“The Circle of our Destiny” [the loop of reality]


The key to understand Reality, faith and ultimately destiny has been embedded within these decimals. Our entire existence is repeated like a ‘LOOP’ and cycles after decades, centuries and eons return to the origin once again…

Have you ever heard about a theory called “Synchronicity”? Have you familiarized yourself with the intriguing work of Carl Jung and Pauli about the repetitive nature of historical events…? Pitty!

 You don’t know what you’re missing.


“The number π is a mathematical constant, the ratio of a circle‘s circumference to its diameter…” (Wikipedia)


ROOT : 3.14

159 265 358 979 323 846 264 338

327 950 288 419 716 939 937 510

582 097 494 459 230 781 640 628

620 899 862 803 482 534 211 706

798 214 808 651 328 230 664 709

384 460 955 058 223 172 535 940

812 848 111 745 028 410 270 193

852 110 555 964 462 294 895 493

038 196 442 881 097 566 593 344


This is the CORE of my entire work: “The Magic 216 decimals Tail” of π.

There is a beautiful figure made of 216 numbers from the Fibonacci numbers which I’d like to share with you:


It’s the first one on the left. 

I’ve colored each number with a distinctive tonality according to each character appearance within the 72 TRIADS. The Table above is a replica of the original conformation of the Table of the 72 Names of God used by Kabbalah for centuries.


The reference to the number 216 is not just a recurring and legitimate fact within the Hebrew Faith but within the Muslim Faith as well! To the surprise of both (usually enemies in reality) I have irrefutable proof that both faith were originated from God. Dr. Khalifa’s work done with the help of a computer proves with NUMBERS the fact that the Quran was written based on the structure of number 19. [1+9=10!]. Also implying number 19 = [3+7]= 10! or [(21)+(25)]= 46 = 4+6= 10! If this is not convincing to Muslims yet…no poblem! Let’s see the number 216!

216 = [(25)+(21)+(18)]= 64 which also sums 6+4=10!

216 = [(7)+(3)+(9)] = 19!!!

Are you convinced now my brothers? I see no reasons to argue about those facts, of course I’m talking about the intelligent population among those two groups 🙂 because fanatics are not counted among those whom I dedicate this research of mine 😦

I believe and I’ve proved in secret experiments, that those decimals are the only set of Pi’s decimals to take into consideration and the rest following after are to be discarded. Our Reality is locked in a LOOP just like the image of the serpent on top of this article. Dice are played endlessly using three dice very different than the ones we regularly use in casinos. My dice are made based on the information offered by the patterns extracted from the repetition of each of our numbers within the Magic Tail.

The result was:

0 = 20 [2]

1 = 21 [3]

2 = 25 [7]

3 = 21 [3]

4 = 26 [ 8]

5 = 22 [4]

6 = 18 [9]

7 = 13 [4]

8 = 27 [9]

9 = 25 [7]


The numbers with equal “implied values” according to those results are:

1 and 3, 2 and 9, 5 and 7, and 6 and 8

Numbers 0 and 4 “own” their particular values and those are unique (2 and 8 respectively) and 2+8=10!

If you failed to see the symmetry at first glance, no problem! I’ll help you:

So far we’ve got two numbers with equal implied values because they repeated the exact number of times within the “Magic tail of Pi” and the root, and those were 1-3 and 2-9. But let’s see those two other pairs with equal implied values and different number of physical appearances… 5-7 and 6-8! Well, 5 was 22 times present there while 7 was only 13 times, correct? Then let’s sustract 13 from 22 and we obtained… 9! Now let’s do exactly the same process with 6-8, while 6 was found 18 times and 8 was present 27 times which I said they had the implied value of 9… Let’s see it: 27-18= 9! Bingo! I don’t know you but I found a hidden symmetry in all this despite the so called random or chaotic irrationality nature of Pi.

Pay attention to the following conclusion because it shows the hidden symmetry among the decimals of Pi:

I will separate the numbers according to their presence within the Tail of decimals of Pi, First group will be composed by the numbers with equal implied values…

1 and 3

[One and Three were equally present within the 218 decimals of Pi and the numbers was 21]

2 and 9

[Two and Nine were also present with equal number of times and it was 25 times]

[number 0 was present 20 times and its implied value was unique]

So! this will be the first group of numbers. I want you to see that the difference between 1 and 3 or 2 and 9 will be zero. [21-21=0 and 25-25=0] 

Now is time to see the second group of numbers:

5 and 7

[Five and Seven were present in different number within the Tail of Pi and the numbers were 22 and 13 respectively]

6 and 8 

[Six was present 18 times (pay attention to this because it’s very important) and 8 was present 27 times] -both multiple of nine-.


