to calculate the exact dimension of the steps around the surface of Earth. Due to the huge size of the planet orbit we may be talking of hundreds of miles of wavelengths to be reduced into a more smaller KEY (combination of frequencies).

137 is my only proof to show you. Dr. Richard Feynman and Wolfgang Pauli among many others felt the power hidden in this secret. I felt it as well in my dreams and one day science will prove me correct.

God Bless you all

Miguel De Zayas