[Four just like zero were unique in values and in this particular case Four was found 26 times]

Now pay attention to this!

Let’s subtract 4 from 0,

4 – 0 = [26 – 20] = 6!

But we know that 5-7 = [22-13] = 9! and also 8-6 = [27 – 18] = 9!

Let’s add up both numbers 9 + 9 = 18!

Here comes the surprise! The implied value of 6 was 18…remember?

So! Here we have a proportionality between the first group of numbers and the second one, correct? The difference between the 0 and the four which are the unique value holders of each group differed by 6 points and the implied value of 6 which is 18 also equals the total of the difference between the 5-7 and the 6-8, isn’t it interesting?

Let’s add up the numbers within the first group:

0+2+9+1+3= 15 [20+25+25+21+21]= 112

Let’s add up the numbers within the second group:

4+5+7+6+8= 30 [26+22+13+18+27]= 106

112 + 106 = 218!

Watch that all the numbers above are reduced to the same result (11),

112 = 1+1+2= 4 and 106 = 1+0+6= 7 where 4+7=11!

2+1+8 = 11!

But there’s also very interesting here! Let’s see the following calculation which is very important too!

15 + 112 = [(1+5) + (1+1+2)] = 6 + 4 = 10!

See it? The partial results in the first group in both forms [the reduced and the actual numbers] were 15 and 112. Let’s see the same calculation in group two:

30 + 106 = [(3+0) + (1+0+6)] = 3 + 7 = 10!

10 + 10 = 20! 


Could someone have told the Mayans about the importance of number 20? Some “experts” justify the Mayans’ beliefs that number 20 was the cycle’s beginning and end of the universe by guessing that ancients used the fingers of both hands and feet to count… I find that argument insulting to a culture that knew more about the stars and the planets movements than we did at that point in time… Anyways.

If someone argues that the decimals of Pi are a non-related, meaningless group of numbers with no connections whatsoever you could refute it by showing these results to him/er)! 

Making a brief parentheses here… Don’t you find too little too coincidental that the “implied value” of 4 [unique value for four alone] was 26? You’ve got FOUR very important Letters down there too…



I’ll multiply 5 x 6 x 5 x 10 = 1500! of course it means nothing for you until you properly imply it… [3]+[4]+[2]+[2]= 11!

We have a big problem here, whether mathematicians one day will be willing or not to accept it:

ZERO is not the absence of values but 20! The origin and end of a continuing cycle that keeps repeating in time. Zero is our biggest problem while using our numerical calculations and not until we find a better way to represent our numbers, that our mathematics will be truly called a “universal one”. 

Why don’t you scroll down and read my article connecting God with ELEVEN?

…and how about this? The only two opposite faces in my dice that are object-image of each other are 3 and 8! Isn’t this  very coincidental as well? 🙂

The opposite faces of my dice sum up to 11 not 7 as your regular dice. If you take a die you’ll see that opposite faces are 1-6, 2-5 and 3-4, six faces of a cube. Three times seven is 21 the most played game in casinos. My dice are different, the opposite faces are 2-9, 3-8 and 4-7. As you could see easily, three times 11 is 33! (Jesus age). Number-Value that coincides with each other are One and Three while Object-Image that coincide resulting in 11 are only 3 and 8! The advantage of my dice is that its configuration implies all our numbers 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9. Two numbers 0 and 4 are unique (single values), 1-3 [one number “3”], 2-9 [one number ” 7], 5-7 [one number “4”] and finally 6-8 [one number ” 9″].

This supports the philosophical assumption “God plays dice with the Universe”. However, to play with the ” universe” one needs all numbers not just six as in regular dice. Implied values is a universal concept that offers a context to our numbers while keeping a smaller frame (Six chances) 6 x 6 x 6 = 216!

20+21+25+21+26+22+18+13+27+25= 218!

The amazing stuff is that when we add up 2+1+8 = 11! and that was also the result of implying 1500 as the result of YHWH’s multiplication of its Gematria values (5,6,5,10). Also how coincidental could it be also that the sum of the implied values of the opposite faces of my dice total 11 too? !

Are you able to come up with a logical explanation to convince me, and the rest of those visiting this page that all that is just the simple result of a “coincidence”? 🙂

Adding up the values above I obtained 218 since I Had to sum the decimals [14] not included within the Table for being part of Pi’s root. Integer [3] is not a decimal and it wasn’t counted.

[There are twenty (1) within the Tail but since I added up one more from the root [14] the final value of number ONE is twenty one, matching the number of threes.  The same goes with number 4 that increased from 25 to 26 by adding up one four from the root] 🙂


Object and image

OBJECTS are 2, 3, 4 and IMAGES are 7,8,9 It means that the image of object 2 is 7, the image of object 3 is 8 and the image of number 4 is 9.

Reality software

Patterns [events] are cyclical and they respond only to object-image patterns of progressive configurations. The translation of those patterns into real (actual observable) events as they develop in our reality, are based on the Table that I have just shown you above. Once you have properly codify the event into patterns based on the “implied values” already calculated and published, then you ‘follow’ the progression of the pattern across time. The initial pattern will keep modifying one, two and even three of the original object-image configuration…so you have to be vigilant if you’re not using a computer to do the job. Once you are able to predict the approximated timing to the next pattern to occur, then all you need is to ‘translate’ the forecast pattern into its own implied values and you’re done! 

As you can easily see…this is how we could anticipate the occurrence of those “dark bands” in the Two slit experiment too. We know that Quantum Mechanics is based precisely on the “probability wave” calculated by mathematical equations that began with matrix to end with waves. However despite of the success in proving to be the unique theory with acceptable predictions it’s still primitive and outdated from my own personal consideration. I believe they could achieve a better result by adopting my system of numbers than theirs. According to my own observations, every time a value represents 0 or 4, since those are unique, they are less frequent than the others. Let me show you an example. Let’s analyze an identical three object patterns to see the difference:

000 and 333

The pattern ‘000’ can only have one solution and that is “222”. while pattern 333 can have the following variants: 133, 113, 111, 333, 331 and 311. a total of SIX.

The same phenomenon occurs with patterns 888 with regard to the others… 444, 777 and 999, for example.

Pattern 888 only have one solution [444] (just like pattern 000) while patterns 444, 777 and 999 have also SIX solutions each, based on numbers 5 and 7 for ‘444’, numbers 2 and 9 for ‘777’ and numbers 6 and 8 for ‘999‘.

Patterns configuration

We’ve seen earlier that when three equal number patterns are present in the analysis there are only two patterns with a single solution “000” with numbers 222 and “888” with numbers 444. We also saw that in the case of the four three equal numbers patterns (left) “333”, “444”, “777” and “999” we could obtain SIX solution using only two numbers each.

Then we have a two number pattern with a single or double solution…for example:


where the equal part [33] have four solution [11,13,33,31] and the 4 has two solutions [5 and 7] the final combination will be 8 possible solutions since the initial four has to be multiplied by the two possible ones [5 or 7].

Finally we have the three distinct numbers pattern configuration. In that case we also have few possible combinations depending whether one or two of the numbers are 0 or 4 and then the number of possible solution is being reduced. 

I can understand that a comprehensive analysis of those possible solutions for each particular pattern configuration could be a pain in the butt for a human being…but for a computer with a proper program the result could be obtained in split seconds. By assigning a value to each pixel based on three axes on the screen used on the Two slit experiment, inputting that value into a computer once ‘translated’ into a pattern, and projecting the individual result of a shot by shot progression into a pattern analysis frame, we will be able to predict with a higher accuracy [both in place and time] the upcoming results. As the computer ‘learns’ the pattern-progression sequence, a better technology could be designed and utilized in every single field of science.


The Wizard of Pi



“Second coming of Jesus implied in number 44!”



I found the proof based on numerical patterns and implied values! π was the Key to understand the hidden connection!

I knew I was on the right track! Do the counting yourself! 



This is going to be a form of educational-spiritual fun, and you could do it with your kids at your side making it a family math-faith exercise:

Let’s imagine that we could assign each of the triads [three-letter sequence] with an “abc” order, all of them following the same pattern. From right to left, “a” will be the first of three Letters (far left), “b” will be the one in the middle, and “c” will be the one at the far right. Then we will use the same notations seen on the Table of the 72 Names of God with respect to numbers of rows and columns. The notation will start with the sequence   ‘column-letter (a. b or c)- row’

Let’s show two examples of how we will identify any Letter in the Table by the “column-letter-row” notation: [8,a,7] and [1,a,2] are “Y” (Yods). [7,b,6] is a “Shin”, and final example [2,a,9] is a “Qoph”. Identifying a letter with this system will be a no brainer even for a kid! 🙂

So! Let’s get to work!

Letter “A’ayin (A’a, O) [7,a,5] [7,c,8] [6,b,5] [6,c,6] [4,c,1[ [4,a,2] [4,c,7][3,a,9] = 8 times!

Letter “Vau” [8,a,3] [8,b,7] [8,b,9] [7,a,8] [5,c,8] [4,a,9] 3,a,2] [3,a,3] [3,b,3] [3,b,5] [3,b,6] [3,c,6] [1,a,1] [1,c,1] [1,a,3] [1,a,5] [1,a,7] [1,c,7] = 18 times! 

Letter “Shin” (sh, s) [8,b,4] [7,b,6] [7,c,6] [5,a,1] [4,c,4] [3,a,7] = 6 times!

Letter “Yod” (i, j, y) [8,b,5] [8,c,5] [8,b,6] [8,a,7] [8,a,8] [7,a,2] [7,a,9] [7,b,9] [6,a,3] [6,b,3] [6,c,3] [6,a,6] [6,b,7] [6,c,8] [6,c,9] [5,a,4] [5,b,4] [5,a,5] [4,c,6] [3,c,4] [2,a,1] [2,c,1] [2,a,3] [2,b,6] [2,a,7] [2,b,8] [2,c,8] 1,a,2] [1,c,5] = 29!

When I took the numbers without adding them up:

8 1 8 6 2 9 after I sum them: 8+1+8+6+2+9= 34 where 3=3 and 4=8 then, 3+8 = 11! The number of God!



But that’s not all!

After implying those numbers, look what I found:

8 = [9], 1=[3], 8=[9], 6=[9], 2=[7], 9=[7]

9 + 3 + 9 + 9 + 7 + 7 = 44!


The only two common Letters (consonants) between YHWH and JESUS [in Hebrew] were “Yod” and “Vov”. Yod was 29 and Vov was 18.

29 + 18 = 47! where 4+7 = 11!

Even 29 is eleven! (2+9)

Let’s complete the count of the last Letter found in YHWH… “He” [H] so we could finalize the correspondence of Letters-Appearances (pattern) within the Table of the 72 Names of God…[do not confuse letters “He” with “”Tau” or “Cheth” it’s kind of tricky for people like me that don’t speak Hebrew]:

Using the same system: “Letter “He'” [8,b,1] [8,c,2] [8,b,3] [8,c,3] [8,a,6] [7,c,2] [7,a,3] [7,b,5] [7,a,7] [7,c,9] [6,a,1] [6,a,2] [6,a,8] [6,b,8] [5,b,1] [5,a,9] [4,b,2] [4,c,2] [4,b,3] [4,a,4] [4,a,6] [3,c,7] [3,c,8] [2,c,4] [2,b,5] [1,a,4] [1,a,6] [1,b,6] [1,c,6] [1,b,7] = 30!

So…Let’s count YHWH now:

Y = 29, H = 30, W = 18 = 77 !!!

Wait just a second! I have found that the “implied value” of number 7 was 4! [seven was repeating 13 times within the ‘magic 216 decimal tail’ of Pi]

So! 44 is the implied value of 77!

Allow me, please 🙂


By the way…I’m very proud of the results achieved (by your servant, me!) on that link above 🙂

7 + 7 = 14! 

IMPLYING NUMBER 14 = [3] + [8] = 11! Number 1 was repeating 21 times while number 4 was repeating 26 times within the ‘magic 216 decimal tail’ of Pi (!)


YHWH repeats Letter “He” twice so, 30 + 30 = 60!

YHWH = 29 + 60 + 18 = 107! 

I found an interesting fact that I did not know about the Ancient Testament [whether it’s true or false I cannot say with certainty, but if true this could be the key to decode the Old Testament]

“The sum of the occurrences of all numbers of the Ancient Testament multiple of 11 (ELEVEN) gives 107 (!) … in the Bible, only one number is multiple of 107, and is the number 642”   

642 / 107 = 6! 


The Wizard of Pi



“Welcome to Earth!”



Original list of decimals of Pi grouped in triads according to the configuration shown below:


159 265 358 979 323 846 264 338 = 121

327 950 288 419 716 939 937 510 = 118

582 097 494 459 230 781 640 628 = 113

620 899 862 803 482 534 211 706 = 104

798 214 808 651 328 230 664 709 = 109

384 460 955 058 223 172 535 940 = 100

812 848 111 745 028 410 270 193 = 87

852 110 555 964 462 294 895 493 = 116

038 196 442 881 097 566 593 344 = 115

121 + 118 + 113 + 104 + 109 + 100 + 87 + 116 + 115 = 983! 9+8+3= 20!

Oh! but we know that the implied values of 9 = 25 = [7], 8 = 27 = [9], and 3 = 21 = [3]… so:

7 + 9 + 3 = 19! and 1+9 = 10! checked!


Using the Table below [click the link] I substituted the original decimals within the ‘magic 216 decimals tail’ of Pi by their implied values:



The same list posted above but with each number replaced by their “implied values” according to how many times they appeared within the ‘magic 216 decimals tail’ of π

347 794 349 747 373 989 798 339 = 146!

374 742 799 837 439 737 734 432 = 126!

497 274 878 847 732 493 982 979 = 147!

972 977 997 923 897 438 733 429 = 147!

479 738 929 943 379 732 998 427 = 144!

398 892 744 249 773 347 434 782 = 128!

937 989 333 484 279 832 742 373 = 127!

947 332 444 798 897 778 974 873 = 148!

239 379 887 993 274 499 473 388 = 145!

146 + 126 + 147 + 147 + 144 + 128 + 127 + 148 + 145 = 1258! 1+2+5+8= 16! 1+6=7!

1258 = [3] + [7] + [4] + [9] = 23!

Implying 23 = [7] + [3] = 10!

Wondering why you keep encountering the number 23 all the time?


A similar way to calculate that 23 is TEN after being implied is like this:

23 = [25]+ [21] = 46 and 4+6 = 10 !!!

If you go back to the page posted in the link entitled “Happy Birthday Pi!”,  You’ll be able to check that number 2 was present 25 times within the ‘magic tail’ of Pi, while 3 was only 21!

 where 25 = 2+5=7! and 21=2+1=3!

The number 23 is embedded within our REALITY deep inside it! That number is ‘presently implied’ in each and every single point in space…and it’s plenty of points there! 🙂

This is a message for the little “green-men”…

“If you were able to get over here from where ever you came from, I want you to know that among the estimated 7.4 BILLION people making the Earth population…there is ONE [ Me] 🙂 who understand those numbers! Not a big number but there is still hope. 

Oops! Almost forgot! Delay your invasion if you’re planning one, I know you have the “know how” to tap into our WEB network without being detected, not everyone in this insignificant planet of ours is that “closed minded” as you may think. 🙂 Give us another century! 

[I know that you are watching us!] 🙂

I posted an article entitled “Dripping Space”, I know that if you’re among us, well you must have read it already 🙂 in it I tried to illustrate my personal views about the link between energy, matter and space where Pi plays the focal point…but not just any chunk of decimals of Pi taken at random but an exact number of them [216]. For some people reading my thoughts the perspective of including 216 decimals in our equations seems farfetched and crazy but when you look at constants like the famous Plank Constant with so many zeros after the decimal point it should tell them something, and that is that the symmetry we find in subatomic levels comes from the very tiny discrepancy within the long tail of decimals of Pi and not by ” predesigned particles ” glued to one another by unknown physical laws with no provable or convincing grounds.



The Wizard of Pi



“The Cycle of 10”


I don’t want you to get frustrated with the following calculation below… Since for many of you coming in to my page this is the first time…I suggest that the first thing for you to do is scrolling down to the link I posted for you and learn where those numbers came from (in the first place) Nothing has been pulled out from a hat! The procedure was simple. I substituted the numbers by their implied value…Let’s take the first number 10! Since number 1 was found 21 times in Pi and 2+1=3, then 1=3, and the same for number 0, found 20 times there too we get…2+0=2! After I did that, I added up the result…3+2=5 and put it in parentheses to keep it in record for the last calculation, then I continue doing exactly the same with the rest of the new forming results until I found that the cycle ended at the point where a result repeats in a loop. At that point the “Circle (cycle) is Complete”.

10 = [3]+[2]= 5 (32), 5 = [22] (22) 2+2=4, 4 = [26] =8 (26), 8 = [27] = 9 (27), 9 = [25] 2+5=7 (25), 7 =[13] 1+3=4 (13), the next number as the result of 1+3=4 it’s already up there, so the cycle ends here, now let’s sum the numbers within parentheses:

32+22+26+27+25+13= 145!!!

1+4+5= 10!

1 x 4 x 5 = 20!


If you sum the numbers, those are 5+4+8+9+7= 33!!!

Adding up God’s dice: 2+3+4+7+8+9= 33!!!

“I rest my case!”

 This is called “Implied Numerology” and I’m the author of the theory!


Oh! You may want to know where I got those numbers…

From my research of course!


 If you just came back from the link provided above then you should be able to understand what I’m going to do. I’ll sum once all the implied values in their original form:

20 + 21 + 22 + 25 + 26 + 27 = 141! That’s symmetry! Adding up the three digits…

141 = 1 + 4 + 1 = 6! Now! Let’s add up half and half [14 + 41] = 55! and 5+5 = 10!

Want to see something interesting? If I implied 141 = [3]+[8] +[3] = 14! Meaning that those two digits are the members of the symmetry of 10! 

Multiplying 3 x 8 x 3 = 72! The exact number of the Names of God and the configuration of the Table that allowed me to figure out my theory…


This is incredible! If I multiplied the implied values of 3, 8 and 3 again watch what I get:

21 x 27 x 21 = 11907! Let’s imply that result… [3]+[3]+[7]+[2]+4]= 19!!! 1+9=10!


Why were only ten Commandments? It could have been 8,9 or 11… Why 10? !!!

[Isn’t is that obvious why it had to be ten?]

If this is your first time reading me, you should know that I’ve mentioned earlier that Dr. Rashad Khalifa, found that 19 was the exact pattern configuration in the Qur’an. He fed a computer with the suras and found that 19 was everywhere ! He just followed his own instincts after reading a sura (poem):

“Over it are nineteen”

I left the best for last 🙂 what you’re about to see was missed out by the two smart mathematicians who found the ‘Solution for the Magic Hexagram ‘. If you click in the link that I’ll provide below, you’ll read that they found a discrepancy between both hexagrams regarding the sum… What they did not see was the symmetry of 10!

The “discrepancy” they saw was regarding to two different results: 33 and 32, it’s written at the bottom of the page, all you have to do is to click on their link 🙂

3+3= 6 and 3+2= 5 where 6+5= 11! ELEVEN!

GOD IS NOT JUST ONE HEXAGRAM… BUT TWO! The solution is complete with two and I just proved the connection with number eleven and God.

Obviously Orthodox mathematics intentionally avoid “dealing” with Numerology… But mine is “Implied Numerology”… That’s different now!

Let’s imply 33, [3]+[3]= 6 that brings the hexagram to my imagination, don’t you think? 🙂 by the way! 33 was the result of the sum of God’s numbers: 2,3,4,7,8 and 9!

How about 32? 🙂 well… [3]+[7]= 10 !!!!!!

You did know that 2 was found 25 times within Pi and 3 21, correct? 🙂

No one can prove ME wrong!



Take the one in the left! I’ll match every two triangles adding up to 10: 

[9+1] [6+4] [10] [8+2] [3+7] What’s left?

12+11+5= 28 and… 2+8= 10 !!!!!!!!

To deal with magic… No one is better prepared than a true magician!

Last conclusion: I found [10] up there SIX times! and 6 x 10 = 60!

Implying 60 = [18]+[20]= 38 and 3+8 = 11! That’s the Numerology representation of God!



The Wizard of π

“God is 11! Symmetry! …No chaos, No destruction, No apocalypse!”



In my personal interpretation is the fear to learn about the truth! Sometimes keeping the “statu- quo” [the current state of affairs] is not just simpler but in most cases convenient too.

The Bible is full with unfortunate and unlucky events occurred along history but number eleven top them all 🙂 How far human beings could intentionally deceive themselves?

I show you symmetry!


That’s symmetry!

11 eleven that’s symmetry!

God plays dice with the universe! I proved with numbers that God’s dice add up to ELEVEN and not to SEVEN, and the faces of His dice are 2-9, 3-8 and 4-7!


Those dice on top are the representation of our ignorance as residents of this universe…I only hope we’re not the only ones but there are others with more common sense and logic… 🙂

Symmetry of God’s dice

The symmetry shown by the numbers of God’s dice is based on the concept object-image. The “object” numbers are 2,3 and 4 while the “image” numbers are 7, 8 and 9!

As reminder of what I’ve published earlier, there are no 0, 1, 5 or 6 in God’s concept of symmetry and that is why you see none of those in the implied configuration of the 216 decimals of Pi shown earlier in the link:


Patterns are based on the symmetry of God’s dice

I’ve demonstrated already in ‘secret experiments’ [sorry can’t publish them] that patterns adopt a form of ‘progressive transformation’ as they appear in time and those new sequences have to keep the concept of symmetry at all cost. I can understand that most of what I’m saying here will be completely alien to you, in fact I have very little hope that any of you would understand it, but the reason I publish it is because one day…at some point in time, it will be proposed by someone claiming to be the first to see it…Sorry my friend! I did it first!

Destiny or faith are being programmed in symmetrical patterns kept by the universe in its “memory core”

This is where the famously contradictory experiment entitled “The Two Slit Experiment” comes in. That no matter the way we try to “cheat faith” by shooting one photon or subatomic particle toward the screen ‘one at a time’, the final spectrum will be there no matter what!

This year 2016 is a year when God will throw His dice…I said it before!

When I multiplied His Sacred Numbers 2 x 3 x 4 x 7 x 8 x 9 = 12 096!

Dividing that result by the number of the die faces” 12 096 / 6 = 2016!

Adding up those Numbers: 2 + 3 + 4 + 7 + 8 + 9 = 33! The age of Jesus when He died in the Cross.

33 is made of two equal numbers and their sum is 6!


Both, the Hexagram and the Yin and Yang are ancient signs that no one has convincing evidence to trace their origin…NO ONE! There are hundreds of videos, images and stories about them both but despite of the ‘smart’ presentation of those videos and documentaries, no convincing scientific evidence could trace to the “DESIGNER” of them! Ignorance will lead you to believe on one of those “expert opinions” out there, but as always…It’s up to you to believe it or not. 🙂



What keep the rest of us from understanding “that music” is just a matter of time…but I’m sure of one thing though! “…Your kids are gonna love it!” 🙂


The Wizard of Pi

“I am who I am…” -NUMBER 11-



For those ones visiting my research work for the very first time, I’m including here a quick link to the way I found the universal value of our numbers. Our numbers have no reference, no context whatsoever, they are simple characters useful when they are properly refer to observations made by ourselves of physical phenomena in nature, but those observations lack a universal context that must be assigned in order to properly “ground” those numbers, [like in electrical and electronic circuits]. I found them within the only geometrical figure that cannot be altered or bent or warped: the point in space!




You can see where my “Magic Point” is…right at the ‘border’ of the divine 216 decimals of π!


159 265 358 979 323 846 264 338 327 950 288 419 716 939 937 510 582 097 494 459 230 781 640 628 620 899 862 803 482 534 211 706 798 214 808 651 328 230 664 709 384 460 955 058 223 172 535 940 812 848 111 745 028 410 270 193 852 110 555 964 462 294 895 493 038 196 442 881 097 566 593 344 61284756

Oh! But what’s so especial about 216?


The Table of the 72 Names of God! Wanna count’em? 🙂

Let me help! There are three Letter-Names in each rectangle… So, 3 x 9 x 8 = 216!

My ‘Magic point’ is very easy to interpret when you know the context and that’s exactly what I’ll show you next:




The “Magic Hexagrams” speak for themselves but I’ll guide you in this one 🙂

I want you to sum the numbers on the two only (unique) vertical axes on both Hexagrams!

Let’s start with the first to the left: 1+9+5+11= 26! and the right: 12+4+8+2= 26!


But that’s is far from being all 🙂 Let’s sum each equivalent triangle in each of them by taking the triangles that are sharing the same position in both Hexagrams:

Let’s start from the top down and left to right: 1+12 = 13, 2+11=13, 9+4=13, 4+9=13, 12+1=13, 6+7=13, 3+10=13, 7+6=13, 8+5=13, 5+8=13, 10+3=13, and 11+2=13… Let’s count how many times we found 13:

12 times! of course 1+2= 3! [one universal number]. Implying 12 = [3] + [7] = 10!

3+10 = 13! Once again!

Let’s bring over my ‘Magic Point’ once again, I have something to show you:


Let’s add up the numbers in red: 1+2+8+4+7+5= 27!

But from the content that I showed you in the link above, 27 was already implied to be 11!

As I see it (I don’t know about you) but it seems to me that my ‘magic point’ is escorted by two SIX that are the mathematical solution for the ‘Magic Hexagram’ done successfully by mathematicians some time ago. This all may look fun to you, I give you that! 🙂 but how many coincidences! a ‘Magic Point’ literally POINTING at the limit of the magic 216 decimals of Pi’s tail? a ‘Magic Point’ that is made up from a 27 interpreted as 11 (the implied Name of God) escorted by not one but two Hexagrams? a ‘Magic Point’ that the numbers marked in red are the same found in the Egyptian equation 22/7 to find Pi, and are in that exact number within each of the rectangles represented in the Table of the Fibonacci sequences, excluding the 3, 6, and 9?


Some skeptical people will call this a coincidence, other with an open mind will give it some thoughts and believer like myself will understand it!

The Wizard of π

“An unfortunate error occurred with number 6”


it’s been fixed now:


The day I wrote the paper entitled “Happy Birthday Pi” I made a visual mistake that extends back to some of my previous work…No one is more frustrated than myself but the past stays in the past. The recognition of the mistake made when I made the count occurred with number 6. (Such an important number!) I lost much of my time in this but in a way it served me to gain experience when dealing with equivalent values. I understand that many amongst you, subscribed to my page may have felt disappointed and you have all the rights to feel that way, for that I apologize with all my heart. In short, number 6 was present 18 times within the 216 decimals of Pi instead of just 17. That night I was in a hurry to publish the article because it was March 13th the night before Pi’s Birthday


“Speaking of witch…” You read from earlier articles of mine that neither 0, 1, 5 or 6 are present in God’s dice. I was curious to add up the implied values of those numbers and this is what I got:

0=2, 1=3, 5=4, 6=9 We know that 0+1+5+6= 12. 

2+3+4+9 = 18! Wow! But then the most surprising result came when I decided to multiply them…

2 x 3 x 4 x 9 = 216! INCREDIBLE!

I’ve got something that will prove to you that the Mayan people got their knowledge about [ZERO = 20] or the beginning of a new cycle, by a super intelligent race or from God Itself:

Check out the link I posted and see how many times is ZERO within the magic tail of 216 decimals of π! Go ahead! It’s 20 times! If you accept that the universe works in patterns, then you got one right there!


Please…don’t tell me that the Mayans had the ability to calculate at least 218 decimals of Pi with a computer accuracy! That is unacceptable to me and to anyone with common sense! Not to mention the fact that they may have ignore the very concept of Pi.

Do you recall when I found that the multiplication of God’s numbers in His dice was…

2 x 3 x 4 x 7 x 8 x 9 = 12 096 …right?

Watch what happens when I divide 12 096 / 216 = 56! of course 5+6 = 11!

So! Let me get this straight… by dividing the product of the multiplication of the numbers that don’t appear in God’s dice by the product of the multiplication of the numbers that do appear in His dice I got Alpha? 137 = 1+3+7 = 11!

The “Magic Point” you saw in that link was one of my earlier discoveries 🙂 Believe it or not that sequence follows the last from the 216 decimals of Pi. It belong to the first configuration I used to work with Pi. The first time I didn’t “copy” the Table of the 72 Names of God, instead I grouped those 216 decimals in sequences of 8 digits and the total number of sequences was 27. That’s why you see 8 numbers in that sequence. Those numbers in Red are the frequency notes of the Ancient Solfeggio 147 and 258. 

1 mgpx wheel


22/7 = 3. 142857! This was the equation left in stones by ancients representing Pi.

One last thing… 911 is 13!

911 = [7]+[3]+[3] = 13! Bad luck!

I had to do some changes in my pattern table (the one I use to predict future events normally considered fruit of luck) 🙂 the best part is that now I hope that the margin of errors will be even smaller 🙂

God Bless!